Kannagi 6 OUT!!!

November 26, 2008

We love characters like her.

We’re very late on the release, as usual.

Azurite, a mysterious, blue-haired girl from another world was teleported to our world and somehow they switched with Nagi. Nagi is now in Azurite’s world and allied herself with the tsundere red-head, Maron to fight against these so-called “the Impure”. It is then revealed that the Impure are actually the negative thoughts from Nagi’s world. After knowing this, Nagi, without any second thoughts, she battles the Impure with Maron and will save her and Azurite’s world.

“What is Azurite doing in Nagi’s world?”, you ask… Having fun and working part-time in a maid cafe. What else?


This episode contains few Japanese terms and for those who doesn’t know what a “tsundere” is (you really should. =) ), we provided notes at the end of the episode. Oh yeah, sorry about that typo in the note. It’s not like we hate yaoi or anything…

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed working on it.


Kannagi 06 – Nagi’s Heart-stopping Craziness (h.264 720p+softsubs)
Kannagi 06 – Nagi’s Heart-stopping Craziness (XviD+hardsubs)


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The Staff of SHiN-gx & Genjo-Subs
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We’re now working on Shoujo Sect 2…



  1. DDL out @ http://mayu-genjo.com/download

  2. Are these really hd or just upscaled. Some of the translations don’t make sense in english.

  3. @Chamillion:

    It’s a station upscale and station BS-J broadcasts true HD and we’re not using BS-J source because they are late broadcasting Kannagi.

    Regarding the translations, we made sure everything’s accurate as possible but there are always chances we mistranslated a line or two and please point out what lines you think doesn’t sound right.

    Oh yeah, I maybe selfish here but if you’re willing to help us out on episode 7 onwards, drop us a message. =)


  4. thanks

  5. Regarding the Kannagi OP, I’m pretty confident that the second line of the OP lyrics is not “Yay! Unbelievable”. When I hear it, it sounds more like “Yay! Like a little boy”.

  6. @Keroro:

    Interesting but it’s not. =) Try slowing the playback a bit. You’ll hear she actually said “Yay! Unbelievable.”


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