Candy Boy DVD

January 6, 2009

Click HERE for the full version

The plan was to release the episodes during Christmas Eve and before the New Year but our staff was either busy, enjoying the yule tide season or being drunk and sleeping on the streets somewhere, we decided to delay the release. It’s the holidays, we need a break once in a while!

Anyway, SHiN-gx Fansubs proudly presents Candy Boy!


Candy Boy Batch (h.264+FLAC+softsubs) v2
Candy Boy Batch (XviD+MP3+hardsubs)

DDL for the 480p batch (Megaupload):

Candy Boy ONA (Episode 00)
Candy Boy EX 01
Candy Boy Episode 01
Candy Boy Episode 02
Candy Boy Episode 03
Candy Boy Episode 04
Candy Boy Music Video 01 – Candy Boy
Candy Boy Music Video 02 – Bring up… LOVE
Candy Boy Music Video 03 – Koi no KATACHI
Candy Boy – Pajama Party feat. Kanade, Yukino and Sakuya


With the exception of the ONA and the first music video, the other episodes have new encodes and minor script updates. The big change is we removed the scan lines artifact during fade ins and fade outs of scenes and updated the lyrics translations and styling. Yeah, we know, we love to make revisions. =)

The MKV versions are encoded in h.264 video and FLAC audio with softsubs. I changed the main font into a more readable one because I kept hearing complaints about the old font. Farewell, Dream Orphans.ttf… I will miss you. ;_;

Candy Boy is one of SHiN-gx’s most loved series and we want you to experience quality in near-perfection. File sizes could be smaller but you know, the encoder, the fabulous SHiN, that’s me, has a thing for huge file sizes. People complaining about the huge sizes should cope with our standards or just simply get the XviD version (coming soon). They are at least a few MBs smaller. =P

Thank you for waiting! We have DDL available so help the batch torrents get as much seeds as possible!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs


To /a/ Anonymous: Fansubs are clearly not the best source for you to learn Japanese.



  1. “[SHiN-gx] Candy☆Boy – Candy Boy – Full Version [DVD][720×480 AR h.264 FLAC][v2][15501480].mkv”


    Then what is this??

  2. @suiton:

    That’s the full version of “Candy Boy”, the ending theme song by Meilin for Candy☆Boy ONA. =)

  3. So are you guys going to ever do a “complete” batch with everything in 1 torrent?

  4. @suiton:

    Yes, we’ll release a batch torrent as soon as episode 1 is done. The other episodes are basically ready.

  5. thx, hey whats the status of candy boy 05?
    Ive already saw it on nico video its awesome, although it would be great to understand what they say.

  6. @humole:

    That could take a while. Our TL is offline for two weeks because he’s taking his exams. =(

  7. @shin-gx:
    ok thx, I was just wondering, not trying to be pushy. You’ve done a excellent job the quality its great.

  8. lol suiton. Did you ever get your PS3. =P

  9. hey episode 5 of candy boy is already out in nicovideo. unfortunately I can’t watch it because you need to subscribe to the candy boy channel, and you need to pay to subscribe.

    damn elevens.

  10. @derp:

    Yeah, we know. =( The video will be available to the free users around January 9. I hope this news is true.

  11. Great Job; thanks for the subs.

    If anyone wants to watch the ep5 on Niconico, this is the one I watched:



  12. Edit: I guess I was wrong about the 5th episode. I got to watch it a few days ago there. Weird.

  13. Hmm, flac audio? The original audio is not lossless, right (it is not a BD rip, right?)? Why don’t you just include the original AC3? Just wondering.

    Sorry if this question is already asked before, and thanks for the hard work.

  14. @ InAfterSuiton
    No I did not. I’m also planning on getting a PSP as well. I’m not in any rush.

  15. I’m kind of confused. Is this something new or am I set if I’ve downloaded everything you guys put out so far?

  16. @Tatsuhiro:

    Edit: The original audio is LPCM. So yeah. =P


    These releases are different than the one we released so far. The changes are new video encode, FLAC audio and few script changes. =)

  17. @Phil
    In other words, wait for the batch torrent to be released. It’ll have the final version of all the episodes.

  18. Thank you for all your hard work!

  19. I see, now it makes sense. Thanks for the explanation ^^
    I’ll be waiting for the batch too.

  20. Episode 1 will have to wait so please be patient.

  21. Thanks a lot guys. You’re the men.

  22. why dont has eps 1?

  23. I’ve noticed this in EX 01… (CRC is fine)


  24. Did you not read?

    “This should be a batch release but we’re still stuck at re-translating episode one. If you wish to help us, drop us a message.”

  25. anyone got a ddl for Candy Boy Music Video 01?

  26. @asd:

    That’s a glitch on the DVD ISO I downloaded. The original (non-ripped) video has the same glitch. Most likely the actual physical DVD was already scratched before it was copied.


    Episode 1 is not yet ready. TL will work on it when he’s free. Don’t worry, episode 1 is stand alone. You can actually watch episode 2-4 without getting the feeling that something is missing. For me at least. =)

  27. I believe all the episodes are stand alone because this show doesn’t give much in the way of story progression. Of course it’ll all make more sense if you see all the episodes in order. The only episodes that actually link together so far is episodes 3 and 4.

    One of my favorite animes. Keep up the good work SHiN-gx team.

    … or is it Team SHiN-gx?

  28. It is great that there are useful sites!
    I thank you for your help and support.
    I wish you a great development of the project.

  29. Whoa…It’s almost complete!


  30. hello. is candy boy dvd complete?

