Wangan Midnight 14 is OUT!!!

November 14, 2008

SHiN-gx Fansubs will be on the racing scene by presenting you episode 14 of Wangan Midnight! We’re starting on episode 14 since the English subs stopped at episode 13 and we will release episodes 1-13 and 15 to last as soon as we get additional staff members.

We apologize for the LQ release because this is a rush-job and we’ll release a version 2 soon.


There’s some addition info that you might know before watching episode 14. Please go to this link and beat the encoder when you see him.


Those who are interested in helping us with the project, please email our translator, Kaizer at kaizer@mayu-genjo.com


Wangan Midnight – 14 (XviD+hardsubs)

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. what staff is needed?

  2. @skullking123:

    A RAW provider has or know where to acquire HQ DVDrips and an English editor with knowledge on cars, street-racing, racing jargon and stuff.

  3. Well, is the raw on http://tokyotosho.com/search.php?terms=wangan+14&type=0 not good enough ?

    The raws of other episodes are also available there.

  4. @AniMouse:

    OK. We’re checking them out. All that’s left is someone with knowledge on cars and stuff.


  5. OH.. MY.. GOD.. FINALLY! Thank you x1000 billion! Can’t thank you guys enough for subbing this show, had just about given up hope of ever seeing this show through and here you are a shining beacon of hope. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  6. nice. hopefully you guys will sub all 26 eps. thanks for 14.

  7. who did the episodes from 1-13?

  8. Hi,
    I was curious whether you guys weren’t thinking about subbing Gunslinger girl. It’s preaty famous but it’s over half a year after it was originaly aired and last 4 episodes still haven’t been translated.

  9. hooray someone finally pick this up

  10. Guys,

    Use this site:

    To find ANY anime torrent (including this episode 14).

    Use the search function and type for example ‘wangan’ and you’ll get all torrent links till eps. 24.

    Hope this helps and keep up the good work !

  11. @pizdapizdu:

    It all depends on the translator and we need additional staff to do it. But I doubt we’ll do it. We’re already full on Kannagi, Candy Boy and Wangan Midnight plus the new shows that are coming next year.


  12. I have some knowledge on cars. (understatement)
    Working towards a Double masters in automotive engineering.
    And have worked on some Formula Student project where we build single seater race cars
    Currently employed in the tire industry on experience purposes. =p

  13. in case you’re wondering I want one of those jobs

  14. Oh good lord, thank you! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see a well founded group pick up this series. No offense intended to anyone who subbed this show in the past, but I wouldn’t have watched any files that are already out if they weren’t the only versions available. I’m what you could call a huge car nerd, and I’d be more than happy to help out with editing if you need it.

  15. 2 questions.

    I can only find releases for 1-6.

    And if you need an editor with experience I can help out. I’ve done over 50 episodes of prince of tennis for A-O and currently am working with Saizen on a couple of projects. I worked with AnimeOne on a couple episodes of Initial D, but they didn’t have much progress in that project unfortunately. Get yourself setup on Rizon on IRC and I’ll come find you ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I can likely help with the editing part of WM if needed. Have fansubbing experience.

  17. I can likely help with the editing part of WM if needed. Have fansubbing experience. I actually work on cars and have a good mechanical knowledge of them.

  18. @Everyone:

    If you wish to help us with Wangan Midnight, please email our translator. I already provided his email in this post.


  19. Best is to contact Kaizer via msn or IRC. Or contact me by email or msn @ jazzkyou@mayu-genjo.com

  20. where on IRC?

  21. Hello, I am thrilled to see that someone has taken up Wangan Midnight again.
    How are things going with recruiting staff for the project? If you steel need an editor/consultant on car mechanincs\street racing lingo then I might be able to help. You have my mail, or give me a direction to IRC so we can talk more.

    PS: Why don’t you guys have an IRC channel btw? Would be alot easier to contact you guys and keep up with how releases are going. Also It’s nice to just chat and get to know people.


  22. IRC irc.rizon.net #WanganMidnight

  23. Yes ! thanx guys cannot wait for the follow up. ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Interested in helping out with tech editing..been doing it professionally for over 15 years and have a basic understanding of Japanese to boot, if you need a hand let me know.

  25. Guys, how is it going with the work ?

    Just curious.

  26. So are you guys still going to pick this up? I’ve really hoped for a decent fansub to pick the show…

  27. @wolfsrain:

    Genjo-Subs have taken over the project and I assure you, we’re still continuing subbing Wangan. We can’t guarantee a deadline though.

  28. Thanks for answering. As for waiting, I’m used with it. Fansubbers like Aone and Live-Evil ( just to name a few ), really trains your patience.

  29. Hi, I’m very happy for this subs, we love Wangam Midnight and all anime’s racing car^^
    I hope you continue to sub it till the end, this is one of the best racing anime I have see! thanks for all!

  30. Great thing you guys picked up this series, I’ve been waiting for a release so long.

    I know it’s just the first versions but here’s a couple of thing I noticed:

    * Instead of writing “boot”, i think it should be “rear end”. I’m pretty sure boot means trunk in some English speaking countries but not in all of them. Also the supra is a hatchback ^.^ (no trunk or boot).

    * And I’m pretty sure you already noticed the MPH/HP mistakes, when they give the supra back they say 800 MPH (miles per hour) instead of HP (horse power).

    I’ll be happy to help with the editing if you still need it. [alfa_1366@hotmail.com]

  31. As to raws, Q-R’s raws are far from HQ. The audio is good, but that’s it. They are capped at the wrong resolution and framerate. Wangan’s Op/Ed are 30 fps, while the episode is 24 fps. Q-R just caps the whole episode at 24 fps and they use 880×496 instead of 720×480 (dvd resolution).

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