Myself; Yourself Episodes 7-9 are OUT!!!

February 3, 2008
❤ ❤ ❤

First things first, we really need a Timer! We barely able to release these episodes and with a timer in our group, our releases would be a lot faster. Special thanks to kaizoku, founder of Sekai-Fansubs for his great help on timing episode 9. Without him, this 3 episode release would be delayed for another week.

Anyway, 4 more episodes to go and we are way behind schedule. These are the torrent links for episodes 7-9:

Episode 7:

Teacher’s Caramel (XviD)

Episode 8:

The Secret Post (XviD)

Episode 9:

Do you best! Animenger! (XviD)

DDL (Megaupload):

Episode 7:

Teacher’s Caramel (XviD)

Episode 8:

The Secret Post (XviD)

Episode 9:

Do you best! Animenger! (XviD)

Note: We apologize on two errors in our release. One would be that the stuffed toy Hinako loved is not E.T.-kun but Yeti-kun. the same name of the company that produced the Myself; Yourself game. Two is that it was Nanaka’s uncle and not grandpa. We will fix these and release a version two in our future batch release.

Regarding the fans from certain parts in world who are unable to download via bittorrent, may we request to those who has a fast internet connection to provide them an XDCC bot to our releases or provide DDL links to our episodes.

[gx9901 Edit]

Also, we are posting summaries of the endings of the Myself; Yourself game. If you got some spare time, feel free to read these summaries. As of now, we completed Aoi, Yuzuki, Hoshino, Hinako and Shuri’s route but the only available summaries are Aoi’s and Yuzuki’s. I would love to post the rest but… I’m too lazy to post them. Haha!

I just finished posting every route except for Nanaka’s >.> Please check them out, specially Aoi’s 🙂


[/gx9901 Edit]

Another special thanks to sho and the entire staff of Moetaku Fansubs for their wonderful hospitality, support and tons of laughs. I really missed the channel raiding guys. ;_;

Thank you for downloading our releases!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Please, post Nanaka’s game end! I’d like to ‘see’ if it’s the same shallow (IHMO) anime ending.

    Thanks for those other endings!

  2. Very interesting blog you have.

    For me, I love Space Yamato, it is an old Japanese Cartoon in late 70’s.

    Well, if I am 15 years younger, I would have hog your blog. Keep it up.

  3. @Sync:

    gx here aka the TL and the guy who’s playing or should I say stopped playing the Myself; Yourself PS2 game >.> I agree, the anime ending was lackluster compared to other shows in 2007.

    As for Nanaka’s ending… well, I’m not interested in playing it right now. I’ve been playing the PS2 game for a month and have completed and typed all of the Myself; Yourself girls summary with the exception of Nanaka. I’ve read about 30,000+ lines worth of dialog and completed 10 endings out of 14. The only ones left are two Nanaka routes, one for Sana and one for Shuu =.= Reason I left Nanaka last was well, I didn’t liked her 😛

    Anyway, I’ll be holding off playing Nanaka’s route until I find myself some motivation 😛 In the meantime, enjoy the other girls’ route summaries. IMO they are better than Nanaka’s route specially Aoi’s ;_; I’ll try to post the rest myself if I have time to spare >.>

  4. Hey, is there anyway of getting the earlier episodes from somewhere else than torrents? Because ep 1 and the earlier episodes are kind of dead :/

  5. @Wingu:

    Hi, currently there’s no DDL version of the episodes nor a different torrent link. We are currently seeding episodes 1-6 right now and please bear with the slow download.

  6. Right-o. Thanks for answering 🙂

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