SHUFFLE! Memories OVA – Extra Chapter OUT!!!

June 9, 2008

To those who are waiting for this special to be fansubbed rejoice because it’s finally here! This is the first OVA of the SHUFFLE! Series and also the last. You really don’t need to watch the series to understand this OVA because it’s more on fanservice but we strongly encourage you to watch the TV series or SHUFFLE! Memories or play the H-game where the show originated not only to know each character but also watch a good romantic series. Kaede FTW!!!


SHUFFLE! Memories OVA – Extra Chapter (h.264 + softsubs)
SHUFFLE! Memories OVA – Extra Chapter (XviD + hardsubs)

Direct Download (Megaupload):

SHUFFLE! Memories OVA – Extra Chapter (h.264 + softsubs)
SHUFFLE! Memories OVA – Extra Chapter (XviD + hardsubs)

The original DVD release of the OVA includes a commentary audio track featuring the voice actors of the series. We didn’t include this in the softsub release but if you really want it, you can get it here:

Direct Download (Mediafire):

SHUFFLE! Memories OVA – Extra Chapter Commentary Track (AC3)

Regarding playback of the h.264 + softsub release, SHiN-gx Fansubs highly recommends you use the Combined Community Codec Pack. This pack solves your every playback problems. Please DO NOT USE the VLC Player because the subtitles will not display correctly, making playback messy with unwanted text display.

Thank you and please seed as much as possible and enjoy this nice release!
The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs


To those who are using our softsubs and translate it to your native language and distribute it under the name of your group, we would appreciate it if you at least asked for our permission first and credit SHiN-gx Fansubs as the orginal source of the subs.



  1. “Kaede FTW!!!”


  2. Not to rain on your parade, but this was subbed a long LONG time ago. I even saw it. Hell, i have it on my hard drive(somewhere).

    Size: 97.33MiB | Date: Thu Mar 29 2007 21:06 GMT | Comment: The Ayako Crew – Shuffle! Memories – 12 Final – Extra Chapter – #Ayako @ Rizon.​ – h**p://ayako.​nekoxxl.​com

  3. This should be Shuffle! Memories Episode 12 right. The only episode that is original whilst the others are just recap episodes.

  4. @onizukaa:

    Oh. Seriously we didn’t noticed that.

  5. @ZeroYuki:

    Yes, this is episode 12 of SHUFFLE! Memories.

  6. I have two responses to that.

    The first one if youre being sarcastic and the second one if youre being serious.

    1. Well, i was gonna put some degrading comment here, with lots of “facts” and whatnot, but it got tl;dr, so i shortened it to this “You need to learn how to search the internet better”

    2. Wow. Just…. Wow…..

  7. @onizukaa:

    lol. Just pulling your leg. We already know Ayako released the episode.

  8. i hope you plan on subbing the other 11 episode re-caps of memories 🙂 even though ayako subbed it already i like your subtitles more!!!

  9. @josh:

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we won’t be fansubbing the rest. We already had our sights set on a couple of shows this July so we’re preparing for it. =)

  10. another yes on “Kaede FTW!!!”

  11. i noticed your having trouble with people translating your softsubs to there native language. um why don’t you hardsub your mkv files is the solution to that problem xd!

  12. @josh:

    Hardsubbing looses the whole point in using MKV and it is completely unavoidable that our softsubs will be used by other parties once the subs are released to the Internet. And yeah, like we said, it would be nice to at least ask for our permission and credit us as the original source of the subs. =)

  13. where are the soft subs?
    I may want to transelate them to Norwegian…

  14. @Janno BuzzBazz:

    As usual, we don’t release the actual subtitle file alone. If you’re from a Norwegian fansub group, I’m very sure your encoder can extract the subtitles from our MKV releases.

  15. true but if it gets too outta hand your going to have too eventuly hardsub mkv files in the near future 😛

  16. ok. well, no. I haven’t heard too mush from ANY Norwegian fansubs, and I usually do stuff on my own, unless I know of someone that can help me. But I’m not in any groups. I like to go for quality over quantity. So, less means better(often)^_^

  17. muy bueno el ova, exelent_!!!
    very good ova, exelent_!

    pero, esta traduciodo al español?
    but, this translated into Spanish?

    si esque lo tienes me podrias contacta, o sino,
    if you have esque may contact me, or else,

    si lo tienes sin subtitulos para yo traducirlo.
    if you have no subtitles to translate it myself.


  18. hmmm. i just failed, because i went right down to the download links and started downloading the hardsub from megaupload, only to read the comments and find out that this was indeed ep. 12 and that i had just downloaded it not 7.43 minutes ago… also, i happen to be downloading all the episodes via arigatou’s torrent release in english, so this exercise was completely pointless either way…

    by the way, i think the best quote in the series is in this episode. “How many players?” I’ll let you figure out who said that.

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