Wish… Cannot be fulfilled

February 13, 2009

As I turn on my computer, she is already in my mind and very eager to check for new pictures. Right now, I am sitting here in front of my computer, gazing at her all the time. I opened my folder and slowly scan the many images of her. Various fanart, screenshots… I always thought I have everything related to her. I always gaze upon her beauty, laugh at her wits and sigh at her cute antics. My spirit is always lifted every time I look at her. My mind is calm as I listen to her voice in MP3, AAC, LPCM or FLAC…

And now, as I about to shut down my computer, I then realized, or rather, I am reminded that… She’s not real and she only exists in my computer… Why, oh why she’s not real…? As I lay on my bed, I’m always praying, that if God willing, I will be able to see her… Please, please… Let me find her…

Valentine’s Day is such a cruel day for me.

Mr. Lonely



  1. lol? today is friday 13th

  2. @ Kyou-chan:

    Posting my loneliness in advance. ;_;

  3. How to cure your loneliness? Do some serious fansubbing work and you will feel better.

    Gimme more 720p Tsugumi and I will love you back (I am a girl, I swear).

  4. In advance?


    Bleh. Forget Valentine’s Day. It’s an over-commercialized holiday that gives an excuse for these companies to sell cheaply made cards with lame sayings, massive amounts of chocolates (a lot of which are nasty flavors like coconut), and florists to sell tons and tons of roses.

    Not worth it at all.

    If you are in a relationship, I think Valentine’s Day is better spent together at home eating a nice meal. Simple.

    No need to go out amongst all these dumb people who buy into all this junk. Seriously.

    It’s a waste of time doing those kinds of “typical” things.

    Just think about this.

    What happens the day after Valentine’s Day?

    a. boyfriend/girlfriend bi*** about not getting a gift (or at least one they were assuming they’d get)

    b. people forget about what happened

    c. people go on with their lives


    Besides, do people even realize what Valentine’s Day is about? It’s filled with persecutions and executions. Yet it some how commercialized into chocolates, roses, candle lit dinner, hearts, cards, teddy bears, hershey kisses, candy-grams, etc.

  5. Go back to fansubbing, playing games, watching anime, reading manga, etc.


  6. O.o
    Good news in a post for badnews, DVD of myself; yourself completed grabbing!

  7. Lies!

    Are you talking about this?


    That’s the xVid TV release.


  8. No, smartass.

    He’s our raw provider and he’s saying he finished downloading the raws. Get it? <_<

  9. Same for me. Although I have other waifus (Kotomi, Kotonoha…). My mental status had gotten better during the last months, but Valentine’s got me down again.

  10. Then why not say it like that in the first place?


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