Myself; Yourself PS2 game – gx and Sana x Nanaka route

June 3, 2008

First half
When Sana went to the Yatsushiro Shrine for the first time, he tried to have a conversation with her. Sana gets slapped after not recognizing Nanaka… serves him right πŸ˜€ Oh and she also tells him not to come back.

Sana tried to talk with Nanaka after his introduction as a transfer student by Yuzuki. As always, Nanaka was irritated at Sana.

During break time in school, Sana was asked by his classmates about life in the city. He responded that it wasn’t that good. Shuri seemed to like Sana’s answer. Meanwhile Sana went to the school grounds and found Nanaka standing frozen in fear as she stared at the burning garbage. He went to check if she was ok and she answered that she was just startled a little bit then told him to go away πŸ˜†

During Sana’s free time before going to school, he went to Nanaka’s place and discovered Nanaka singing and practicing her violin strokes. Nanaka noticed Sana and wondered why he was there when she told him not to come back. Sana apologized and wondered what she was doing. Nanaka told him not to bother her. Sana offered help but Nanaka refused his offer. She left Sana.

During lunch break Sana noticed Nanaka did not have any food to eat so he offered her some bread but Nanaka rejected and left Sana in the classroom.

When Shuu and Nanaka became class reps. Sana told Nanaka good luck w/ the student rep. duties. She then told him she doesn’t need Sana to tell him that.

During a rainy day Sana went to school early, Nanaka was already in the classroom reading a book. He stayed in the classroom and tried to talk with her. Sana commented about the rain and surprisingly Nanaka responded. Just as she was about to tell Sana something their classmates came in and greeted Sana. Aw, just when the two are getting close >.> With Sana distracted, Nanaka continued to read her book.

After school Sana tried to talk with Nanaka again but she said to leave her alone. The old Nanaka was a fake personality she created to decieve Sana and their friends. She told him that the real her is the current her. Sana said she’s lying but Nanaka just laughs at his feeble rebutal and left.

Shuri and Nanaka were looking for Nanaka’s key chain. Sana asked Nanaka what she was looking for. She said it’s nothing important but Shuri told Sana it’s really important. After Shuri found Nanaka’s retro looking keychain Nanaka thanks her and leaves the two behind.

Fortune telling time and I got Nanaka… just as planned >.>

Another time during lunch break Sana heard someone singing in the roof so he went up and discovered Nanaka singing. Nanaka’s Sana Sense tingled and she noticed Sana looking at her. She asked him if stalking is his hobby πŸ˜† Sana explained that he just happened to hear her singing and was curious so he took a peek >.> Then Sana asked what song she sang and Nanaka can’t believe he doesn’t know. She angrily left Sana in the roof.

When Sana visited the shrine, Nanaka wasn’t there so he went off for a walk. He suddenly remembered Nanaka’s home and decided to take a look. When he came to the place there was no house at all. He thought he might have mistaken the address but he confirmed that Nanaka’s house was located in that address. He had an uneasy feeling about it then he decided to go home. When he arrived at his place, Aoi was outside, he then remembered Nanaka’s place and thought of asking Aoi what happened to Nanaka’s house. He asked her about it and Aoi shows signs of uneasiness. Sana thought she might know something so he pressed on. Aoi revealed to Sana that Nanaka’s house was burned down 3 years ago and that she now lives with her uncle and aunt. She lost her parents during the fire incident and has been suffering ever since. Sana can’t believe at what he heard, he was speechless. Aoi added that she and Shuri couldn’t help Nanaka before and that she believed that the only person that could save Nanaka right now is Sana. She apologized to Sana for not telling him about it but Sana said he didn’t mind. He then ran off. Cue end of 1st half. Cue 2nd OP.

Second half
Sana ran as fast as he can until he reached the shrine. There he told Nanaka that he was sorry but then she asked him if he remembered their promise. Sana said no so Nanaka left him. He was pretty confused at Nanaka’s reaction and tried his best to remember what the promise was but nothing came up so he went home. Aoi was still outside waiting for Sana. Sana told her he has failed his mission. Aoi told him not to blame himself since all of them weren’t successful anyway. Sana told her he won’t give up and Aoi offered her smile to him. After that, they went inside their homes.

