Myself; Yourself PS2 game – gx and Shuu x Nanaka route

May 31, 2008

First of all, I barely made it in time to post Nanaka’s route. There were so many things distracting me for the past few weeks. Shikigami no Shiro III, Sengoku Basara 2 and Mugen no Frontier all took my attention for a good amount of time. There was also my work to keep me from playing her route. Anyway, the much awaited Nanaka route is here! Partly >.> I’m gonna post Shuusuke x Nanaka route first because… the game doesn’t allow Sana x Nanaka if you don’t finish Shuu x Nanaka first =.= It took me several hours playing Sana x Nanaka with no good results… I always end up with Aoi (not that it’s a bad thing) even though I have been nice to Nanaka all the time and have ignored the other girls completely. Replayed several times to make sure I got the correct answers but I always ended up with Aoi. I researched a little bit and found out that you need to finish Shuu x Nanaka before unlocking Sana x Nanaka =.= Just what kind of retarded requirement is this?! I feel sorry for those people who tried to get Sana x Nanaka in their first play through and always ended with Aoi 😆 Well, enough of my rant lets get this rolling >.>

As always, I’m going for what I remembered which may or may not be 100% accurate

First half
Shuu goes to Nanaka’s place to deliver her a package, Nanaka promptly tells Shuu to go home after recieving it. Shuu notices the sky is bright red w/c reminds him of something and collapses. He wakes up a few minutes early and notices Nanaka’s worried. Shuu explains about the fire dream he had and Nanaka asks if he remembered something. Shuu says he doesn’t remember at all. After she confirms Shuu is ok she tells him to go home.

After Sana’s introduction in your class, Shuu asks why Nanaka is in a hurry to go out of the classroom during breaktime and she responds that she doesn’t like to hang around with a certain someone >.>

After Shuu learns he has become a student rep. he tells Nanaka that he is looking forward to work with her. Nanaka tells him she doesn’t need his help.

When Shuu goes to the student rep. meeting for the first time he asks Nanaka if he could sit beside her. Nanaka tells him she doesn’t mind.

During Shuu’s freetime he goes jogging and decides to visit Nanaka in the shrine. When he meets Nanaka, she asks him if he needs something from her. Shuu replies he’s just visiting. Nanaka tells him to go home >.>

Fortune telling time and Shuu gets Judgement. Just as planned 😀

In the school grounds Shuu spots Nanaka frozen in front of the burning garbage. He goes and asks if she’s ok, when she comes to her senses she tells him that she was just startled and it’s nothing to worry about. Again, she tells Shuu to get out of her sight >.>

During another student rep. meeting Shuu agrees with Nanaka’s plan on the school trip.

Sana tells Shuu about the truth. Nanaka became cold towards everyone because of the fire incident. Shuu doesn’t remember the incident but he agrees with Sana that they should help her out. He asks Shuri about the fire incident and she tells him that he was hospitalized after the fire incident, Shuu seems to have lost his memory of the fire incident. Nanaka asked everyone to keep this a secret so that Shuu wouldn’t have to suffer. Shuu visits Nanaka after that and tells her that he knows the fire incident now. Shuu tells her that he wants to help her, Nanaka reluctantly agrees… Cue 2nd OP and 2nd half.

Second half

Nanaka becomes at least a little bit friendly after the first half. She joins Shuu, Sana, Hina and Shuri when they eat lunch. Hina wants some of Shuu’s lunch and Shuri tells her not to hold back much to the disappointment of Shuu 😆 Then in comes Aoi o_0 who tells everyone why didn’t they invited her. Shuu tells her that’s because she’s a year older than them and they are all classmates except for her. Anyway, Shuu asks her if that’s the only reason she came then Aoi remembers what she initialy came for. She tells everyone that she got a call from a publisher that her book is gonna be published. Everyone is happy for Aoi including Nanaka. Shuu and Sana noticed Nanaka acting strange. Shuu decides to ask Nanaka what’s wrong after school. School ends and Shuu tells Nanaka he wants to talk with her. Nanaka tells him to hurry up and speak but Shuu wants to talk with her outside of school. Nanaka tells him that Sana already invited her to go home… Ooh, I smell trouble 🙂 Sana then comes in and asks Nanaka to go now. Shuu asks if he could join them 😀 Nanaka and Sana reluctantly agrees >.> So as the 3 are walking Shuu asks why Nanaka acted strange lately. Sana is surprised that Shuu noticed it too. Nanaka tells them that Aoi seems to already have a set goal in that she wants to become a writer, this got her thinking about the future… She asks the two if they already have decided what career would they pursue and the two haven’t really thought about it. Shuu asks if Nanaka what about her? She answers she has nothing in mind either. She adds that she really doesn’t need to get one since she is destined to be working in the Yatsushiro shrine anyway. After that the 3 part their ways.

