Candy Boy 4 is OUT!!!

November 18, 2008

We’re very happy to present you Candy Boy episode 4! Sorry for waiting folks! This was supposed to be released a few days ago but because we set our priorities first to Kannagi 5 and now that was released, we shifted our attention to Candy Boy 4 and released it! The package is still the same as episode 3. If you find it hard to read the font (it looks just fine for us), switch to the second track for a more simpler font.

This is a very emotionally packed episode and we can’t help but… shed some tears… and uh… *sobs* … *ahem* Enjoy watching the episode and the DVD is just around the corner!

See DDL Page for updated version of the episode

Thank you for downloading and seed as much as possible!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs
Bringing you the slowest subs



  1. umm.. where is the torrent?

  2. Information

    No such torrent to download !

  3. Ah, the new torrent was just posted in TT.

    Thank you


  5. Thx for the sub, just want to help to spread the file faster

    DDL Candy Boy 04 http://www.uanime.com/candy-boy-04/

  6. nice episode is nice :3
    need moar Shii-chan!

  7. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks so much for this sub

  8. the candy boy site has released some sort of mock news video thing, clearly, i cant understand it.
    but i cant help but feel it is saying something, the online translation of the page is of course, rough. could you summarize it? D:

  9. Thank you!~

  10. Thanks for the hard work!!

  11. when can I will the DDL will on? tnx

  12. @seraph:

    Please go to the “Direct Downloads” to access the server.


  13. please i need the direkt download!!!

  14. No more direct downloads as it killed the server.

  15. then do you now where i can get the episode?

  16. @rooiku:

    You can get it through bittorrent of course.

  17. Hi guys,
    any idea when is episode 05 comming out?

  18. @pizdapizdu:

    To be honest, we haven’t really checked but we believe it will be released next year on January. =)


  19. Thnx 4 sad update… I hoped 4 som Xmas special…

  20. Who can post lyric (kanji,romaji) ?

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