Candy Boy 2 RAW OUT and looking for a TLC.

June 21, 2008

Want Candy Boy 2 raw? Here you go! Direct rip from Nico Nico Channel and in FLV format. Just drop it to your MPC or Zoomplayer and enjoy!


Candy Boy 2 RAW

Direct Download (Mediafire):

Candy Boy 2 RAW

Also, we are still recruiting a TLC for Candy Boy. Our newly recruited TLC haven’t returned our mails so we assume he’s currently busy. We need a Translation Checker with experience to help our Translator check for errors and speed up the translations.

If you’re interested, please leave a message or mail us at


Thank you and good day,

SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. finally!! I’ve been waiting for this to come out,hope you sub it soon =)

  2. hey shin o: you still around? I can probably help you

  3. @sho:

    Hey sho! 😀 Congrats on releasing Okawari.

    Yeah, we really need help on CB2. We already finished the script but there are 20+ untranslated. =(

  4. tweak-dats beat you in subbing this 😦 the first 2 episodes of cany boy just thought i let you know shingx

  5. didn’t know that someone else subbed this,thnx for the hint,anyway I’d like to have a shin gx release =)

  6. Froth-Bite also do. Search your anidb properly senci.

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