Shuu ponders at home about Nanaka, he thinks that Nanaka should search for her dream and not just do what she is destined to do. During school break he asks her to eat lunch at the roof top. Nanaka asks Shuu what he wants to say and Shuu tells him that she should seek her dream and that she shouldn’t just follow her destiny. Nanaka answers it’s easy to say that but she is indebted to her uncle and aunt for taking care of her. Shuu ponders some more and tells her that he’ll work for the shrine instead of her. Nanaka is surprised and angry, she tells him not to joke around but Shuu tells her he’s not joking. He’ll do what it takes to help Nanaka but she tells him to stop spouting nonsense. First of all, he doesn’t really know how to work at
the shrine but Shuu tells her that he’ll study and learn what to do. Nanaka has had enough of this talk and walks away.

Shuu again ponders, and asks himself what went wrong with their conversation. He just can’t seem to give up so he goes to the shrine and convince Nanaka again. There he spots Nanaka and Sana talking… Ooh, more trouble 🙂 He can’t make out what they are talking but he deduces it must be the same thing he and Nanaka were talking about during lunch break. He goes home feeling like he just wasted his time convincing her when Sana and Nanaka were already sorting this problem >.>

In school, Shuu approaches Nanaka again and she tells her that he need not worry about her problem at all since she has solved it already. Shuu thinks that Sana managed to solve Nanaka’s problem and asks Nanaka if he is that unreliable that she had to seek help from Sana. Sana says what’s going on and Shuu tells him that he saw the two of them talking at the shrine. Nanaka says it’s a misunderstanding but Shuu doesn’t buy it and goes home.

Shuu is in his room angsting. Shuri comes in and tells Shuu to stop moping around and apologize to Sana and Nanaka tomorrow. She tells him that he is making a big deal out of it and Shuu tells her how Nanaka and Sana were always together and that they have this deep bond for each other. Shuri outright tells him that if he loves Nanaka so much then he should go for it. Shuu says he isn’t in love with Nanaka and that he just wants to help Nanaka but she seems to prefer Sana’s help. Shuri tells him if he’s that worried over her then it is LOVE. Shuu finally understands his feelings and agrees with Shuri to apologize to Nanaka and Sana.

Before entering their classroom, Shuri tells Shuu to apologize properly and she’ll be watching him >.> Shuu has no choice(actually he has…) and so he apologizes to Sana and Nanaka. Everything is now normal and they eat lunch with everyone just like always. Hina again targets Shuu’s lunch and she notices Sana brought a lunch box. Shuu ponders if that was made by Nanaka but then he notices Nanaka’s lunch is different from Sana’s. If she made that lunch then shouldn’t they have the same set of food? He ponders some more thinking this was to throw him off… Lol, you’re paranoia is running wild Shuu 😆 Hina asks Sana if he made it. Sana reluctantly says no so Hina asks who made it. Sana says it’s Aoi. Everyone is surprised and Hina asks Sana if they are a couple? Sana is hesitant. Shuu ponders if Sana is really in love with Aoi since he was hesitating. If he was in love with Nanaka then wouldn’t he deny it outright? Lol, you’re thinking too much again Shuu 😆 Shuu then joins in the teasing and asks if Sana really likes Aoi. Sana says he doesn’t need to answer that… Shuu then asks him if he likes Nanaka… Awkward moment until Shuri breaks it up and makes Shuu apologize again. Lol, another apology from Shuu 😆

