Myself; Yourself PS2 game – gx and Aoi’s route

April 10, 2008

With introductions over it’s time to reveal Aoi’s route. Why Aoi? Because she’s my fave character in the anime, I just love her squeaky voice ❤ Also, she gets the least development in the anime and I feel like she has an amazing back story…

Aoi route:

First things first ;_;

Anyway, day one is kinda like the anime. Sana goes back to Sakuranomori and goes to the Yatsushiro shrine. There he meets Nanaka and he doesn’t recognize her of course. You have the option to speak or not speak to her. I choose not to speak to her coz I am not aiming for her =.= To cut to the chase, Sana gets slapped for asking who she is right there in the shrine unlike in the anime where he gets slapped in school.

Anyway, he meets Aoi on the next day IIRC. Pretty much the same scene in the anime w/out Sana commenting on her boobs. Sana decides to go to the beach and take a walk. He meets Shuri. They seem to get along well until the conversation drifts to Sakuranomori’s um, commercialization. It seems like it has become a tourist spot so many buildings were built recently including a hotel. Shuri asks what Sana’s opinion is and he says it’s good coz it’ll be much more fun to put it in simple terms. Shuri doesn’t like what she heard and goes off. Sana chases her and tries to stop her but gets slapped. Poor Sana, slapped twice in row…

On his way back home he meets Caramel Onee-san in the park. You have the option to speak or not speak to her. As much as I like Yuzuki I didn’t speak to her since my priority is Aoi.

The next day he goes for a walk again but this time he takes his camera. Yes, Sana actually has a hobby and that’s taking pictures with his camera. The camera is analog BTW coz Sana hates digicams and he used to “borrow” his pop’s old camera when he was a kid. He bought his own when he was in Tokyo. Anyway, he meets Shuu along the way and they have a nice little chat.

Next day after that IIRC is when Sana goes out. He meets Asami Hoshino outside Aoi’s place. She was visiting Aoi coz she forgot something in school(forgot what that was) so Sana tells her that he’ll give it to Aoi. When the day is over and Aoi comes to Sana’s place. Sana gives the forgotten thing to Aoi.

I’m really a bit fuzzy with my memory but I think after a week long of doing nothing but sightseeing in the town Sana goes to school. There he meets Yuzuki again and they have a little chat. When classes start, he is introduced as the transfer student. Scene is almost like the anime.

After that I’m quite unsure what happens exactly. A few notable moments are: Aoi was revealed to have a hard time waking up… Shuu and Hinako met earlier during the one week vacation. Yuzuki and her lesson about “knowing” and “understanding” w/c is a pretty important thing in her route I guess.

Oh and this time I feel really sorry for Sana for putting up with 2 tsundere’s in his class namely Shuri and Nanaka. Yes, Shuri is still angry about the beach incident and it’s up to you if you want to befriend her again. Nanaka as always, doesn’t want to do anything with you. She remains that way until the end of the game coz I didn’t try to make amends with her. Another surprising moment is when Shuu gets nominated as class rep. along with Nanaka. This happened coz Shuu skipped classes and a classmate(who has a grudge with Shuu) nominated him. You have the option to disagree with the nomination for class rep. but that would raise the Shuri flag so I kept quiet about it. A thing of note, even if you actually disagreed Shuu will still end up as class rep.

Sana still dreams about Nanaka from time to time specially about the past. There are many instances were you could be close to her but I dodged all that. What else… a shocking revelation is Asami IS straight. She comes to Sana’s class one time and asks Sana who Shuu likes. Yes, you heard me she asked about Shuusuke not Shuri. Another surprising note is that Sana doesn’t know Aoi is a good cook =.= He was surprised how Aoi made a delicious Beef Stroganoff even though Aoi have never heard it before and she even mispronounced it as Beef Strogyonyoff… ;_;

