Tsundere, the True Moe~

October 4, 2008

The Tsundere are the true moe! These lovely ladies are not like the other stereotypes who murder you after they’re bored of you (more or less). They are not defenseless and easily cry over something so insignificant. And certainly they are not the types who, in the end never changes and be the same person throughout the course of the series.

The Tsundere are a far different breed. They are capable of loving the character but shyly or never show their feelings until that very crucial moment. The Tsundere are not easily be fooled by guys who only after for pleasure. Playing hard to get is their weapon. They will tease, evade, and even dislike the guy. Doing this will allow the Tsundere to see how long the guy keeps up his so-called love or break down and reveal his true intentions.

Change is the biggest factor of the tsundere. They slowly change throughout the series making them an easy favorite for the fans. From an arrogant girl to a loving lady, truly, the tsundere is the true moe.

– SHiN

And here’s another random view by a very bored guy like me. Oh and in case you’re wondering who is the blond character above, her name is Sharon from the OVA Quiz Magic Academy. And yes, we need a TL to do this one.


One comment

  1. I am SOOOOOO with you on the Tsundere rant!! I’m glad someone summed it up. xD
    Tsunderes are just… awesome. ❤

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