In Shuu’s room, he gets another sermon from Shuri who tells her what he did was too much. She understands that he likes Nanaka but he shouldn’t overdo it. Shuu decides that he needs to know what Sana feels… he’ll go to Sana’s place and ask him there.Morning comes and someone knocks on Shuu’s room. Shuu thinks it’s Shuri but surprise, surprise it’s Sana >.> Shuu tells Sana that he plans on going to Sana’s place today to talk about something. Sana says he’s thinking the same. He then tells Shuu that he finally noticed it. Shuu likes Nanaka and he apologizes for not realizing it until now. Shuu tells Sana that he shouldn’t be apologizing to him. Shuu then asks Sana who he likes… Aoi or Nanaka. Sana says it’s all a big misunderstanding, he doesn’t have any romantic feelings to either girls. Shuu doesn’t buy it and tells Sana that he knows that his bond with Nanaka was strong ever since their childhood days. Sana says his feelings have changed after 5 years and as he goes home he tells Shuu to take care of Nanaka for him. Shuu thinks Sana gave up because he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship and that Sana still likes Nanaka. Personally, I think Sana gave up because he was afraid of Shuu >.>

Now that Mr. Rival is gone Shuu is now free to confess to Nanaka 😆 He goes to the shrine to confess his love for Nanaka. Nanaka asks if Shuu has made amends with Sana and he tells her that their best buds again 😀 She is relieved to hear that and so Shuu tells her that he likes her and that he wants to help her. Nanaka says… sorry 😦 Shuu thinks it was inevitable. But wait! Nanaka adds she is still sorting out her feelings so he’ll have to wait for her answer. Shuu says he’ll wait and asks if it’s because of Sana. She tells Shuu no, she doesn’t have any feelings for Sana anymore in fact she returned the key chain Sana gave to her as a sign that their past relationship is over. Lucky Shuu! Just as he’s going back home happy, a police officer approaches them and asks if they saw any suspicious person around. Nanaka tells the police she didn’t. Shuu asks what’s up and the police tells him that they’ve been getting reports that the suspect of the fire incident 3 years ago was back in town. The two can’t believe what they heard and wonders why the man is rumored to have appeared recently.

After school, Shuu and Nanaka go to the observation deck for some reason that I have forgotten already >.> Anyway, they bumped into the suspect of the fire incident. Shuu gets headaches again and collapses. He finally remembers everything. 3 years ago Shuusuke was on his way home and he happened to see a suspiscious person walking around Nanaka’s house. At first he doesn’t mind it but then he has this gut feeling something bad is gonna happen so he makes a u-turn and head to Nanaka’s place. He was too late as Nanaka’s house is already on fire but he goes inside to rescue Nanaka. He finds Nanaka collapsed and carries her. I think there was no way to get down on the ground so Shuu and Nanaka jumped from the 2nd floor. Shuu used his own body to cushion Nanaka’s fall and in turn gets knocked out and brought to the hospital. When he finally opens his eyes, it was already 3 days after the fire incident. Nanaka is glad Shuu woke up and asks him about the incident. Shuu doesn’t seem to remember anything so Nanaka told him he got into a bike accident >.> Anyway, Shuu wakes up from his dream and tells Nanaka he remembers everything and that the guy they bumped into was the culprit. Nanaka can’t believe it but Shuu tells her it was definitely him. He badly wants to catch the guy but Nanaka tells him to leave it to the authorities. They
both went home after that. Shuu then tells Shuri he finally remembers everything. He is kinda angry why everyone lied to him o_0 Is it me or is his reaction of anger a bit too late since he was already told of this before? >.>

Anyway, Shuu visits Nanaka at the shrine and Nanaka tells Shuu she is scared… She tells him that he met the culprit in the train station and told her she should have died 3 years ago. Shuu is infuriated and wonders why the culprit wants Nanaka dead. He hugs her. Anyway, here is the deciding point for the good and bad end.

Bad End
Shuu decides to take matters on his own hands and tells Nanaka that he will capture the culprit. Nanaka tells him to stop since they don’t know what the guy might do to them. Shuu tells her not to worry since he knows kung-fu 😆 So Shuu starts patrolling the streets of Sakuranomori in hopes of finding the culprit. 3 days have past and no luck. He goes back to his room pondering where the culprit might be as he hears sirens outside. He looks at the window and sees some smoke in the area of the twin hills… Wait a minute, isn’t that where the shrine is? After Shuu notices it he goes to Nanaka’s place at full speed. The shrine is on fire and he was too late… Cue bad end. Cue epilogue. So the shrine was burned but luckily Nanaka’s aunt survived and her uncle was on a business trip during the fire incident BUT Nanaka… Well, the authorities didn’t find any trace of her not even her corpse. Shuu hopes that Nanaka is alive somewhere…

