New member + DDL

February 2, 2009

HEY GUYS! Welcome our newest member of the group, Cyber1!

He’s our distro guy. So he’s the one that’s seeding what we have.
So give your thanks! We have a ‘permanent’ seeder!
He might be getting us an XDCC bot too. =D

Alright, on to serious business. Cyber1 suggested us to have files for DDL and yeah. Files are going to be uploaded to MEGAUPLOAD only.
(For now. Probably forever.) WE DO NOW!
Check out the Direct Downloads page, here.

Well, that’s all. Gotta run.

P.S. WELCOME CYBER1! (From the team)



  1. That’s great.

    At least there will be someone continuously seeding all the files.

    :: goes back to waiting for more Kannagi DVD episodes ::

  2. Yo dude! Nice to have you on the team;)

  3. Ello~ Another great addition.

  4. Thanks in advance!

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