Candy Boy 01 – The Two’s Distance HQ version is now available

May 8, 2008

What’s up with this version? The video quality, improved subs and it’s fully softsubbed of course! This is an update of our previous release. Apologies for the awful subtitles of the first one and we hope you approve this one.

See DDL Page for updated version of the episode

We are looking for a Translation Checker for the following episodes of Candy Boy. Applicant must be at least has experience in TLC. If you fit the bill, please leave a message. Thank you!

SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. oh… i think i wont have to do anymore CB rels^^ sry for stealing your subs, buts seems like it inspired you ;P

  2. Is Sakuya really straight as a rainbow?

    Anyways, so, this is NOT a 720p raw?

  3. btw: you forgot the signs in the end (the names & “knock first”)…

  4. i dont mean to be complainy, but
    why is all my audio for this just static? D:
    i would suspect a codec issue, but i cant seem to resolve it
    i even downloaded it twice

  5. @sæll

    I suspect you lack the codecs you needed. Please download this codec pack and your problems will be solved.



    You mean the text between the “Knock First” and the names? TL can’t provide the translation because he can’t read the incomplete text. If you mean the translations for the aforementioned text didn’t appeared, I checked and the subs are displaying correctly.

    And I should be thanking you for providing us with the RAW. 😉

  6. Thanks, Shin-gx fansubs. When it comes down to h.264 and XviD, which would you prefer/recommend?

  7. @oppants

    I suggest you go with the h.264 version. The quality is better than the XviD version and it’s softsubbed (you can turn on and off the subs). A warning though, if your machine is a few years old, it’s possible the h.264 version will lag or won’t play. If this happens, go get the XviD version.

  8. Thanks again for your work on Candy Boy, SHiN-gx. ^_^

  9. um will there still be a ddl for this new version? tnx ^_^

  10. @Cuddlyness

    You’re very welcome! I hope we didn’t disappoint. 😳


    My connection is a bit crappy at the moment so uploading the episode on rapidshare will take some time. ETA on the DDL for the h.264 version will be in a few minutes. XviD will be an hour or an hour and thirty minutes later.

  11. cool thanks alot ^_^

  12. well i think there shouldnt be any problems with older machines. those problems only occur with 720p or 1080p raws.
    and btw, its an ONA, so dont expect 720p raws. even the 704×480 raw is upscaled because it wasnt aired in such a big resolution… but dont be fooled by tweak-dats (“Yay for NOT upscaling”). their CB encode sucks like hell…. just compare it…

    ps: i meant the translations for the aforementioned text^^
    pps: if you need CB raws in the future, tell me how to contact you. i’ve dropped CB, so i wont upload it on TT… (dropped because i dont wont to compete with any real group)

  13. @d0td0td0t:

    Providing us the raws would help us a lot! We really don’t have an IRC channel so you can only contact us by email at shin.gx.fansubs@gmail.com

    Many thanks!

  14. you’ll have a ddl link in your mailbox as soon as i have it…

  15. Nice anime guys, but I see that with the speed of witch you have subbed this release there are some minor typo’s, other than that it looks gooOOood.
    But I’m a bit confused though, this is ep01? What is it with the DVD thingie you released in Dec07??

  16. @Janno BuzzBazz
    Hi, the first one is episode 00. The recent one is episode 01. Oh, I suggest you hold off or wait for our version 3 of episode 1. He have a new TLC and he’s improving the script.

  17. don’t know if I can do this but I thougth it might help^_^

    [And then and then we’ll go some sightseeing.]
    And then, and then we’ll go sightseeing.
    (Don’t think it needs the extra word even if it’s said in japanese.)

    [I super dashed form the train station, but in the end I didn’t made it…]
    (just a small one, edit “made” to say “make”, that way it doesn’t sound so wierd.)

    [No, let’s do this today! Today would be perfect!]
    (I don’t know why, but I feel that “this” should be “it”, since she’s allready talking about it.)

    [Anyway, I need find someone to borrow one from.]
    (missing word between “need” and “find”, “I need to find”)

    (Somehow I feel that “Why?” is a better word in both transelation and seeing the contex of the conversation between the two. I might be wrong though.)

    [I wounder how.]
    (This I feel as the same above, since it would be more natural for a person to say “I wounder why.” instead of “I wounder how.”. Again it has to do with the context of the conversation.)

    [Did you found out?]
    Did you find out?
    (“found” is past, “find” is when you ask or when you do. Like, “Have you found.” and “I will find.”)

    [Hey, don’t you think isn’t it nice we share an umbrella instead of using two?]
    Hey, don’t you think it’s nice we share an umbrella instead of using two?
    (The use of “isn’t it nice” right after “don’t you think” is confusing for the reader because they are contradicting eachother.
    Either cut
    “don’t you think”
    to make it shorter to read and easier to understand or cut
    “isn’t it” to make it a bit longer, a bit more explaning and I think more a correct transelation.)

    This was just the typo’s that where easy to find, and this is not ment as harshing your release, but I thought that you might have it in mind when and if you release more to just get someone to look over the file before posting it to avoid these typo’s in the future.
    Again though, a good release…

    Janno BuzzBazz

  18. ok, sorry, but the html code for the wink smily is wierd. The smily’s in the text above are not suposed to be there. Though they make a rather good aperence anyways^_^

  19. @Janno BuzzBazz:

    Thanks for your support. We’re currently re-fixing the script and as I said earlier, we’ll release another version of episode 01. =)


  20. Glad I could be of use…
    Just send an e-mail if anything comes up, I’ll be more than happy to help more.

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