Myself; Yourself PS2 game – gx and Hinako’s route

April 11, 2008

I’m just gonna list things from the first and second half, they may or may not be in chronological order >.>

First Half
– Shuu meets Hina at a convenience store. He chases away the kids who were bullying Hina. Hina doesn’t seem to like Shuu’s help at first. But then she thanks him as they leave the convenience store. Hina introduces herself. Guess her age(she is 10), she’ll be extremely happy if you guessed wrong(that is if you choose 12… if you choose 8 then she’ll be angry >.>)

– She meets Shuu again when you accompany Sana to sightsee. You introduce her to Sana. A decision will pop-up and choose to introduce her name properly(choose Mochida Hinako and not Hina or Hinako Mochi >.>)

– She meets Shuu again who is with Shuri. The two are doing some shopping with Shuu hauling two bags/sacks of rice weighing 10 kilos each Shocked Man, Shuu is strong I remember carrying 2 bags of rice weighing 3 kilos each and I barely able to take them home from the market >.> Anyway, Shuri invites Hina to come to their house but first they need Shuu’s permission. Of course I choose to invite her Laughing Shuri and Hinako become instant buddies. Hina tells Shuri it’s fun to have a sister like her. Since Hina is a lone child, Shuri offers to be her sister. Hina is happy but she really wants to have a real sister not a psuedo sister >.> Shuri then tells her to marry Shuusuke then she’ll really become her sister. Of course Shuu doesn’t like that idea Laughing

– She then sneaks into Shuu’s school for the first time and Shuu asks what she is doing. She says she’s inspecting schools, Shuu tries to convince her to leave at once but Hina notices he is hungry. She offers Shuu a chocolate if he takes her for a tour of his school. Of course I choose to take the chocolate ^_^

– When Shuu and Shuri are racing to get to the school firat, Shuu encounters Hina. Choose to walk along with her.

– She sneaks again this time when Shuu is taking a career exam. She offers to help Shuu in his test. You get to choose which question to ask. I choose the hard question and Shuu will be surprised at how smart she is.

– Hina sneaks for the last time during Shuu’s Kendo battle. After he beats the crap out of the captain of the Kendo club of another school he spots Hina looking around. He goes to her side and asks her what she is doing. She again tells him she is inspecting his school. She notices the guy Shuu defeated staring at him with evil intent. Shuu tells her to don’t mind the guy. Then Hina tells Shuu that she has finally decided! Shuu is confused as to what she meant.

– When Shuri, Hina, Aoi, Sana and Shuu go to the beach choose Hina as your partner for the volleyball game of course. I dunno if I mentioned this before but Shuu always loses no matter which route and which partner Sana or him chooses. After the game Hina tells Shuu to look forward tomorrow. FYI tomorrow is a Monday. Shuu ponders what she means…

– Hina transfers to Shuu’s class the next day and Shuu and Sana and me are surprised at how she’s that smart. During lunch break Shuu tells Hina on the school’s rooftop to address him as either Wakatsuki-sempai or Shuusuke-sempai. Hina is puzzled since they are both in the same class. Shuu explains that even though they are in the same class he is much much older than her and he doesn’t like someone so young as Hina to address him casually. Hina, as mischievous as always, botches Shuu’s name purposely like Bakatsuki-sempai and (my favorite) Shuushuke-sempai XD After class Yuzuki asks Shuu to accompany Hina to her home. Shuu asks why does it have to be him. Yuzuki answers him that it’s because he’s the class rep. and that he knows Kendo, Judo and Kempo Shocked Decisions pop-up and I choose to do it(well even if you refused Yuzuki will make you do it anyway) >.>

Cue end of first half. Now for the second half

– Shuu is asked by a teacher to solve a math problem. Hina offers to help you. I accept her help >.>

– The next day when Shuu and Sana are having lunch at class Hina joins them. The two notice her lunchbox has a Yeti-kun picture. Hina tells them that she doesn’t really like Yeti-kun, it’s that her mom just happen to bought them for her. Shuu grabs her Yeti-kun mug and teases her =.= Hina finally got angry and smashes Shuu’s obento(lunch box) Laughing Shuu is pissed but he is scolded by Shuri. Shuri tells Shuu to apologize for his behavior, Shuu protests that Hina should be the one to apologiz. Sana tells Shuu to apologize. Shuu ponders for a moment and realizes he is the one who is wrong so he apologizes to Hina. Shuri and Sana also apologizes in behalf of Shuu and Hina also apologizes for smashing Shuu’s obento and offers half of her lunch for him.

