Regarding Candy Boy 01

September 4, 2008

It seems our old torrent release, Candy Boy Episode 01 – The Two’s Distance is active again. We deliberately made the torrent die because, admittedly, the fansub was not very good. It was mainly my fault for not consulting the editor and no TLC to check the script. So to the folks who already downloaded them, we deeply apologize for the lack of effort in fansubbing it.

How come we never made another better version? The answer is simple, we’re going to release episode 01 when the DVD version is out. The DVD may take a while to release but we assure you, the DVD version will contain better subs and translations.

Oh, and here’s a Kagami~n for the trouble.

Thank you and good day,




  1. *waits patiently for the superior release*

  2. Well it wasn’t that bad, but I do look forward to seeing it redone.
    Also are you saying that you will have a new version when the series is put on to DVD or that you’ll make a new one for a DVD you are going to make?

  3. @Deathcat:

    It’s basically both. We’re refining the original script and translate the extra scenes in the DVD version (assuming they intend to do the same thing to the ONA (Ep00)).

  4. Hi guys,
    R U going 2 translate Lucky Star OVA?

  5. @pizdapizdu:

    No, sorry. Lucky Star is hard to translate because it’s filled with pop-culture references and jokes. If we’re going to fansub LS OVA, we need a native Japanese translator with experience on figuring out those references and jokes.

    *rubs head*

    Kagami~n… I want to sub you so bad… If you know what I mean. =)

  6. Offtopic:
    Lucky Star OVA translation is already available on nyaa…

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