Myself; Yourself Batch Torrent OUT!!!

February 9, 2009

We wanted to use the hacksaw bow picture but this one is better.

Here it is, Batch torrent for SHiN-gx’s first ever 13 episode project, Myself; Yourself! This show reminded us how hard it is to sub an anime series for the first time. Back then, we have limited staff, resources and knowledge (mostly on distro, encoding, script timing, etc.). Since we were not really known, looking for support is difficult. I, SHiN, can still recall I encoded the episodes with no filters, no idea what the hell is AVC and learned a thing or two on how to configure XviD.

This is our first release and expect a few errors here, a few errors there, and other stuff. We’re not saying our subs  really suck, you can still notice our style is in there and… Oh yeah, long before we enforced a no-honorific policy, our version of Myself; Yourself has honorifics like any other current fansubs.

*ahem* Let’s stop the chatter!

Without further ado, we present you Myself; Yourself in 576p XviD!


Myself; Yourself 1-13 [576p XviD]

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs.

asd/freakonature00: We’re releasing DVD versions of Myself; Yourself. With revamped subs! So that means, if you see errors in this batch, it won’t be in the DVD version! Watch out for it! =D



  1. How does this compare to the DVD batch that [B-G & m.3.3.w] released a little while ago?

  2. Ah~ I just read the last part of the post.

    So you guys do plan on doing a DVD batch. I look forward to seeing that one. Hopefully, it’ll be released real soon as pretty much most of the big work is done (with your TV release), and it’s only a matter of editing the script a little bit, fixing up typos, maybe changing typeset & karaoke, and transferring all of that to the DVD RAWs.

  3. Well, I’m just gonna say it’s gonna be as good if not better. =/

    We can’t gauge our own subs. You guys do.

  4. I agree on that one.

    I know that all the DVDs have been released. Can you give some kind of estimate as to about how long you guys might take to release the final DVD batch?

  5. I’m expecting it to be done by the end of this month.
    EXPECTING. No promises there.

    The worst.. Well, by April. LOL.

  6. yea Expecting. depends on how long i will take to grab the raws. So pls wait, or someone donate me faster speeds lol.

  7. ^ Raw provider.

  8. Thanks for this batch. I did go ahead and watch B-G/m33w’s DVD version, but I’ll be looking forward to Shin-GX’s DVD release for re-watching, as I prefer more natural-English/”liberal” subtitles.

  9. Hi,
    could U tell me, if there is any yuri in this anime?

  10. @pizdapizdu:

    This is not a yuri anime but… you’ll find out. 😉

  11. RAWS@67.3%… slow crawling speed…

  12. Wait uh…

    You’re getting the RAW DVD for the episode?

    Then why did Shin-gx even bother releasing the TV version? You guys should have just used the TV version for like the script and then only released the DVD batch.

  13. @suiton:

    This is our old TV rip release dating back autumn 2007 and we never bothered releasing the batch after it was completed around February 2008. After Cyber1 joined us as our Distro, we have now the capability to seed the episodes. Also, someone requested a batch torrent so we granted his/her request. =)

  14. Is there any different between Kannagi – Crazy Shrine Maidens DVD version from normal version other than has good quality?

  15. @ SHiN-gx
    That makes sense.


  16. with a sudden burst of speed, the torrent is @ 9x.x%

  17. Still working on the scripts.
    Just finished episode 7 today.

    Then comes re-timing, encoding(?), QC and we’re ready to release!
    Expect it by the end of the month!?

    Also, we’re doing 2 tracks for the DVD.
    Default track: With honorfics.
    Track 2: Without honorfics.

  18. Question, the torrent you guys just released of the Tears Infection MAD… Is that a re-encode or just a re-distro of the one you previously released?

  19. It’s the same version that was released previously, but since we’re changing trackers to allow using of non-private torrents, we have to remake most part of our old torrents, and this is one of these remade ones.
    That change also means that our old (private) torrents will be officially unsupported and only those on new tracker will be seeded instead.
    We’ll put an announcement as soon as we’re completely on new tracker.

  20. i love myself yourself..
    one of the best…
    i love it..

  21. This is the worst story i’ve ever seen. Watching this is an absolute waste of time.

  22. I wasn’t quite interested in this series at first, due to the fact that review from THEM anime review rated this with only 1 star.
    however, when i watched the series, it turns out to be worthwhile.

    thanks for the sub. ^^
    i’ll help to seed even though the torrent download is pretty slow.

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