– While Shuu accompanies Hina home they are confronted by some guys from another school. Shuu is surprised someone hates him but doesn’t remember doing anything wrong to anyone. He manages to take Hina and escape. After they lost the gang Hina tells Shuu the leader was the one Shuu beat the crap out of in Kendo. Shuu finally remembers the guy and wonders why is he holding a grudge when he beat him. He offers Hina dinner at his house. After dinner, Shuu, tired from all that running just a while ago sleeps right after he takes a bath.

– The next day Shuu is wake up by Hina w/c surprised him since he didn’t remember anything from last night. Hina teases him they did ecchi things last night Laughing Actually, Hina slept in Shuri’s room after Shuu took a bath and sleep. She asks Shuu to go out on a date with her. Shuu reluctantly agrees. Hina goes back to her house to get changed and they meet at the train station. The two went out to Sakuranomori’s Sea World. Shuu hasn’t been to that place but he knows it’s a famous place for couples. The two went sightseeing and then shopping. You get to choose w/c gift to give to Hina. I choose a starfish pendant… Hmmm, somehow I seem to have forgotten something important… Hmmm… starfish >.> Hina’s very happy Shuu bought her a starfish pendant. She says that she’ll treasure this gift and the two went on to sightsee more.

– After their date, Shuu catches a cold/fever. He was bed ridden for one day, coincidentally his sister Shuri caught it too >.> Luckily for them Hina visits their house and takes care of both of them. Shuu was sort of drowsy when he notices Hina is in their home. He tells her to go back home because she’s a useless kid… Hina didn’t mind the comment and she continues to take care of Shuu. After getting lots of sleep and drinking the medicine, Shuu finally regains his health the next day. Shuri tells Shuu that Hina looks really worried about Shuu and that they should thank Hina for taking care of them specially Shuu whom Shuri noticed took extra care. Shuu remembers the harsh words he said to Hina and offers to call her and say thanks. Shuu calls Hina and apologizes to her, Hina says she doesn’t mind because Shuu was sick. Shuu was impressed that Hina is that mature to have handled that situation. Hina then tells Shuu that she… she… Shuu asks her for the continuation but she hangs up.

– Next day Shuu is back to school and he notices a white letter in his desk. He figures it’s a love letter and Hina took notice of it. She asks Shuu what is it and I choose to tell her it’s a love letter(you can choose to say it’s a Death Threat Mail Laughing) She then tells him to open it. Shuu doesn’t know how to, so Hina tells him how to open it. The letter says to meet someone in lunch break at the rooftop. Shuu ridicules the love letter and thinks it must be a prank since there’s no name written on it. Hina asks what if the letter is real? Shuu replies he would be happy if it were true. Hina then continues what if that letter is from her? Shuu, clueless as ever, ridicules at the thought of Hina falling for him. Hina w/ a disappointed and angry look storms off the classroom. She didn’t came back for the rest of the day.

– At home Shuri asks Shuu what’s going on with Hina. She never came back for the rest of the day. Shuu says he’s got nothing to do with it. Then it finally hits him… he figures out it was Hina who sent that love letter =.= He then asks Shuri for advice. Shuri tells him age doesn’t matter blah, blah and that it’s Shuu’s duty as a man to make a decision blah blah >.>

– The next day Hina didn’t come to school. Shuu is a bit worried that she might have caught a cold/fever. Lunch break time, Sana and Shuu go to the cafeteria but they were approached by a student telling them someone wants to talk to Shuu on the phone. It turns out the guy with the grudge has kidnapped Hina and Shuu has 2 hours to look for her. Sana asks Shuu what the hell is going on and Shuu tells him that Hina is kidnapped. Sana offers to look for Hina too and the two run off the school. But before they could get out Sana asks Shuu if he knows where to look for Hina. Shuu tells him it’s not the time to think as they have a time limit. He runs for it but Sana yells at him to wait for him This is the moment of truth folks. You have two decisions: a. Wait for Sana and listen to him b. Ignore him and run off.

