Kannagi 8 OUT!!!

December 18, 2008

*drum rolls*

Sorry to have kept you waiting! Lots of stuff has happened and by the looks of things, we won’t be able to finish Kannagi before the New Year. We certainly hope that we won’t be distracted in the new shows in 2009 and neglect Kannagi. Just kidding!


Kannagi – 08 (h.264+softsubs)
Kannagi – 08 (XviD+hardsubs)

Thank you for waiting! Please seed as much as you can!

The staff of SHiN-gx & Genjo-Subs



  1. Nice!!

    I’ll get this and eventually replace it with the DVD release.

  2. Thanks everybody! I’ll be looking forward to your next release!

    Hopefully, releases will be *at least* more frequent than Kaizoku Fansubs… x_x

  3. Hopefully, you will get it through your head that they don’t care?

    Releases are done when the episode is ready. There is no schedule, and they’re doing these fansubs during their free time and providing it to us for free.

    Ever think of that?


  4. I know this is a bit off topic, but exactly how many of the DVD’s (# of episodes total) have been released in Japan?

  5. dvd volume2 is out already. I guess it will contain 2 eps

  6. japanese anime companies are evil. 2 episodes per dvd. each dvd about 65USD…


  7. Wow…

    2 episodes per disc = $65.00?!

    Hm, since this is a 13 episode series, it’ll be 6 DVDs??

    2 epi per disc, and then dvd 6 will have 3?


    or worst case. they can be an evil bastard and have dvd 6 have 2 and then dvd 7 have 1…ahahhahha

  8. @ kimbap629,

    You must not be familiar with K-F. They do excellent subs of One Piece, but releases are sometimes months apart. I know this is free, I appreciate the work they do, and I _wasn’t even complaining_, I just like to see new episodes as soon as possible. I’m sure you do, too.

  9. I noticed that there was mention of a need for an english editor. I am moving to tokyo January 8 and I would be interested in such position. My japanese skills are minimal but I have worked as an editor in japan before. Please e-mail me and we can discuss futher.

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