Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny OVA

November 19, 2007

OVA Special 1

DDL: Xvid || Torrent: Xvid

OVA Special 2

DDL: Xvid || Torrent: Xvid

OVA Special 3

DDL: Xvid || Torrent: Xvid

OVA Special 4

DDL: Xvid || Torrent: Xvid

OVA Special 5

DDL: Xvid || Torrent: Xvid

OVA Special 6

DDL: Xvid || Torrent: Xvid


Nice find by our gallant leader, SHiN_aKuMa 😛






  1. Nice rendition of “Little Palms.” If you liked that, try these too…

    Acoustic guitar

    — The artist shares the guitar tab here if you want to try it yourself: http://www.4shared.com/file/29840510/804417dc/palm_tab.html

    (Chiisana Te no Hira) ~Lia Version~ HQ Audio

    (Much better than the OST version)

  2. Thanks for Subbing the Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny OVAs
    I relly enjoyed them ^.^

    OVA3 was a lil Bland with no nudity, but the Cosplay ecchi-ness made up for it ^.^

  3. EP 3 DDL IDD wrong file…

  4. ^ Thank you for pointing it out. It’s now fixed.

  5. np with that, have only seen ep 1, 2 anyway

  6. possible to zip it all up or compress it as small as possible, maybe can use Gsplit to split all of it. It is a wonderful free program. Also maks the file names from moderator’s visibility

  7. OVA 3 Torrent don’t work

  8. o, now work

  9. Hey, I was just wondering… why is it when i download the DDL, it doesn’t play? and its a lot smaller…..

    please help 😀

  10. @gauntlet:
    All specials are 48MB in size and you got disconnected while downloading it. The problem is your connection. To fix this, you need to cancel all downloads or anything and focus your bandwidth on rapidshare.

  11. What happened to the first OVA?

  12. @Gil:
    We didn’t fansub special one because Ayako Fansubs already released it. A-F-P fansubs released one so it’s up to you to decide what group you’re following. You can download them through these links:



  13. I can’t use torrents… it never seems to download.
    Anyway to get a direct download of OVA 1?


  14. First of all thanks for subbing these, secondly Rapidshare is shit… and i dont use torrents i’ve been trying to dl ova 4 for 2 weeks and Rapishare seems to have some kind of block on me for it ( this also happened for another file on rapidshare b4) can anyone give me a link to a megaupload or anywhere else that doesnt suck. thanks

  15. wheres ova 1?

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