Myself; Yourself PS2 game – gx and Yuzuki’s route

January 24, 2008

Yuzuki Route:

My comments will be a lot shorter than Aoi’s since I’ve already covered the introductions plus most of the events in the first half are mostly the same as Aoi’s. Difference is if you’ve raised a girl’s flag or not.

I’ll start at the second half… After you’ve courted your way to Yuzuki she finally takes notice of you 😆 Even Shuusuke knows Yuzuki has the hots for Sana but Sana himself is… not sure about his feelings. Once again, your best friend gives you great advice on your problem and Sana has made up his mind. He’ll go for Yuzuki’s heart. Anyway, since I’ve been playing this for the whole week so my memories of the events is fuzzy >.> I’m just going by on what I remember 😛 Points of interest are: When Yuzuki invites Sana to watch the stars in the school’s rooftop at night. Yuzuki and Sana’s date in the sea aquarium and after that another round of stargazing in the beach. Yuzuki having a strong connection w/ the observation deck of Sakuranomori. Sana promising Yuzuki to find her planet(during the flashback scene).

Of course like Aoi’s route the 2nd half isn’t all fun and games. After the beach scene Yuzuki seems to have become distant towards Sana. Sana spends most of his time chasing her and acquiring information on why Yuzuki acts that way. Turns out Yuzuki was in love with her high school teacher and for a brief moment were dating. I’m not sure how or why they broke up but it just happened so Yuzuki goes off to a university and returns to Sakuranomori years later. She recently(during one scenario) finds out that her teacher died in an accident years ago and she blames herself because she “killed” her feelings for him after their breakup. In other words she blames herself for “killing” him, she equates that to wishing him die I guess 😕

Anyway, since learning her teacher’s death and Sana pestering her, she decides to quit teaching and marry… Shuusuke tells Sana the bad news and tells him what’s he gonna do? Sana of course has decided to stop Yuzuki and Shuu tells Sana that he’ll help him. From here on Sana decides: A) To take Shuu’s help B) Solve this problem on his own. Like before, I’ll go with the Bad Ending first >.>

Ending B(Bad End) Sana decides that he should solve this problem by himself. He runs off to stop Yuzuki. I forgot w/c place she was in but Sana makes it to the place and blurts out the “I love you”s and “Don’t leave me”s but… he was too late as Yuzuki decides to marry. Cue Bad End. Cue epilogue, Sana goes to the observation deck(where he meets Yuzuki at one time) and ponders miserably at what happened to him.

Ending A(Good) Sana accepts Shuu’s help and they run for it ^_^ Shuu tells Sana he knows a shortcut to get to Yuzuki and Sana follows him. They make it on time! Sana takes Yuzuki’s hand and drags her to the beach. There he blurts out the “I love you”s and “Don’t leave me”s and of course this time it works 🙂 Yuzuki hugs Sana and cries telling him she’s happy and all that. Cue kissing scene. DAMN YOU SANA!!! >.< Oh and it’s not over yet, we get to see those two cozy in Sana’s room… in the middle of the night. DAAAAAAAAMMMN YOU AGAIN SANNAAA!!!! >.< Now I don’t know if they slept with each other but it looks like it why else would they tell you those two are alone in the night in Sana’s room? *cough* Anyway, we get to read some sweet exchange of words. Most important of all, Sana tells Yuzuki he hasn’t found her planet yet. She replies that she already has… and Sana is as clueless as ever =.= Man, I wish this was eroge so I could *ahem* confirm if they slept w/ each other >.>

Cue Good End(with Yuzuki singing her chara song as the ED theme) Cue epilogue, Sana and Yuzuki are kissing under the school’s rooftop at night. TRIPLLLLLEEEEE DAAAAAMN YOU SANAAAAAAAA!!!! Sana tells Yuzuki what if someone sees them. Yuzuki happily answers “So what?” It’s not like it’s a forbidden(teacher-student) relationship anymore as Sana has graduated high school today. Sana reluctantly accepts and is asked what’s he gonna do now? He tells Yuzuki that he wants to study Astronomy(my guess…) and wants to be a teacher like Yuzuki. They both smile to each other as they look forward to the future. The end.

Well, I was expecting something big on Yuzuki’s route like Aoi’s surprise illness but I guess I was asking too much >.> It’s a pretty average route and I guess I would appreciate it more if the dialog were as easy to comprehend and understand. I was a bit lost with all the astronomy stuff and some of the dialog =.= That just goes to show that I still have a long way to go in the Japanese Language 😛


Some miscellaneous info I left out:

– Yuzuki likes to call herself an alien.
– Yuzuki gives Caramel candies because her father used to bring lots of them home(I’m guessing she was sick of eating Caramel so she started offering them to other people >.>) much to the dismay of Sana who thought they were Magical Caramel(he even describes his shock of learning it’s not magic like the time he discovered Santa Claus was fake :lol:)
– All of Yuzuki’s life lessons were taught to her by her lover/teacher
– Sana likes to tease Aoi and in contrast Yuzuki likes to tease Sana
– Yuzuki has compared Sana to a timid rabbit >.>



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