Candy Boy – Candy ☆ Boy Music Video is OUT!!!

October 11, 2008


Now, sorry for the very late release of the first video. This was supposed to be released last December 2007 because due to some issues like we’re new to the fansubbing scene and hard to acquire an HQ RAW at that time.

What’s up with this video? It’s fully softsubbed as always, encoded in h.264 video and AAC for the audio and we removed the Japanese text this time around. Why we removed it? Well, some of you guys don’t have ro not planning to put Japanese text support in their machine and too many other reasons better left unexplained. We assure you that we did it for the convenience of the viewers who downloaded the video. And wait a minute! We used AAC instead of FLAC! For those who liked the FLAC format, we’re sorry and we’ll give you permission to beat our encoder when you see him. =3

Anyway, enjoy this music video guys! As always, like the previous videos, there are no new scenes on this one. Disappointing, I know but at least the song is very catchy.


Translation: gx9901
Song Editing: nx0
Script Timing and Encoding: SHiN_aKuMa

See DDL Page for updated version of the episode

SHiN-gx Fansubs is in need of a translator for Kannagi or any show this fall. If you’re a translator and with no group to edit, encode your script then SHiN-gx Fansubs will be will to help you in any way we can. Email us at shin.gx.fansubs@gmail.com

Thank you for downloading our release!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. heh.. that’s new. Does that mean, the group finally decided on doing their ‘next’ series?

    p.s. darn site needs email to post x:

  2. @Sei:

    It depends. If we get ourselves a Translator, we will sub the show. We haven’t released a 13 episode series yet. =(

  3. M;Y is a 13 episode anime and you’ll also finish CB.

    oh well, will be checking this out.

  4. Hey there

    Thanks a lot for all the Candy Boy stuff you have here ^^

    Great work! Keep it up ^____^

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