So Sana was in his room pondering what that promise was, he then searches his stuff for some clues. He managed to find a key chain similar to the one Nanaka was searching for the other day. He then thought Nanaka must have lost it again but then he remembered that the keychain was his afterall. It was 5 years ago when little Nanaka invited little Sana to a place near the shrine. She then presents the Mailbox/Post (the same one in the anime) and told him that they should exchange letters and gifts in it. Sana agreed and Nanaka told him to keep this a secret. Sana promised to keep this a secret and then told Nanaka that they should lock up the Mailbox/Post so that only they can access it. He gave her the keychain with the key and then showed her the matching pair. So Sana finally remembered the Mailbox/Post so he ran off to get some clues on the promise Nanaka mentioned. He opened the Mailbox/Post and found letters. He opened a letter and read it. The contents were about Nanaka asking for help after the fire incident (not as creepy as the anime since it was written normally). Sana then remembered that he promised to Nanaka that he will protect her when she needs him, blah, blah. He’s frustated to learn about the truth and shouts in anger.

Sana is in school pondering about the Post when he remembered the time Nanaka went missing. It was 5 years ago when Nanaka’s mom called Sana’s mom and asked if she knew where Nanaka was. Nanaka hasn’t come home yet and it was almost 6pm. She usually gets home earlier. Sana’s mom asked Sana if he knew where Nanaka went. When Sana heard this he went off to search for Nanaka. He went to the Mailbox/Post to search for her. She wasn’t there so Sana went to another place. Near the Post/Mailbox place he hears some strange sound in the manhole. Upon getting closer the sound turned into a song. Nanaka was trapped inside the hole and Sana told her that he’ll save her. He gets some rope and used that to pull her out of the hole. Nanaka was so relieved that Sana saved her. She shouted for help for how many hours and cried until finally she got tired and just sang a song. Sana noticed that she hurt her left foot so he offered her a piggyback ride to home.

Another time in school, Sana gets another flashback. It was at the time he moved to Tokyo. Like in the anime he didn’t fit in with the city kids. He became more and more depressed during his life in Tokyo to which his personality changed and his memories of Sakuranomori forgotten.

Sana goes to the shrine again to apologize to Nanaka. Nanaka as always, doesn’t want to see Sana. She told him not to bother her again. Sana then showed her the letter but she still went off.

A weird scenario just come up, Hina showed up and is introduced as Sana and Shuu’s classmate o_0 This is weird since Hina usually transfers at the first half of the game and not the second half >.>

So Sana is in class and he still wanted to talk with Nanaka despite being told many times not to bother her. So he goes to the library in search of her. No sign of Nanaka and Sana bumped into Shuri. Shuri offered Sana her help. Sana was surprised Shuri wanted to help him. It turned out that Shuri misunderstood Sana, she thought he had changed but she learned that Sana was still the old Sana that she knew. How convenient… Anyway, She asked him what he was looking for so Sana said he was looking for Nanaka. Shuri told him that Nanaka was in the roof so Sana thanked Shuri and went up to the roof. Like always Nanaka doesn’t want to see Sana and told him to go away. Sana went back to class and after school he met with Shuri down the
road. He told her that he failed to apologize. Shuri told Sana that maybe her problem has got to do with the time capsule. So 5 years ago Nanaka and Sana buried their time capsule near the shrine and that they should open it when they turn 18 or something >.> Sana escorted Shuri to her home. Sana thanked Shuri for the clue and Shuri in turn apologized for the mean things she did to him >.> She also told Sana not to tell the fire incident to Shuu… Sana said goodbye to Shuri and went back home.

Sana goes to the shrine to look for the time capsule. He dug furiously even though his hands were cut. He finally found the time capsule and opened the box. He found two letters and read the one written by Nanaka. Nanaka’s letter to Sana revealed that Sana composed the song that Nanaka sang in the school rooftop. So they promised to be successful at what they do. Sana being a composer and Nanaka being a violinist. BTW Sana is actually good at playing the piano. If Nanaka fails to be a violinist then Sana would have to marry her as it is his responsibility or whatever. After reading the letter Nanaka showed up and Sana again apologizes =.= As always, Nanaka doesn’t want to see Sana and so she left… But then she came back with some self aid kit. She tended Sana’s wounds in the hand and told him that if he wasn’t careful then he might die due to the
wound getting infected with some of the poisonous plant life there o_0 After that, Sana then tried to convince Nanaka to play the violin and even showed her some key he found in the time capsule. Nanaka then whipped out a violin case and used that key to open it. Inside was a broken violin… Hmmm, broken violin… where have I seen this before? Bonjour? Bo-n-jour? >.> The violin broke during the fire incident BTW so she hasn’t touched a violin since then. She then told Sana to throw the violin away since she doesn’t need it anymore.

