Myself; Yourself PS2 game – gx and Asami’s route

April 11, 2008

A message to our beloved captain, SHiN_aKuMa



First of all… Curse you Nanaka!!! from Asami Hoshino with Love. Really, the first image you’re gonna see in Shuu’s prologue is that damn Nanaka >.> Why oh why does she have to be Shuu’s main girl? >.< We get to see little Shuu and little Nanaka talk about little Sana who left Sakuranomori. Shuu makes a promise with Nanaka that he’ll protect her and everyone else while Sana is away… cue Shuu waking up. He was suddenly woke up by Shuri who’s too close for comfort >.> Shuri tells Shuu to do his errands. End first day. Cue another dream sequence this time all Shuu sees are flames/fire… He wakes up the second day and is asked by Shuri to deliver something to the Yatsushiro shrine. He’s hesitant at first but decides to go anyway. He meets Nanaka at the shrine, you have the option to talk to her or not. When Nanaka receives the package she coldly tells Shuu to get off her sight. Shuu obliges but suddenly his head feels intense pain. He passes out. When he wakes up he sees Nanaka w/ a worried look. Damn Tsundere >.> Anyway, after Nanaka confirms Shuu is ok she asks him to leave.

3rd day Shuu meets Hinako in a convenience store. He sees two kids bullying her and he goes off to the rescue. Hinako doesn’t seem to appreciate Shuu’s help and she doesn’t look like she fell in love in an instance like in the anime >.> Anyway, when things have calmed down Hina asks Shuu how old she thinks she is. Depending on your answer you could raise a Hina flag >.> Next day he and Shuri went off shopping. They meet Asami who is a friend of Shuri. Asami happens to live in another town and she took her pet Corgie named Shi-chan to the veterinary. The 3 chat for a while and Shuu has the chance to raise the Asami flag by commenting what kind of animal person is Asami. I think the right answer was she’s a dog person >.>

The day after that Shuu meets either Yuzuki or Sana. Forgot already but Shuu meets Sana the same way Sana did in his route. Basically you get to see how Shuusuke thinks in these situations. After this event I’m unsure what happens chronologically so I’m just gonna list some highlights that I remembered.

– Shuu meets Asami again in the train station and he sees Asami and Nanaka arguing over something. He can’t hear them clearly but he gets to ask Asami what’s going on. Asami tells him it’s just a little misunderstanding and reveals to Shuu that they are cousins o_0 Yes, Nanaka and Asami are relatives, cousins to be exact.

– Asami and Nanaka are rivals. Nanaka is always #1 while Asami is #2 in any subject be it English, Physical Education, etc.

– The Tarot Cards for Shuu are:

a. Judgement – as always… Nanaka

b. The Star – I was at first mislead with this card since I thought this was Asami since the Hoshi in her Hoshino means Star >.> It turns out this was Hina. The card was described as full of hope and brightness. I guess nothings a dull moment when Hina is around Laughing

c. The Lovers – betrayals and some other negative things. Having finished her route I can see why this is Asami =.=

– During the end of the first half it is revealed that Shuu doesn’t remember the fire incident Shocked He experiences what anime Nanaka experienced… memory loss due to shock. Shuu was FYI at the scene of the fire incident and tried to rescue Nanaka. He fails and gets injured but was saved by someone. Shuu was hospitalized and doesn’t remember why he’s hospitalized. Nanaka tells everyone to not tell Shuu about the fire incident since Shuu wasn’t able to do anything and telling him might make him feel miserable so Nanaka keeps all the pain to herself… Anyway, Shuu finally remembers and apologizes to Nanaka. This somehow makes Nanaka soften up. I was quite confused at this turn of events as this scene was the last one for the first half. But now I understand why they made Nanaka soften up…

Second half, cue OP. Shuu is hungry and Sana invites him to buy some Jam Dog in the cafeteria. They eat lunch at the rooftop and they meet Asami there. But first Shuu chokes because he ate too much Jam Dogs and Sana offers him to buy drinks. Shuu asks Asami why she’s here and she tells him that she’s searching for her fork. You have the option to raise the Asami flag by offering her to search it together. Asami thanks Shuu for his help in finding her fork so off she goes while Sana comes back and brings him some juice which tastes bad and Shuu asks Sana if he’s planning on killing him with that drink Laughing

The next day he is asked by Asami to meet her in the place where it’s famous for couples. There Asami confesses to Shuu that she likes him Mr. Green Shuu is surprised but he tells her he can’t answer her feelings. It’s not like he has someone he likes so he tells her that. Asami, surprisingly accepts Shuu’s answer and tells him that she can wait for him to fall in love with her Shocked