  31. @nigger:

    If you mean the current DVDs (ONA, EX01 and Episodes 1-4), it’s almost done. We’re still reworking on episode 1 and the ETA is unknown. Sorry.

  32. @SHiH-gx:

    Thanks for the reply.Yes,I mean the current DvDs.I am happy to know that u guys are still working on it.I will wait patiently for it. Just wanna ask.Will there be other DvDs for the candy boy? If o i really hope u will release them. gambate

  33. woot, the batch is finally done! thank you so much!
    And I don’t mind the large file sizes, small price to pay for uber quality ^_^

  34. Hmm… The v3 batch has a different aspect ratio from before…

    The v2 batch displays 853×480 video in 853×480 resolution, while the v3 batch may be squeezing 853×480 source in a 720×480 canvas/frame?



    I don’t have access to the original material to figure out which one is supposed to be correct; all I know is that one of them doesn’t look right ;p

  35. This can be verified in MPC’s file properties, too.

    v2 Properties

    v3 Properties

    Nonetheless, GREAT JOB on increasing font clarity and readability in the new batch! I can definitely see the improvements there =)

  36. I can confirm the problem with the wrong AR. It’s really strange, since in the MKVs details you’ll find that the AR has been set to 853×480. The problems appears when using CoreAVC and MPC-HC.
    Demuxing and then muxing with mkvtoolnix solves the problem. Remuxing without demuxing does not solve it.

    Can you tell us the details on how you encoded and muxed the new Candy Boy version?
    (I’m talking about the brand new 720×480 DVD version)

  37. Great job, but as other have said, you’ve unfortunately messed up the anamorphic in this v4 batch so it comes out all squashed. Please could you do another revised version to fix this?

    Candy☆Boy is supposed to be 16:9 (specifically, 720×480 source resolution which should be played at 853×480; 1.185×1 pixels).

    What you’ve actually done (I’ve seen this before, and know the cause) is you’ve put the correct aspect ratio in the MKV during mkvmerge, but the wrong aspect ratio is in the AVC stream you’ve put inside the MKV.

    The two should ALWAYS be the same (and both correct) or the MKV is out-of-spec, and this squashing will happen with some players (for example, with the CCCP, which is the reference Matroska playback implementation).

    Test playback with CCCP before release to catch this sort of thing.

    This behaviour is easy to spot when testing; when launched with CCCP’s default player (MPC/MPC-HC), the window will size to the correct proportion (when it reads the data from the Matroska container), but will resize to the wrong proportion immediately afterwards (when it reads the incorrect pixel metrics from the video stream within).

    I hope that helps you out. Thanks for this!

  38. I wake up in the morning and see this. =.=

    I played the videos with CoreAVC as the video decoder and the FLAC and stuff by CCCP and they are displayed in the correct aspect ratio but when I enabled AVC on CCCP, the aspect ratio is now screwed.

    Sorry about that. Big blunder on my part. I will fix this as soon as possible.



    Problem fixed see the latest post.

  39. how “Candy Boy – Pajama Party feat. Kanade, Yukino and Sakuya” cannot play…when i repair it by torrent it…it show 99.7%…finished repair…still cannot played…then i try again to repair it…shows 99.7% again….T_T help me!!kana-chan!!!!

  40. […] Link to the updated torrents and DDLs are in the same post HERE. […]

  41. @slayer_ken07:

    You do know that the format is FLAC, right? You need a player compatible with FLAC like Winamp or Foobar2000. Please double-check.

  42. O.o thx…a bit dojiko atashi…sorry…>_<

  43. What’s the Candy Boy Ex 01?

  44. are you going to do a translation of the pajama party?

  45. Thanks for the subs. I noticed a few errors in episode 4 (v4):

    “She said that she’s going Tokyo…”
    “…she mentioned of wanting to draw a portrait as your present.” I think the “of” can be omitted.
    “She wanted you to know on what she’s been doing,” I think the “on” can be omitted.

    I might be wrong on the last two though. 😛

  46. It seems to me that the batch torrent link isn’t working?

  47. Wow, thanks for these! 😀

    I’m wondering, though, I’m using QuickTime 7 Pro on a Mac OS X to play all my video files. MKV usually works for me, but when I previewed one of the episodes, I get no sound. I searched for some FLAC plugin for QuickTime for Mac, however, when I previewed it again, I still didn’t get any sound. Everything was perfect except for the sound.

    Do you, by any chance, have a QuickTime component or plugin for Mac I could use, so that I could watch your Candy Boy release?

  48. @LovinThis:

    I can’t give you a direct answer because I never tried MAC and there’s only one of us who has a MAC but I don’t know he can answer. Sorry. The only way to set up your machine to play FLAC is seek help in the How to Play Anime page here: https://shingx.wordpress.com/how-to-play-anime/ That page contains forums links that will help you fix the problem. If you ask me, I believe you need a FLAC plug-in and where to search one, I don’t know.

    Oh and thanks for downloading but we’re updating our Candy Boy DVDs with improved video and scripts. Keep you eyes peeled coz who knowns when we’ll release them. =)

  49. Oh, thanks, Shin! 😀 This is a great help!

    I will definitely check this site often, then. 🙂 You guys are just awesome for these kinds of stuff. I really appreciate it a lot. 😉

  50. When will xvid batch be here? I’m really looking forward to it! ;o

  51. @Waksta:

    Not sure, to be honest. We’re revising everything and considering we have tons to finish, it’ll take a while. =)

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