During lunch break Sana plans on getting back on his musical route so he decided to go the music room. There, he found Nanaka practicing violin strokes. For once he didn’t got caught peeping >.>

Sana then tried to convince Nanaka again to play the piano but Nanaka seemed to avoid him so he visited her at night at the shrine. Nanaka asked if Sana threw away the violin but Sana asked if she could play the violin once more. She said she doesn’t want to, besides she will be taking care of the shrine when the time comes. As Sana is about to leave a little girl suddenly appeared and asked for Nanaka’s help. The girl’s mother is gonna have an operation and she wanted Nanaka to pray for her mother. Suddenly, Asami appeared and it turned out that the little girl is Asami’s student in the place where she did volunteer work. Nanaka told the girl to do it herself… Asami is pissed at Nanaka for saying that and Sana tried to calm her
down. Nanaka asked the girl why she wanted Nanaka to pray for her mother. Nanaka said that it’s best that the daughter should pray for her mother not some other people. She then asked the girl if she loves her mother, the girl answered yes and Nanaka told the girl that God would definitely answer her prayers. Nanaka offered to girl to pray with her in the shrine. Asami was surprised at Nanaka’s answer and apologized for her behaviour >.> So after Nanaka, Asami and the little girl they went home.

Aoi invited everyone to go to the roof because she had something to announce. Everyone met at the roof and Aoi announced that the publisher was going to publish Aoi’s book. Like in Shuu’s route Nanaka acted strange. Sana guessed it must be that Nanaka still wanted to be a violinist despite the fact that she would be taking charge of the shrine as an exchange for her uncle/aunt for taking care of her.

So Sana went to the shrine to convince Nanaka to pursue her dream. Nanaka refused and suddenly, Hina appeared 0_o She brought an injured crow with her. She said some kids were bullying it so she rescued it. She didn’t knew what to do so she asked for Sana and Nanaka’s help. Sana tells Hina not to worry but he himself doesn’t know what to do >.> Nanaka took a look at the crow and said it was injured but it will recover. So the three of them went to a vet to treat the injured crow. After that, Hina thanks Sana and Nanaka for their help. Nanaka commented she is just like that Crow from Greek Mythology.

In school, Sana ponders about the Crow from Greek Mythology Nanaka mentioned so he went to the computer room to research. He met Yuzuki there who was also researching something. Sana then researches in the internet (he does have PC but has no internet connection and he wanted to research at Shuu’s place but figured the Wakatsuki’s don’t have PCs either because those siblings are technophobic or something >.>) So it turned out that in Greek Mythology, the Crow was originally white and can speak the language of humans. One day the Crow saw Coronis (one of Apollo’s liaisons) having an affair with another man so
the Crow informed Apollo of it. Apollo didn’t believed what the Crow said so he punished it by turning it’s color to black (he also did this to all of the crows… what a dick >.>). Upon learning the truth Apollo sent his sister, Artemis, to kill Coronis. After that he made the crow sacred and gave them the task of announcing important deaths(this was taken from wiki BTW) Other than superficial similarities (little Nanaka associated with the white color and current Nanaka associated with the black color) I can’t see anything else that would be similar >.> Well, it was kinda interesting and added some interesting point to Nanaka’s character >.>

So Sana bumped into Asami during lunch break and he was invited to help her out with the volunteer work. She informed Sana that they will be holding a mini concert. An idea sparked in Sana’s mind so he agreed to help Asami. So he goes to Ayame Garden (the place where Asami works) and he helped with the physical chores. He met the leader of the musical group who will be performing tomorrow and asked the leader if he could help his friends who was a violinist. So basically Sana wants Nanaka to perform in that concert. The leader is ok with it so Sana deviced a plan to bring Nanaka in this place.

