Myself; Yourself DVD Special is OUT!!!

July 21, 2008

This is a DVD special from the Myself; Yourself anime featuring the full version of Tears Infection by KAORI. This is a music video by the way and to those who felt like they were ripped off by the show’s OP may rejoice. I can’t tell you what’s inside the special, you have to find out yourself and I guarantee this one will put a smile to your face. =) This release is completely softsubbed so if you don’t like watching the video with subtitles, you can turn it off.

But wait a minute! What is this FLAC and how do I get my machine to play it? FLAC means Free Audio Lossless Codec and to know more about it, I suggest you consult the wiki. To play the video together with FLAC, you need to install CCCP. Our releases are designed to be played using the mentioned codec pack so better update your codecs!


Myself; Yourself DVD Special (h.264+softsubs)

DDL (Megaupload):

Myself; Yourself DVD Special (h.264+softsubs) *new*

EDIT: Sorry for noticing it just now. Thanks for pointing it out, guys. The megaupload link contains a file named “[SHiN-gx] Mysel”. I dunno what happened… MU messed up the filename, I guess. To play the video, rename it to [SHiN-gx] Myself; Yourself – Tears Infection – Full Version [DVD][704×480 AR h.264 FLAC][CDC44BA2].mkv Don’t forget to add .mkv at the end.

Oh yeah, look at Hoshino’s face. Gotta love that closet Lez. XD

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as possible!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Thanks, dude. Good job.

    About Flac format, you can play it using K-lite mega codec pack too.

  2. Thanks, I’ll be getting this one.

  3. i am not sure what happened, but the torrent didnt start automatically…., and it doesnt seem like a torrent file…

  4. @mountain troll

    The link is working. Try right-click and save as… and then open it.

  5. Thanks for the release. Can someone please upload the torrent to an alternate tracker since Anirena doesn’t work for me or any of my friends in the UAE.

  6. @inter4ever

    You’re welcome and we are not changing trackers because it’s a hassle so your option is to use DDL (Megaupload). Link will be available soon.

  7. Thanks for this…

    Also do you guys have an IRC channel?

  8. @Ichigo69

    Unfortunately, no. The staff is too busy with other stuff and we don’t have spare time to manage a channel. =(

  9. Thanks for the Myself;Yourself DVD special!
    You might want to let people know, that they will need to add the .mkv extension to the file name. The MU link has half the filename missing, including the file extension – so the file downloads as an unrecognisable format. But adding the .mkv extension to the file makes it work alright.

    The sound has a bit of static, and sounds like you are listening to it through cheap speakers though – don’t know if it’s just me (I am using the latest CCCP)

    Anyway, thanks again!

  10. I am keep getting this message saying unknown file type… any help would be grateful

  11. @ mountain troll
    Rename the file you downloaded from megaupload to “[SHiN-gx] Myself; Yourself – Tears Infection – Full Version [DVD][704×480 AR h.264 FLAC][CDC44BA2].mkv” and it will work.

  12. thank you

  13. nice!! hey guys do you think there would be a 2nd season? i hope its about the future though that’ll be a complete different genre

  14. hey guys i think theres something wrong with the sound… just as M11 says, it does have a bit of static sounds… quality is good, but sound needs to be fixed.. maybe ripping problem, I’m using the 2nd latest CCCP

  15. @M11 and Cheah:

    That is strange. The staff and I aren’t experiencing static sounds. The FLAC audio came from LonE and I didn’t converted it in any way. Also, I can’t seem to emulate this static phenomenon. I will look into it more deeper so for now, try uninstalling and reinstalling CCCP. I hope that works.


    I don’t think there’s a second season of Myself; Yourself, sorry.

  16. To some people: if you still couldn’t plat it after changing to .mkv file. Then download the dcl plugin for windows media player here:

    Thanks SHIN-gx

  17. Hi there, the Megaupload link is not working. can someone please reupload this. I had this be4 my old computer crashed and now want to watch it again.


  18. Megaupload link did die and torrent no seed,…what’s happened?

  19. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5D66WO0M
    Megaupload link

  20. Karaoke FX version, effected by me


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