Hiiragi Kagami~n MegaPack

April 17, 2008

Hiiragi Kagami~n

TORRENT DOWNLOAD: Hiiragi Kagami~n MegaPack

DIRECT DOWNLOAD: Hiiragi Kagami~n MegaPack

Sorry for the long wait. Here’s the MegaPack I promised weeks ago. Now the reason why it took me a while releasing this Pack is because I’m having trouble categorizing them. To release this Pack as soon as possible, I dumped all of the images (safe, non-safe, group pics, etc.) into one main folder.

This Pack contains 3 main folders, Doujins, Games – Others, Images and MP3 with a total of 2500+ images. The Doujins folder contains 17 yuri doujins, 5 of which are English translated. In the Games – Others folder contains KONA x KAGA yuri doujin game, the Caramelldansen Kagamisip video (wmv) and a Kagami~n desktop sitter. In the MP3 Folder contains Kagami~n Character Album and 2 songs sung by Emiri Katou and album scans. The Images folder is the main folder in the pack and contains all of the Kagami~n and Kagami~n related images. The folder contains 2 sub folders Wallpapers and Kagami~n Sip.

Pack Description:

File name: [SHiN] Hiiragi Kagami~n MegaPack [68BDF917].rar

File size: 897 MB

CRC: 68BDF917

Credits goes to all Hiiragi Kagami fans who devoted their time and effort in creating and providing us all of the fanart, scans, games, music of our beloved Tsundere. Special thanks to the various websites, blogs and imageboards for giving me easy access to these images.

Thank you very much for your patience and please enjoy the MegaPack!




  1. SHiN you are a hero

  2. THIS hit the right spot. downloading especially because of yuri stuff. thanks for all

  3. hmm, how big would this be uncompressed? I only ask because I’d like to see the Kagami caramelldancen vid before/without downloading all the other stuff too =\

  4. @neothe0ne:

    If uncompressed, the pack is about 995 MB in size. If you only the video, you can get it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/103441434/caramelldansen_kagamisip.wmv.html

  5. What torrent should I use to download this?

  6. @Jimmy:

    What you mean is what “bittorrent client” you’re going to use to download? There are lots of clients out there and one of the popular are bitcoment and utorrent. Just search it on google and it will come up on the first result. =P

  7. Fuckin awsome, however you should have made the torrent a folder isntead of a .rar archive so we can pick what parts we want to DL.

  8. @fake name:

    Either way, they did a good job like usual.

  9. Can someone seed ?

    Im at 71.5% and the one person thats been seeding appears to be gone.

    I fucking want this.

  10. @fake name:

    I’m at my work place at the moment and I will seed when I get home in a few hours.


  11. Cool thanks, someones seeding again 😀 .

  12. and no seeding again 😦 .

  13. seeding is up again 😀

  14. only getting .5kb DL speed for some reason, will continue seeding after I’ve finished.

  15. 2nd seed up, going a lot faster now,7-9 kbps.

    Still a crawl, but hey I’ve been at this a few days now and it MIGHT be done within hours

  16. 2 seeders still :D.

    But seems stuck at same slow speed.

    Oh well theres always bokuchan

  17. finished the DL last nite, seeding.

  18. tho I think this has been forgoten lol

  19. How do I download the game?

  20. @Jimmy:

    The game is inside the pack. And yes, you can’t download the game only.

  21. I meant how do I instal the game.

  22. @Jimmy:

    Open the KONA×KAGA game folder and execute “KONA×KAGA” or “setup”.

    If you want to play directly without installing it, open the KONA×KAGA game folder > program files > めろぷり > KONAKAGA and press “koka.exe” to play the game. =)

  23. Can I change the language?

  24. @Jimmy:

    There’s no option to change the language. Sorry, really.

  25. Whoever is seeding right now, thanks!

    I’ll continue to seed to at least 2.

  26. Anyone able to seed this again?

  27. Thanks man! Spread the kanamin love!

  28. 879 mb! WTF!!!!!! downloading =P hehehehe….

  29. can you re-upload the game?

  30. @Komi:

    You want the game only? Can’t say I will upload it.

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