Sana and Nanaka went to Ayame Garden upon the invitation of Asami who told Nanaka that the little girl wanted to see Nanaka and thank her personally for praying with her for her mother’s operation. When they arrived, Asami welcomed them and told them to wait for a minute as she gets the little girl. Nanaka noticed the poster of the mini concert and Sana asked her if she would like to watch it. Nanaka said that since they came all the way from here then they might as well watch it Just as planned, Sana πŸ™‚ So the little girl arrived and thanked Nanaka while Asami asked Sana to help out with the preparations of the mini concert. The two left Nanaka and the little girl. After preparations were done, Sana and Nanaka all join the children in watching the mini concert. During a break the leader of the music group approached Sana and asked if Nanaka was the one he mentioned before. He asked Nanaka to play with them since Sana asked him. Nanaka doesn’t know what was going on and Sana explained everything. Nanaka was furious Sana tricked her into coming here >.> She told the leader that she doesn’t play the violin anymore and that she wouldn’t join. The leader asked her if she liked playing the violin, Nanaka was stunned for a moment and then the little girl overheard their conversation and asked if Nanaka were really playing the violin. The girl said she would like to hear Nanaka play the violin because she too wants to be a violinist. Nanaka was still stubborn and told Sana he did some unnecesary things. Asami has had enough of Nanaka’s stubborness and told her that what Sana did was not unnecessary. She told her she was lucky that Sana cared enough for her to help with the preparations of the mini concert, convince the leader to have Nanaka join them and bring her to this place. I guess Asami was really jealous with how Sana really cares for Nanaka while she herself doesn’t recieve any love(see her route for details) ;_; Nanaka changes her mind and told them she wasn’t sure if she could play the violin well enough. So anyway, Nanaka played the violin and everyone was surprised at how good she played even though she said she hasn’t touched a violin for 3 years now =.= After the concert ends everyone praised at how good Nanaka was >.> Asami apologized to Nanaka for what she said earlier. The little girl was inspired by Nanaka so she will practice the violin everyday and be like Nanaka. The leader told Nanaka that she could visit this place anytime and join them play.

Sana escorted Nanaka to her home and Nanaka thanked him. They said their goodbyes and Sana left the shrine. As he was walking home, Nanaka’s uncle called him. Sana didn’t recognized the uncle but the uncle introduced himself anyway. He said that he wanted to talk to Sana for a minute. Sana agreed and asked what does he want to talk about. The uncle said he wanted to help Nanaka and he doesn’t know what to do so he asked for Sana’s help since he thought that Sana would be the best guy to help Nanaka. So Sana told the uncle that Nanaka wanted to play the violin but she is forced to quit it since she will be taking care of the shrine in return for her uncle taking care of her. The uncle said he doesn’t want Nanaka to take care of the
shrine, in fact, he wanted her to pursue her dreams. Sana is relieved to hear that and told the uncle he has a plan for Nanaka. The uncle thanked Sana and bid his farewell. Sana is in his room pondering about what happened lately. Problem no. 1 w/c was Nanaka taking care of the shrine is now solved thanks to Nanaka’s uncle. Problem no. 2 is Nanaka won’t touch any violin other than hers. Obviously, Sana can’t fix the violin by himself and he doesn’t know if there is a store that can fix it.

During class, Shuu noticed Sana was in deep thought. He asked Sana what was the problem and Sana answered it was nothing. When lunch time arrived, Shuu invited Sana to eat at the roof top. So Shuu asked Sana again what was his problem. Sana answered it was Nanaka… Shuu gave out a sigh and he knew that was his problem. So Shuu and Sana discussed on how to fix Nanaka’s broken violin. Shuu told Sana that he will find a store that could fix it, Sana thanked Shuu for his help.

After a few days, Shuu told Sana that he found a store that could fix it. Sana is relieved and asked for the address. He went to the shop and showed the store owner Nanaka’s violin. He asked if it could be fixed and the store owner said it’s possible… Sana was happy to hear that but the store owner said Sana couldn’t possibly afford the repair fees >.> It turned out that Nanaka’s violin was Italian and was a hundred years old o_0 Sana asked how much it would cost and the store owner showed computed it and showed to Sana. The game doesn’t mention how much but I bet it’s stupidly expensive >.>

Sana is in class pondering how he could get that amount of money to repair Nanaka’s violin. Shuri approached Sana and told him she would help him. Sana is surprised Shuri knew about his problem and asked if Shuu spilled the beans. Yep, Shuu can’t keep his mouth shut so he told Shuri about Nanaka’s violin. Shuri told Nanaka that she would ask her friends and everyone else for money so they could pay for the repair fee. Sana thanked Shuri and remembered that his song wasn’t finished yet(the one Nanaka was singing on the roof), another problem for Sana to figure >.> Sana was about to head to the music room when
Asami approached him and said she would like to help Sana. Sana was surprised Asami wanted to help Nanaka. She said it was payback for the many times she was mean to her >.> Sana asked how did she knew and well, Shuu told her >.> Shuu really can’t keep his mouth shut πŸ˜† Sana thanked Asami and heads off to the music room.