Bad End
– Shuu decides to run off and leave Sana as he searches the whole town for Hina while it’s raining. Time limit has passed and he wasn’t able to locate Hina… Several days have passed and Hina didn’t come to school. Cue bad end. Cue epilogue. Shuu blames himself for what happened to Hina. Shuri tells him that it isn’t his fault but I guess Shuu still blames himself. Hina didn’t come to school again and during lunch break Sana tells Shuu of a rumor he heard. Hina was actually ok after the incident, she didn’t have any injuries but the mental shock has forced her to not want to go to high school again. Shuu ponders as to what happened to Hina and he regrets for not being able to protect her when she needed him the most. Bad End.

Good End

– Shuu asks Sana what does he propose to do? Sana gives Shuu his cellphone. He tells him that he’ll stay in school and search for clues. That way if he finds out anything he could contact Shuu immediately. Shuu thanks his buddy for the cellphone and for his help as he runs off to search for Hina. He goes round and round but couldn’t find her in the town. He then gets a call from Sana and he tells Shuu some hints on Hina’s whereabouts. Shuu was able to figure out where Hina is and he makes it on time… in an abandoned warehouse he finds Hina tied up. He removes the handkerchief wrapped around her mouth and tells her he’ll rescue her. Hina warns Shuu but was too late and was stabbed in the back by the leader of the gang. I forgot what his name is so… Anyway, the gang leader tells him he will get his revenge for beating him. Shuu asks why he’s such a sore loser >.> The gang leader actually plans to use his performance in the Kendo club to get to a university but since he was beaten he can’t enter it now. Shuu tells him that’s a lousy way to enter a university and tells him to just study hard >.> Anyway, gang leader calls 5 thugs and surrounds Shuusuke. 6 vs. 1 plus blood is gushing out of his back… the odds are against our hero. The thugs attack but Shuu manages to beat them one by one until it’s the gang leader left. Alas beating up 5 thugs with an injury proves to be too much for our hero as the gang leader beats him up. Shuu is down for the count as some thugs regain consciousness and beats him up. Hina cries for help and tells the bad guys to stop, at this rate they might kill poor Shuusuke. Shuu, after taking a lot of beatings slowly loses consciousness… When the gang are satisfied they now ponder on what to do with Hina. The gang leader says she must be silenced since she witnessed this event. Shuu hears this and he regrets that he wasn’t able to protect Hina as his consciousness fades away he hears a voice… It’s Hina and we are treated to a montage of flashback scenes of Hina and Shuu’s happy days. Cue Shuu regaining consciousness and uses his willpower to stand up like your typical shounen hero >.> He says that no matter what happens he’ll protect Hina… The gang leader can’t believe Shuu’s up for round 2 as he calls for his thugs to attack Shuu. Shuu goes Rocky Balboa on them and beats the crap out of the thugs and finally beats the gang leader. Shuu goes to Hina’s side and tells her that it’s okay now… but then gang leader still wants to fight and takes out his knife. Shuu, with all his remaining strength one hit KOs the gang leader as he collapses to Hina’s side. Hina is crying and asks Shuu why does he have to go all this way to protect her. Shuu tells her it’s a man’s duty to protect the one he loves… Yes, Shuu finally admits he loves Hinako and tells her to continue the conversation that was left hanging before(the phone conversation) Hina tells Shuu if he’s really serious. He says yes, Hina tells him she’s 6 years younger. Shuu tells her he doesn’t care, what matters is he loves him ^_^ And then suddenly… the cavalry has arrived =.= We have Shuri(w/ a bat Laughing) and two policemen storming the warehouse. As expected from fictional law enforcers, they always come late after the battle is over =.= Also, WTF where’s Sana?!!(some best friend you are… you should have joined w/ Shuri and the cavalry =.=) Shuu is surprised Shuri came to fight. Shuri tells him that as his sister, she can’t forgive those who hurt him and Hina. She tells him the ambulance will be here any moment as she leaves the two to wait for the arrival of the ambulance. Hina then tells Shuu if he can wait… she wants to grow older before they can be serious. Shuu tells her he’ll wait for her and as he waits he gives Hina her first kiss ^_^ Cue good end w/ Hina’s chara song as BGM. Her chara song is nice BTW I like it out of all the chara songs I’ve heard from this game. Cue epilogue. 8 years have passed and Shuu and Hina are happily married. Shuu works for a company and Hina works as a teacher in Sakuranomori HS. Hina is now 18 years old FYI. The couple talk about the past and Hina’s first kiss and they live happily ever after >.>



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