Next scene, Shuu meets Asami in another town. Shuu is in that town to help carry heavy stuff while Asami is a volunteer. BUT she’s not taking care of old people but she teaches little kids. A couple of days after, Asami invites Shuu to go back to the place where she teaches little kids. Shuu obliges and after the end of the day Asami asks Shuu to come to her house w/c is near the train station. Shuu is quite surprised to learn that Asami is rich after entering her house. Oh her parents are not at home FYI Very Happy Shuu gets to see Shi-chan again and he’s impressed at the numerous trophies on display all of which belongs to Asami. He then notices that Asami’s name is written in Kanji. Asami tells him she hates her name in Kanji(愛沙美) so she changed it to Hiragana(あさみ). She interprets her name in Kanji as someone who is least loved and beautiful. Shuu kinda disagrees and tries to convince Asami that that’s not the true meaning behind her name. Anyway, they go to the train station after that. They have a little chat before the train came so it is revealed that Asami’s intense rivalry with Nanaka stems from the fact that she doesn’t get any love ;_; Since they are cousins it was inevitable that they’d meet in family reunions and every time they meet it’s always Nanaka who gets praised even Asami’s parents praise Nanaka. With that said, Asami tries so hard to beat Nanaka but unfortunately for her Nanaka is unbeatable >.<

After that, we get to see skirmishes between Nanaka and Asami from time to time until we get to the point where Nanaka has had enough of Asami pestering her and tells her the reason why she’s clingy to Shuu is because she thinks Nanaka likes Shuu and if she successfully takes away Shuu from Nanaka then she could “win”. Of course Shuu happens to be present in that conversation w/c makes Asami furious and slaps Nanaka. Nanaka in return slaps Asami. Asami storms off while I made Shuu go after her. Shuu catches up to Asami who is constantly apologizing to Shuu. She says she’s angry because what Nanaka said was half true… She did indeed confessed to Shuu because she wanted to take away Shuu from Nanaka but like all cliched love stories she fell in love with him in the process. She didn’t thought she could possibly fall in love with Shuu but the fact of the matter is she is truly madly deeply in love with Shuu right now ^_^ After that, we get to see Shuu in his room pondering at the recent events.

Next day and Shuu meets up with Sana and Aoi. They have a little chit chat until Shuu notices Asami standing in the Cherry Blossom tree… He tells Sana and Aoi to go ahead and goes to where Asami is. He asks Asami what’s she doing there and it looks like she’s inside her own world… She tells Shuu that she likes this place and that she could hear the Cherry Blossom tree talking to her… Shuu after realizing he’s gonna be late leaves Asami. During the break he goes off to the school rooftop and fell asleep. He was woke up by Yuzuki and tells him to go with her in the teacher’s room. There she makes Shuu read some pamphlet about the legend of the twin hills. Once upon a time there were twin sisters living in Sakuranomori. In an effort to please the villagers the two competed. The elder sister performed a dance while the younger sister sang a song. The villagers preferred the younger sister and the elder sister furious that she was defeated killed the younger sister. She buried the corpse under the Cherry Blossom tree and she herself disappeared never to be seen again. Shuu ponders why Yuzuki made him read that and it seems Yuzuki knows he has problems with Asami. Shuu asks how she knew and she tells him that when Shuu was asleep he kept murmuring Asami’s name >.> Anyway, after reading the story Shuu is a bit worried since he’s thinking this might be some premonition of sorts of what would happen…

After school is over Asami comes to his class and asks Shuu to go with her. They are at the famous place for lovers again and this time Asami asks Shuu if he likes her. This is it boys, the moment of truth. Depending on Shuu’s answer you will get a good or bad end. As always lets go with the bad end.

Bad End

Shuu tells Asami half-assedly that he likes her. Asami notices Shuu’s half-assed answer and asks him who does he like better. Asami or Nanaka? Shuu tells her that he likes both of them and that he can’t leave any of the two of them. Spoken like a true harem lead >.> Asami is disappointed with his answer and goes off. The next day, Asami is surprisingly absent in school and so does Nanaka… A week has passed and the two are still missing… Yuzuki notices Shuu is worried so she tells her to finish his test and she’ll tell something to Shuu. Shuu goes to the teacher’s room after the exam and Yuzuki tells Shuu to take a walk. Yuzuki aks Shuu why the school’s uniform is black. Shuu answers he doesn’t know so Yuzuki tells her because it was to match with the Crow’s color. There she tells him about the pamphlet she gave. That story is unfortunately inaccurate. After the elder sister killed the younger sister the elder sister asks for forgiveness to the Mountain God. He thought about letting the villagers decide her fate but when he saw that the elder sister looks to be really sorry for what she done, he turned her into a crow so that she could escape. Unfortunately she tried to escape but she always find herself coming back to the Cherry Blossom tree. Shuu wonders what is the significance of telling this to him. Yuzuki tells him that he must have thought of Asami killing Nanaka right? Shuu reluctantly tells her no >.> Yuzuki tells him that she likes to think that scenario couldn’t happen. Shuu and me are left puzzled as we wonder what the hell happened to those two… Cue bad end. Cue epilogue, many days/weeks have passed and the two are still missing. Shuu and Shuri are discussing this as a Crow gets Shuu’s attention. Shuu and me wonders what happened to Asami and he kinda wonders if the Crow was Asami… He says a goodbye to Asami(the Crow) as the bad end finishes.