So Sana started working on his song and also did a part time job in the market. Days have passed and he can’t seem to finish the song. Yuzuki appeared and offered her help to Sana. So now we got Yuzuki helping Sana finish his song as well as the rest of the people gathering money for the repair fees. Also, Asami gave Sana some fan letters for Nanaka. The kids were all inspired with Nanaka’s violin playing so they wanted to show their appreciation by writing letters. Sana told Asami that he will deliver this to Nanaka and thanked her. Sana went to the shrine and told Nanaka she has fans πŸ˜† Nanaka didn’t want to read it so Sana opened the letters and read it. Sana once again told Nanaka he wanted Nanaka to pursue her dreams. Nanaka
again told him she can’t since she will take care of the shrine plus she won’t touch any violin except the broken one >.> Sana told her that he will take care of everything. Nanaka was slightly pissed when she heard that but Sana told her to believe in him.

After a week has passed Shuri gave Sana the money she amassed from all the people she asked. Asami also gave Sana some money and I think Sana already completed his song thanks to Yuzuki’s help. Sana received his pay for his work in the market. In his room Sana counted the amount of money he had and well, it was still not enough. After all the things that happened we finally get to the final decision point.

Bad End
Sana decided to give up repairing the violin since it’s impossible to get that amount of money. He returned all the money he got to Shuri and Asami and thanked them for helping him but alas it was really an impossible task after all. With nothing to present to Nanaka, Sana told her what he was up to and he said that everyone cared for Nanaka and that she shouldn’t give up her dream. Nanaka answered it’s too late now, she can’t pursue her dream anymore. She asked Sana to give up on her and told him not to bother her anymore. Sana went home all depressed. A few days have passed and Nanaka completely avoided Sana
everytime. Sana still doesn’t want to give up and when he finally caught Nanaka he tried once again to convince her. Nanaka just straight up ignored Sana and continued to walk home. Sana followed her and by the time he caught up with her again rain starts to fall. He tried again to convince Nanaka but she said it’s too late now and she can’t revert back to her old self. Sana was a mess and desperately tried to cling to Nanaka. Nanaka noticed Sana was crying but she didn’t cared at all. She left Sana in the rain… Cue bad end. Cue epilogue. 2 years have passed and Sana, Shuu, Shuri and Hina are all gonna graduate high school. This was their last day as classmates. They all joke around for a bit when Sana spots Nanaka from far away. He
looks at her and says “goodbye” to her. The End.

Good End
Sana decided that he should look for other ways to get money… How about robbing a bank? πŸ˜† A knock from his door came in and Sana doesn’t open the door. Again, the knocking continued and Sana thought it couldn’t be Aoi or Shuu so he decided to open it and it turned out it was Nanaka’s uncle. So the uncle has heard rumors of Sana raising money to repair Nanaka’s violin and offered his help. Nanaka’s uncle said he got some money from Nanaka’s parents(insurance from her parents death or her inheritance? I don’t know >.>) and he’s willing to use that to repair Nanaka’s violin. So the last problem is solved!

Sana invited Nanaka to come with him because he wanted to talk to her about something. He took her to the lone cherry blossom tree near their school. Nanaka asked what does Sana want to talk about and Sana told her to look at the tree. She saw Shuu, Shuri, Hina, Aoi, Yuzuki, Asami, her uncle and aunt standing there. She was surprised why everyone was there and Sana told her the surprise is yet to come. Sana gave Nanaka her newly repaired violin. Nanaka can’t believe it and Sana told her to play the violin. He handed her his completed composition and said to play that song he finished. Nanaka cried and hugged Sana for a little while before playing the violin. After that everyone congratulates Nanaka. Cue good end with Nanaka singing Myself; Yourself. Cue epilogue. Just like in the anime Nanaka played Myself; Yourself in her debut concert and Sana congratulated her. The end.


So… the most hyped couple of the series gets what? A lackluster ending like the anime!? Good grief, Sana had to go through all that crap to get Nanaka and he didn’t get to kiss her? WTH, I wan’t my wasted hours back! This route is the 2nd worst route for me… it was the longest, most repetitive(Sana goes to shrine > talks to Nanaka > Nanaka tells her to go away > rinse and repeat) and had the most lackluster ending. Not to mention, the violin repairing plot was similar in Ichinose Kotomi’s route(from Clannad). Not that I believe Clannad started this but I just want to mention it >.> I wouldn’t mind if I get to do all those work for Kotomi… Wait, I’m drifting away. Sorry >.> Anyway, finally finished everything! Congrats to me for reading 30,000+ lines and completing every CG event!!! πŸ˜€ Now I can delete the saved game file in my memory card and use that free space for Kimikiss…


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