Anyway, the first half of the route is me chasing Aoi. I managed to make her cook dinner for me everyday. Comforted her when she tells Sana that she’s scared of sleeping because she might not able to wake up. Helped her wake up in the morning. Helped her borrow keys to the girls locker room coz she forgotten to bring it. She’s a really forgetful person just like me ;_; Another note is when Shuri notices Aoi looks really bad one day. Aoi tells Shuri and Sana that she just didn’t have enough sleep and everything was ok. I managed to invite her to play in the beach. Shuu called Sana to accompany him, Shuri and Hinako at the beach. Why did Shuu invite him? Cause he’s afraid people would gossip about him enjoying time in the beach with his sister and a loli >.> He also tells him to invite Aoi… There in the beach Shuri proposed a game of volleyball with accompanying punishment to the losing boy. There were two teams, I choose Aoi as my partner of course against the Wakatsuki twins. Hina is the referee BTW. Amazingly, we managed to win despite Aoi is a clutz(actually her clumsiness is what made us win) and team Wakatsuki is composed of athletic twins… Shuu swims as punishment for losing. Why Shuri isn’t punished? Well, it’s because she made the rules that only the losing boy would get punished.

Second half of the route I get to see OP2 w/c is Ivy. I managed to finally erase Nanaka from Sana’s head and spend the first half happily with Aoi but happy things have an end… Sana remembers the past where Aoi tells him that she wants to become a writer for picture books. She’ll write the story while Sana will draw the pictures. Sana asks Aoi if she still wants to be a writer. She says yes and Sana is impressed that Aoi is thinking way ahead whereas he doesn’t have a dream or ambition… This is were Aoi starts to make breakfast, obento(lunch box meal) and dinner for Sana. Sana feels embarrassed that Aoi is starting to cling to him. He still feels that Aoi is just an elder sister or something and does not have feelings of true love ;_; Sana manages to upset Aoi to the point she doesn’t go to his place anymore. Shuu notices that Sana has finally realized his stupid mistake and gives him a wonderful advice. Sana and I can’t believe that Shuu could come up with such an advice. Cue in Sana searching for his inner feelings and realizing he is indeed in love with Aoi ;_; He goes to her house and tries to talk to her. Aoi, upon hearing Sana say “sorry” runs away. She doesn’t want to hear anything from Sana. Sana chases her and tells her to listen to him… He says he is sorry and that he really loves her ;_; Aoi cries tears of joy, she thought Sana would say he doesn’t like her. A misunderstanding but in the end everything went fine… You’d think this is the end but there is more to it.

Sana and Aoi go on their first date in a sea aquarium. Sana goes to get some drinks and he notices Aoi is missing. He manages to find her and it looks like Aoi does not feel well. Aoi says not to mind her and just enjoy their date. Anyway, at one point Sana tells Aoi to go home but she still insists on the date. When they’re finished buying ingredients for dinner Sana finally notices her high fever. He quickly brings her to her house. Before he leaves Aoi gives Sana her book title the Blue Bird(Aoi no Tori)…

On the next day Sana goes to her house to check on her and her parents bring bad news. She’s hospitalized, Sana quickly goes to the hospital to see her. He asks the doctor what her condition is. The doctor replies it would take a miracle for her to get cured. I dunno what kind of illness that was but it sounds really serious. Sana is asked if he wants to see her and he tells the doctor to wait a minute as he goes to the toilet. There he tries his best to not look sad so that Aoi wouldn’t see his sad face and start to lose hope ;_; He finally musters up his courage and sees her. In her room lies Aoi in a respirator, barely able to talk and tells Sana she’s glad to see him again. Sana realizes that Aoi were giving him hints about her condition. Her sleepiness, that one time she told him that she was afraid of not waking up, that one time she looked really sick but just said she didn’t have enough sleep and of course the recent date incident ;_; Man, Aoi’s route delivered. I’m thinking of 2 outcomes, one is she lives w/c makes me happy as I don’t want her to die and the other one is she dies ;_; Now if she dies then I’ll be sad yet it’ll make her route a really memorable one as her ending is kinda ironic for her character.

