New kid on the block!

January 17, 2009

Hey! I’m the new editor for SHiN-gx fansubs!

I’m usually around on IRC as asd (Yeah, weird name but what the heck.) Everywhere else (Games, forums, etc,) I’m usually named Freakonature00 / Freakonature

So yeah, I love anime (that’s a given) , soccer, games (RTS, mostly) and of course, FOOD. Hope to serve everyone well for as long as I’m in SHiN-gx!
Oh yes, I also love Kagami alot. =D

Okay, introductions aside, the main reason I’m posting is because of our newly set up IRC channel. We’ll be there if you have questions.
irc://irc.rizon.net/shin-gx. Do visit us!

Also, I’ll be updating the site at ‘regular’ intervals just to keep the blog alive.
So do check back to read! Not just for releases! =P



  1. Hello!

    I’ve seen you on the channel and you’ve replied back, right?


    “I’ll be updating the site at ‘regular’ intervals…”

    ^ That just made my day. Most fansub groups will rarely do that.

  2. Hey, suiton. Yes, that was me.

    Lol, maybe I’ll post once or twice a week on random stuff, depending on whether there’ll be releases.

  3. It would be SUIGOI DESU!!! if you could post once a day.

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