Candy Boy EX 01 is OUT!!!

August 28, 2008

Don’t ask.

And… *drum rolls* … Here is Candy Boy EX 01!!! This is an extra episode or a prequel episode of Candy Boy. There’s no actual plot going on (has there ever been one? Kidding!) and it’s all about the girls’ uh… You’ll know once you watch it. The only thing I can tell you is the episode is so damn adorable and I just noticed that one snap of the fingers and sparkling eyes, Kana will obey Yuki’s every wish. Haha! Hmm… I’m beginning to see a similarity between Yuki and Shinobu…


See DDL Page for updated version of the episode

This is not the only one we’re releasing. 2 Music Videos that was also included in the DVD will be out soon with translated lyrics and FLAC audio! “Soon” might be a little longer because our encoder, an obsessive fanboi to a purple-twin-tailed tsundere who happens to claim as his “waifu” is lazy at the moment. And we apologize for the not-so-good video quality even though the source is DVD. The quality is not overly bad though and we assure you that the overall quality is passable.

Anyways, enjoy this cute release!

– The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs


I’m looking for a very well translated script of Seto no Hanayome episode 18, in English of course. I’m going to use it and make a personal fansub out of episode 18. Why episode 18? Let’s just say, it’s filled with “Lilies”. If you have one please send it to me. And oh yeah, upload rate for today’s release is still slow. Sorry. ;_;

– SHiN


I forgot to add that this release contains 2 subtitle tracks. The second subtitle track contains a TL note about the 3LDK and 2LDK.



  1. This one is strangely addictive. Guilty pleasure series of the year.

  2. thank for this and hurry upload dll, i want it~

  3. You guys rock for picking up these great shows. Thank you so much.

  4. Wow!
    Thanks so much for this extra episode of Candy Boy!
    I really can’t understand what they’re mumbling about so it’s a great help that you subbed this!
    We’ll wait for those music videos that you’ll release soon…
    Are there any raws of those 2 music videos somewhere?
    I wanna have the raws too!

  5. @bluezodiac:

    There are no raws for the music videos if I recall correctly. The raws we are using are personally ripped from the DVD we have so we are the only ones who have them.

  6. Thnx 4 EX episode, I even didn’t notice it was released. Don’t U know when the 3.ep is comming out?

  7. @pizdapizdu

    Episode will be on September, I hope. We really are not sure. We just simply wait for the website to give their announcement.

  8. Uwa? But I have the Raws too, and I certainly don’t have a DVD >>; Lemme see if I can dig up the link…


    That oughtta do it^^ just toss that into your download manager (I use FlashGet) and it should work dandy for getting the Raws :3 You also get three .mp3 files; 恋のカタチ.mp3 (Koi no Katachi, or The Shape of Love), romance.mp3, and Bring up…LOVE.mp3^^

    Incidentally, I only learned of this torrent’s existence from Akayuki’s blog, akayuuki.blogspot.com^^ She does updates on this sort of thing.

    Hope I helped!

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