Good End
Shuu decides that he will protect Nanaka so he’ll be by her side all the time. So Shuu goes to the shrine every morning to pick her up and after school escorts her at home and during his free time helps with the shrine chores. People are mistaking them as couples. Oh right! We almost forgot that Nanaka hasn’t answered Shuu yet. Shuu ponders that this isn’t the right time to think about that. So days have past with no incident until one day they decided to go home late… they discover the shrine is on fire. And in front of it was the culprit… Shuu tells Nanaka to call the cops and fire fighters while he deals with the culprit. Nanaka says she doesn’t want to, Shuu tells her that it’s important that the shrine don’t burn down. She agrees and runs off. So Shuu grabs the guy but in return he is choked >.> As he slowly looses his consciousness, Nanaka clubs the culprits head with a fire extinguisher o_0 Shuu regains his breathe and tackles the culprit. He tells Nanaka to run away while he subdues the culprit but Nanaka says she wants to help and she tries to extinguish the flames in the shrine. 5 mins. have passed and the cavalry has arrived. Everything turned out fine, the shrine was saved and the culprit arrested. So why did the man burned Nanaka’s house? It turns out that the guy was living in Sakuranomori up until he was 10 years old. His family became a mess after that so he was forced to live in another place. He suffers some more and after several years he comes back to Sakuranomori and visits his house… only to find out it was demolished and replaced by Nanaka’s house >.> So he was like angry and set the house on fire. So why did he tried to burn the shrine? He blames God for all the misfortunes he has suffered so he burns his shrine, I think >.> So Shuu and Nanaka are doing their usual routine when Nanaka confesses to Shuu. She tells her she wants to be by his side and that she likes Shuu 🙂 Shuu is speechless and Nanaka misunderstands that as a no. Shuu tells her he’s happy she finally answered 😆 He tells her he loves her and that he will protect her and other mushy stuff. Cue in kissing scene. Cue good end, with Nanaka singing her ending theme. Cue epilogue. 2 years have passed and Nanaka and Shuu are still a couple. Nanaka has decided that she will work at the shrine but she is studying in a different college far away from Sakuranomori. Shuu is at the train station waiting for Nanaka to arrive. He ponders about their past and when Nanaka arrives he greets her a welcome back. The end.

Comments I was expecting more tension between Sana, Nanaka and Shuu… Would have been better if they duke it out like in Shuri’s route 😆 Like I said, I don’t buy Sana giving up so easily. He must have feared that Shuu might beat him up if they fought for Nanaka. Also, not enough action >.> What happened to Shuu’s kung-fu? He gets choked by a scrub while in Hina’s route he beats up a gang. Also, retarded requirement is retarded =.=


Alright! Sana x Nanaka is next! Expect the summary next week, at best I could post it by tomorrow evening and at worst I could post it next Saturday >.> I hope things turn out well for Sana x Nanaka since I went all the trouble finishing Shuu x Nanaka first and as fast as possible. I was planning on posting Sana x Nanaka but you know… the retarded requirement just prevented me from doing so. I think I saw at the end of the good end a confirmation that Sana x Nanaka was unlocked >.> Really hoping that will apply to my saved game so I don’t have the trouble of playing it from the very start =.= Wish me luck people 😀




  1. lol i thought you would be busy playing mugen no frontier so you didn’t come to the forums…

  2. @lordmaxim
    Actually, Mugen no Frontier isn’t playable at all(if you are using emu’s). I didn’t go to the forums because… well, lets just say I have a problem with the forums >.> Don’t worry I’ll visit from time to time…

  3. i’m using r4. updated the files and currently only lvl 17 >.> for all

  4. @lordmaxim
    R4? You using a real DS? Or is that an emulator? >.>

  5. real ds with a flash card for roms

  6. @lordmaxim
    I envy you >.> I want to play MnF badly but I can’t waste my money on a DS =.= Oh well, I’ll just enjoy my time with Sengoku Basara 2 and Kimikiss until Sengoku Basara X is out :\

  7. ahh, but i can’t play ps2 games :/ no machine/emu.

  8. @lordmaxim
    Heh, I guess we’re in the same boat only different brands lol.

    I just visited the forums yesterday and it’s still the same =.= Inform me when the forum gets interesting again >.>

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