Just for the sake of posting.

January 30, 2009

Update on some work..

Kannagi 5 and 6 DVD (YES, SUITON.)
It’ll be out soon enough. As soon as we get our hands on the ISO that is.

As for TV RIPS, next episode would be out shortly too, or so it seems.
Not sure what’s left but yeah, do stay tuned for it!

Oh ummm, for Candy Boy DVD batch,
we’re only left with episode 1 and the specials.
Then it’s ready for release. So yeah!

TILL THE NEXT RELEASE, keep checking back!

P.S. I’m bored.


One comment

  1. Nope.

    Just stick with the current group. It’s fine as it is.

    And thanks for the huge update with Kannagi.


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