Comments on H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~

January 4, 2008
I bet he’ll get a different reaction if he saw what’s coming.

My understanding of the Japanese language isn’t that good so feel free to correct me.

Takuma Hirose is an visually impaired youth who just transferred to a rural high school and he’s been followed by a mysterious girl who claims to be his soul mate. For some reason, the girl seems to be a ghost/spirit and has the power to make Takuma see again.

Aside from my natural hatred towards the male lead, H2O is very entertaining from my standards (my standards are tsunderes, beautiful ladies, harem…) . The OP and ED are catchy, the designs are attractive and let’s not forget the fanservice to keep your hormones pumping.

Oh, we won’t be subbing this unless we get ourselves a dedicated translator, editor and timer. We already got our hands full on a couple of titles.

Opening Video



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