Myself; Yourself PS2 game – gx and Shuri’s route

April 12, 2008

First Half
I’m gonna make this short and simple as this is my least liked route out off all the ones I’ve played. Basically, Sana tries to befriend Shuri again while also acting like a huge hippie. Nothing worth noting really…

Second Half
I’ll also try to make this short… Sana continues befriending Shuri until he succeeds 1/3 of the way. When he finally gains Shuri’s trust it’s now Shuu’s turn to act tsundere >.> Over the course of the 2nd half he acts hostile to Sana… During this period Sana and Shuri create a website about the nature park and stick posters in their school. And after their initial “date” on one Sunday they finally are a couple. Sana asks for Shuu’s blessing but he’s still not friendly to him. It’s revealed later that Shuu loves Shuri, in an incestual way =.= Great, the incest plot reared it’s ugly head again =.= So by near the end of the half we see Shuu and Sana fight over for Shuri. Shuri, who’s torn between Shuu and Sana decides to break up with Sana. You have a choice to break up or not.

Bad end
Sana angsts that he could not do anything about this situation as he and Shuri exchange farewells. The next day Shuu and Shuri are absent. Yuzuki talks to Sana after class about the two. Their parents called her and informed Yuzuki that Shuusuke locked himself inside Shuri’s room. It is unknown or it might be me not understanding a thing if Shuri was with Shuu. All I know is Yuzuki asks Sana to help those two. She says it’s not to late to save them. Sana is still in angst mode so he thinks he cannot do anything to help so he says sorry to Yuzuki and runs off. Cue bad end. Cue epilogue. 3 years have passed and Sana went back to Tokyo I guess. He recieves a postcard from Aoi wherein the picture is from the new beach resort of Sakuranomori. The end.

Good end
Sana refuses to break up and tells Shuri to run away with him and they do so until Shuu caughts them in the train station. Shuu beats the hell out of Sana while Sana acts all tough and says he won’t fight back because Shuu is his best bud and that his punches don’t hurt. When Shuu is about to deliver the finishing blow(he tries his best to kill Sana BTW >.>) he stops and says that he can’t really kill his best friend. And in that one instance they’re all back to normal as they run along during heavy rain laughing like nothing really happened =.= The day after that Shuu announces Sana x Shuri couple in school and Shuri makes Sana kiss her as some sort of proof. After classes they go to the beach and kiss some more =.= Cue happy end with Shuri singing in the background. Cue epilogue. 3 years have passed and the nature park was restored to it’s original state. Sana and Shuri are studying in college while Shuu became the physical education teacher of Sakuranomori HS. The end.

Ugh, incest =.= I didn’t expect this plot to be used in the game too since the difference between the anime and game was huge. Like I said before, this is my least liked route. Not only am I not interested w/ Shuri but also they made Shuu into a raging incestual idiot >.> Now his image is ruined, I wished I didn’t played this route =.= Also, I don’t like Shuri and Sana’s hippie crusade… Can’t the writers come up with anything more interesting than “I want to protect the environment because in reality I just want to protect our friendship”? Well, I guess the only thing worth noting in this route is when Sana finally managed to get a spine and punched Shuu(although it looked like it was a cheap shot to me >.>) Laughing




  1. I enjoyed the read.

    Even though you dislike Nanaka, do you intend to do her route and post about it?

  2. @generic lurker

    Sorry for the late reply, thanks for reading my summaries. I do intend to play Nanaka’s route for both Shuu and Sana. I’ll probably be able to post those by the end of this month so look forward to it!


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