Good End

Shuu tells Asami with confidence that he likes her. Asami is not convinced yet so she asks who Shuu likes. Nanaka or Asami? You have the option to choose w/c… Choosing Nanaka leads to a bad end Shocked Of course I tell her I like Asami the best! Laughing Anyway, IIRC she’s glad Shuu answered the correct one ^_^ Having averted a bad end we go on the next day. Shuu and Nanaka are having a chat about Nanaka’s hair. Which Shuu comments smells nice. Asami comes in and asks Shuu to go eat lunch together… After school ends Shuu forgots something in school and goes back. There he notices 3 people… Sana, Nanaka and Asami Shocked Shuu goes to their side and asks what’s going on. Sana is furious that Asami tried to cut Nanaka’s hair Shocked He tells Shuu to keep an eye on her lest she cause any more trouble to Nanaka. Shuu asks Asami what is going on and Asami cries that she can’t control her feelings. When she heard Shuu complimenting Nanaka’s hair she felt the need to cut it so she can’t be beaten by her again Shocked

After that, Shuu goes home. In his room Shuri comes in and asks Shuu if he is dating Asami. Shuu says they are and Shuri asks if he loves her. Shuu says of course and then Shuri asks then what the hell has he been doing? Shuu is confused as to why Shuri asked that. Shuri heard from Sana about the attempted hair cutting incident. Shuri tells Shuu to do something about it. That girl needs some love and Shuu is the only guy who could do it. Shuu tells Shuri that him alone is quite a statement and even asks Shuri that they’re friends right? Shuri tells him that yeah, they are friends but friendship =/= love. Shuu is the only guy that could give love to her Razz Asami’s parents couldn’t give her love, her friends couldn’t give her love only Shuu can! Shuri tells him to man up and that it’s his turn to guide Asami to the path of good >.> Shuri tells Shuu he has been guided by his family and friends and now it’s his turn to return the kindness to Asami who is the one person who needs his love the most. Shuu finally understands his position and he goes off to see Asami despite the heavy rain pouring that day. He manages to get to her place and rings the doorbell. No answer… he rings and even calls the phone but no anwser… He finally hears a loud noise and decides to go in the house. He discovers Asami trashing her own house with an angry look. Decisions pop up! Shocked You have 3 choices on what to do. A. Slap her out of it. B. Talk to her. C. Hug her. Choosing B will lead to yet another bad end Shocked So choose either A/C w/c ever you feel. I choose C since I don’t like violence on women >.> He hugs her tight but she struggles until she has calmed down. Apparently, the reason why she’s became all frustrated and angry is because she and her parents were called to the principals office. The slapping incident with Nanaka was reported by some students. Asami feels she has disappointed her parents and her parents seem to not care about it as they went off to their work after they came back home. This is the part where Shuu tells her he loves her, he’ll be by her side, he’ll protect her, etc. Asami breaks down and hugs Shuu and pours her heart out. Yes! You’ve finally gotten Asami for real! Laughing

The next day, Shuu, Sana and Aoi are walking to school. Sana and Aoi notices Asami is near so they tell Shuu that they will go ahead. Shuu wonders why and he meets up with Asami. Asami thanks Shuu for all the things he has done for her. Shuu gets a little embarrassed and tells her it’s nothing. Asami thanks him that she finally realized that she is loved. She thanks Shuu that she was able to meet him and receive his love. Shuu tells Asami that he finally knows the answer as to why her parents named her Asami. Even though she’s least beautiful she is loved most. Even though she is least loved she’s the most beautiful or something like that >.> Cue Happy Ending with BGM sang by Asami. Cue epilogue. 3 years have passed and Shuu and Asami are happy living together in a small apartment while studying in a university. Shuu asks Asami if she will grant him his wish. Asami asks what is his wish. Shuu tells her that he wants to marry Asami. Asami tells him before she answers that he has to fulfill her wish first of staying by her side forever and loving her. Shuu tells her isn’t that the same as his wish? And the couple laughs and smile as the screen fades away. Awwwwwwww~ ain’t that a cute and happy ending? ^_^



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  1. Ah, what an awesome ending. Oh, would that I had the game and a Japanese Playstation to play it on…

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