After that heart tugging scene in Aoi’s room Sana goes home feeling down. He receives a phone call from her father and tells him to help them decide the fate of Aoi. Sakuranomori’s hospital isn’t enough to cure her so they are planning to move her to a bigger hospital. The chances are still slim but it’s a little bit better than if she stayed in here. Of course if she moves to another hospital chances are it’s far away and Sana might not be able to visit her. Aoi’s dad tells Sana to think about it and hangs up the phone. Sana thinks… and the final choices pop up. A. Let Aoi stay and hope for a miracle or B. Move her to a larger hospital. There are two endings so I’ll split my reactions and comments too. I’ll go first with B.

Ending B(Bad End)

Sana decides that it’s better for Aoi to move to another hospital. He prays to God for Aoi’s recovery. He tells God that he’ll do anything and will sacrifice his happiness for Aoi’s sake. Many days/weeks have past since Aoi was moved with still no progress… Cue ending. Cue epilogue, Sana is at the beach standing there doing nothing. He remembers the good times he had with Aoi and he breaks down in tears. He blames himself for not doing anything and cries. He hears Aoi’s crying voice… Aoi tells him not to cry because it will make her cry too. Sana replies that he’s not gonna cry because of that. This scene was reminiscent of when Aoi was lost in the mountains and Sana found her when they were kids… They both cry until Sana comes to his senses and realizes no one is there. He ponders if what happened was an illusion as the game ends ;_; A thing to note, the game didn’t mention if Aoi died or not but I’m guessing she’s in a coma like state hence why she “appeared” to Sana in the beach…

Ending A(Good End)

Sana decides to make a gamble and let her stay so that he can be by her side every day. He remembers the time when he took Aoi all feverish into her house. Before Sana left Aoi gave him her book. It was titled the Blue Bird(or Aoi no Tori in Japanese…). This book was made by Aoi and Sana remembers that Aoi is aspiring to be a picture book writer. He remembers his promise that he’ll help her by drawing the pictures for her book. Sana decides to complete her book by drawing the pictures. The next day he goes to school and is comforted by Shuu. Shuri also joins in and gives Sana a letter(I guess) made by Shuri and her friends with a message to Aoi to get well soon. As Sana is on his way to visit Aoi again, Nanaka is waiting for him in the locker room. She gives Sana a protective charm, Sana is quite surprised the ice cold queen is worried about Aoi. He accepts the charm and off he goes to the hospital. No change in Aoi’s condition so Sana goes back home. He spends many days completing her book and when the day he finally finished their book he gets a call from her parents. They tell him to come to the hospital quick. Sana runs to the hospital thinking the worst has happened. When he goes to the room he sees Aoi is not in her bed. Bad thoughts have already clouded his mind but he hears Aoi calling him. It was a miracle that she recovered and just in time for her to receive their completed picture book. We get a happy ending! ;_; Cue ending with Aoi’s theme song playing. Cue epilogue, Aoi is reading her book complete with visuals of the book. After she finishes reading she and Sana have a little talk about happiness and how they were both thankful they received each others happy memories or some such. Cue in Aoi kissing Sana as the game ends. ;_;

I haven’t mentioned this but I really liked the theme/lesson of the Blue Bird. In summary, Happiness is just around the corner you just need to look for it. The book’s protagonist was based on Aoi and the blue bird was based on Sana. You can think of Aoi’s book as her recent life story…


Aoi’s picture book

Other Notes:

– Aoi loves to read books but it is a mystery as to why she is not good at studying @_@ Which leads to Sana tutoring Aoi who is a year higher than him >.>
– The charm Nanaka gave to Sana for Aoi in Aoi’s good ending was the charm that Aoi wasn’t able to buy during the Yatsushiro Festival.



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