Myself; Yourself PS2 game – Introduction

January 14, 2008


The game came out on 12/20/2007, developed by Yeti. It’s your standard dating-sim/visual novel game. You get to choose between Sana or Shuusuke as the main character. I only got to play this recently because I was busy playing SRW OG Gaiden >.>

Game Opening

I don’t have a TV tuner card to capture screenies but if you guys(SHiN-gx members) have one and are willing to lend or donate it to me then feel free to do so. 😆

Title screen

Character Select

Note: Upon further inspection you’ll see that there are only certain girls that are available for Sana or Shuu to choose from. No loli for Sana and no incest route for Shuusuke 😆 Nanaka is surprisingly available to both of them…


Other notes:

– You have an in game confirmation on who is currently the one who will most likely end up with Sana. There is this fortune teller girl in your class that offered to tell Sana’s love fortune. It ended up with 4 cards appearing all at once w/c the girl finds it strange since most of the time only 1 card shows up. Anyway, as you’ve guessed the 4 cards represent the 4 girls that are available in Sana’s route. Anyway, the 4 Tarot cards were Judgement, The Empress, Strength and The High Priestess. Each card has it’s own description and description of the girl. The description are as follows:

a. Judgement – something about reunions… not sure on the card description. Anyway, the girl pertaining to it is that she is someone who Sana likes and has already met but their relationship is really bad right now. This is obviously Nanaka, Judgement is a fitting description of her.

b. The Empress – motherly love was the description and another one w/c I didn’t understand. The girl pertaining to it is that she’s someone who is kind and loving. One who is in good relationship w/ Sana but they couldn’t be considered as lovers as Sana doesn’t feel that way. This is Aoi, though The Empress seems like it doesn’t fit her image the descriptions give it away.

c. Strength – courage and effort was the description of the card. It says that the girl is head strong and doesn’t need Sana’s protection blah blah. This is Shuri, as no one else is as head strong and hard working as her.

d. The High Priestess – forgot the description… The card says she is someone who Sana adores and that she might believe in him in the end? This is Yuzuki, The High Priestess kinda fits her image as The High Priestess is typically portrayed as some hottie and I believe Sana adores her because of her Caramel gig.

Anyway, if 4 cards showed up at the same time how could you know who is currently leading in the race? When the fortune teller girl finishes reading Sana’s fortune she’ll read Shuu’s fortune next and forgets one card. And as you’ve guessed, that one card that she forgot will be the one most likely to end up with Sana…




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  2. I really like M;Y and you’re articles are really interesting =)
    Too bad the pictures aren’t available =/

  3. YYYY CAN I FRIGGIN see the pics? thanks for the article tho

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