Looking for a TL/TLC and QC

July 3, 2008

Well, you guessed it. We ran on to a brick wall, again. First and foremost, we apologize to Faito for our screw up on the trailer. ;_;

We are looking for a TL/TLC (Translator/Translation Checker) and QC (Quality Checker) for Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~, Candy Boy and an upcoming slice-of-life comedy OVA this July. These are the requirements and conditions needed for you to join our lil group.


– Knows how to speak and read Japanese.
– Experience is required but not necessary.
– Able to download his/her own RAWs.

Quality Checker:

– Good in English.
– Has experience in Quality Checking.
– Able to download his/her own RAWs.

Please be reminded that SHiN-gx Fansubs runs very differently from other groups and it may discourage you from joining us. We don’t have an IRC channel and we maintain contact thru gmail and Yahoo! Messenger. As you may have noticed from our recent releases, we don’t use Japanese honorifics or leave Japanese words untranslated. We translate everything Japanese to English except for the character names, places, things and events. We don’t take things literally and we may modify the script so that it may sound natural in an English convsersation. Of course, we your consent first before changing the script.

If you’re OK with these conditions or if you want to ask more questions, please send me your resume or questions to shin.gx.fansubs@gmail.com

Thank you and have a nice day,



  1. I can do the QC, but… I don’t quite get what you want with
    – Able to download his/her own RAWs.
    Would you care to explane a bit mor on that?

  2. @Janno BuzzBazz
    Download your own RAWs meaning you download the untranslated (clean) version of the episode. We will just send you the script and you use the RAW you downloaded for QC. You can’t QC without the video, right? And besides, we don’t have a dedicated server to put those files. =(

  3. ok… but if I need a link to the raw? you’d help me, right? or no…

  4. @Janno BuzzBazz

    Of course we’ll help you provide the RAW if you can’t find it. You’re in a group and it’s natural to help each member. =)

    If you can’t find it, just ask and we’ll give it to you. =)

  5. Would you be so kind to also inform the rest of the horny bunch were to get the raw when the time comes?

  6. @Jo

    You use the software Share or WiNNY to download those files. There are random sources but I doubt the availability.

  7. Thanks 🙂

  8. Well then:P If the there is no problem I would more than likly try for the job as a QC.

  9. @Janno BuzzBazz

    Then welcome aboard! I will email you important stuff later. We are not subbing anything at the moment so if something comes up, we’ll contact you. 😀

  10. No problem:P Just mark the e-mail with “SHiN-gx” or somthing simmilar unique, my mail gets flooded with spam now and then:( Last mail it got from you ended up in the spamfilter bin;( (I usually go over that stuff anyways just incase:)

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