Kannagi 2 DVD OUT!!!

December 16, 2008

Here is episode 2 DVD!

OH! What’s that? Where’s episode 8, you say? We’re still working on it and we might be able to release it this week. Also, there might be a chance that episode 8 will be delayed a lot further because I, SHiN, am switching to a new ISP (Damn them! They’re giving me half of what they offered!). There’s no connection in my home at the moment and my new connection will be installed within 7 days. Meaning, I can’t actively discuss the episode with the TL, TLC and Editors for the time being.

Just to give you a sort of an update, the script is fully edited and 90% fine-timed. All that is left are another TLC and Quality Checking.


Kannagi DVD – 02 (h.264+softsubs)

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

The staff of SHiN-gx & Genjo-Subs



  1. So I guess it’s official then. You guys are doing the DVD episodes for Kannagi?

    I guess I might as well just watch the TV releases and then replace them with the DVD ones as they come out.

  2. mmm, it’s only me or your HD rips have better image quality than DVD ones? better detai/colors… maybe too low bitrate? well, thanks for your work anyway 😛

  3. Hey dudes. What’s up? it’s been a loooong time since I’ve heard from you. I’ve got alot of time to do qc but I haven’t recieved a script since forever:(
    Am I kicked?

  4. @bankai:

    Yep and not only we’re doing the DVDs, we’re doing the Blu-rays, too. =)

  5. >_>

    Blu-Ray…Sounds great, except my laptop sucks too much to playback Blu-Ray content.

    It’s too bad that I’m a poor college student using a computer that’s now 4 years old…complete obsolete specs.


  6. @ SHiN-gx

    How are you gonna get the bluray? O.o

  7. @w.k.Kyou:

    Through conventional means, of course! We can always rely on Share! =D

  8. @84fools:

    The DVD being low on resolution is one thing and I haven’t set my encode to high settings.

  9. well then, my quad core is ready to kill anything!

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