Megaupload links now available

February 8, 2009

Advanced Happy Valentines Day!

After a very long time, we have now download mirrors for all of our releases (Most of them, at least. Too lazy to edit the posts. :mrgreen: ) From Kannagi to Myself; Yourself, and to our Kagami~n MegaPack, you can now have an option to download them in case your ISP hates bittorrent or you simply like the DDL option. The links can be found in their respective posts. AND the DDL page.

On a completely unrelated note, we want to hear from you, and tell us what you think of  SHiN-gx, SHiN-gx_Genjo and our projects. Have we done a good job? Do we suck at certain parts of our fansubs? Are we slow in releasing shows? Does our encoding too blurry or washed out? We want to know so that we can improve!

Thank you and have a nice day!

The Staff of SHiN-gx_Genjo



  1. dude… it’s like mothers day first:P

  2. Well Ive been following your releases of Candy Boy and they have been of great quality.. but there’s just one thing i don’t like which is the font/color of the karaoke its so much like neon signs which i don’t think looks good on candy boy, but that’s just my personal taste…

  3. I think you guys have done a great job with your releases (the ones I’ve seen, at least). I can’t think of anything to complain about, really.

    One thing I’m curious about, though: How many episodes of Candy Boy are out on DVD? Your latest release, episode 5, has a lower resolution than 1-4 and apparently is not a DVD rip, correct? Do you have any idea of when we could expect a HQ release of it?

    Also, there is apparently a second season of Candy Boy that started airing in May 2008. Do you have any plans for subbing that one as well?


  4. Candy Boy DVD is only up to episode 4 atm.
    We don’t know when it’s coming out but rest assured, we’re gonna do it when we get our hands on it.

    Uhh.Candy boy season 2? Never heard of it. =/

  5. I wonder when the next episode will be out…. *suppresses anticipation*

  6. Concurred with humole’s opinion; Candy Boy’s fonts are a bit difficult for me to read sometimes… otherwise it’s great all around =)

  7. I would also like to thank you for the excellent work you’ve done.

    The ddl link for episode 4 of myself; yourself leads to a download of kannagi.

  8. “A follow-up seven-episode series began streaming on May 2, 2008.[2][3] The first DVD volume of this new series was released on December 10, 2008. A single by nayuta called Bring up Love was released on August 13, 2008, the DVD edition of which contains the first EX episode of the series.”

    This is from Wikipedia.

  9. The follow-up in that refers to the ONA.
    So the 7 episodes are the following the release of the ONA.

  10. Ive only downloaded Shoujo Sect, but the translations are great and the switchable on/off subtitles are really appreciated. Video quality is great, although it won’t play on wmp. Doesn’t matter to me, since I use VLC. I’m dying for the 3rd instalment. Keep up the good work!

    PS – Couldnt you see Shoujo Sect as a hot-risque WB / MTV type live-action series?

  11. is the Kagami~n MegaPack still around

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