Kannagi 5 OUT!!!

November 16, 2008

You do know that Zange is the show’s French exchange student, right?

Weather predictions were half-correct, we’re 2 weeks late on episode 5. The wait is over now! One of the reasons why we’re late… uh… it’s not that a particular person keeps on spamming pictures of a fictional character, delaying the project, it’s actually the typesetting of episode 5. Typesetting episode 5 was murder and it wasted a lot of time. However, our obsessive typesetter, SHiN, that’s me, made sure that everything looks purty. The signs are all softsubbed and there’s a possibility the viewers will experience hiccups during playback on older PCs. If this happens, we suggest you update your codecs and make sure your PC is not running any uneeded background applications or you need to upgrade your PC.  If all fails,  you can just get the lightweight AVI version to save you any hassles.

Back to the episode! Yeah, this is a nice episode and the promise of a dancing Nagi from the OP is possible and we hope it won’t end up like Myself; Yourself’s OP (minus the follow up music vid.)

We’re still recruiting a Typesetter and TL/Pun Checker for the show to keep things faster and high in quality and if you’re the one we’re looking for, please drop us a message! We promise to give you hell… uh… lightweight work! Hey, Kaizer! Good luck with those puns!


Kannagi 05 (720p+h.264+softsubs)
Kannagi 05 (400p+XviD+hardsubs)


SHiN-gx and Genjo-Subs are doing our best to give you high quality releases but to you, the downloaders, what do you really think of our performance and quality? We would like to hear from you! In order to maintain and improve our performance, tell us what you think about the team. Please visit Anidb.net and honestly rate and comment our releases. We want to improve and we need you to help us!

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs
Bringing you the fastest slowest subs



  1. file name is looong.

    thanks for the good subs 😀

  2. Thanks for the great subs. One thought though – is it just me or is the karaoke in romaji desynced? The one that’s written using kana/kanji fits the sound pretty much exactly, but those written using romaji are a few seconds late… It’s a little bit confusing to me…

  3. @martin:

    The romaji are synced correctly. The cause is probably the hiccups I mentioned. It’s kinda hard to explain in full detail but after the hiccup, the softsubs will desync. To get the karaoke to sync back is either stop and play the video again or skip time by clicking the seekbar. I hope that helps.


  4. For me you are the best group subbing this show. I also download it from another group because they release faster, but, when one of your episodes is available I also download it for archiving.

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