Recruiting part-time translator and translation checker

November 15, 2007

We are currently looking for another translator to fix the untranslated lines of Aoi on episode 1 of Myself; Yourself, some untranslated lines of Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora specials 4-5, Sola specials 1-2 and a translator for a possible new project on 2008.

Yep, you heard it, the KtTnS specials 4-5 and the Sola specials are stalled because our translator was unable to figure out some lines. We really appreciate it you give us a boost in our projects. If you join us, we give no short deadlines on the translations. We take things slowly, look out for errors, properly Edit and QC to provide you with the best fansubs possible.

Oh, in case you’re wondering what is our potential project on 2008, please watch this teaser trailer:

Thank you and good day,




  1. Do you guys still plan on doing True Tears?

  2. @Moe Otaku:
    It all depends on our TL. If he likes the show and translating it is easy, then we’ll sub it.

  3. I’m going to check out some of your groups releases… maybe I might be interested in doing a joint project :/

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