Candy Boy – Koi no KATACHI Music Video is OUT!!!

September 3, 2008

If you can’t read it, that’s fine.
If you can read it, that’s what the Kanji said!

After we severely beaten our encoder, we’re finally able to bring this release online. Sorry for the long delay. We did say a few hours but it ended up in a few days. One of the reasons is that we gave the wrong lyrics to the TL and yes, our encoder is being lazy as usual.

The format is still the same, softsubs with FLAC and sorry but we are not going to release a hardsub version of the music videos. Too many reasons better left unexplained, please understand. If it’s playback the problem, don’t worry. Just use our recommended codec pack or similar and these files will play properly.

Anyway, title of the song is Koi no KATACHI or (SHAPE of Love) by KΛNΛ and this is the ending theme of Candy Boy episode 01. To those who watched the first music video, you won’t be expecting something… uh… musn’t spoil the rest. =)

See DDL Page for updated version of the episode

AND… We are still looking for talented translators for Candy Boy, Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (DVD version) and other possible new projects this fall. Interested? Leave us a message!

Thank you for downloading our releases and have a nice day!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs


Our encoder is still alive… We think…



  1. Hurrah^___^ This is one of my favorite songs >U<

  2. Thank you for this release, SHiN-gx!

  3. Thnx a lot…

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