About the Candy Boy DVD batch

February 26, 2009

I know, I screwed up the new versions. My mind is all over the place right now so I can’t go into the technical details. The downloaders of the Candy Boy DVD batch torrent may experience video playback in the incorrect aspect ratio. I, SHiN made sure the videos are playing correctly before we release. My setup is CoreAVC with CCCP and the videos are displaying correct aspect ratio but when I enable AVC decoding on CCCP, the aspect ratio… to put in simply, just screwed up.

Another strange thing is I tested the videos on my other machines, one is a Pentium M laptop and one Dual Core PC with CCCP only and the videos are playing with the correct ratio. I believe this can be fixed without you re-downloading the episodes or manually fix it yourself.

Sorry about that…



I got it fixed. To CCCP users, I suggest you install the latest pack HERE. If you already have the latest version and still the aspect ratio is not displaying correctly, uninstall CCCP and remove any reference of CCCP in your computer and reinstall CCCP. That shoud fix it. THERE! If this doesn’t fix the problem, leave a comment and I will try to fix it.



  1. I think that Myoukochou has already identified the real issue on the Candy Boy DVD page…

    Given that the source is 720×480 anamorphic, the aspect ratio should be set to 1.185:1 as in previous releases, instead of 1:1 in the new batch. Usually, AR detection and correction are responsibilities of the video player, which would use the settings supplied in the MKV container.

    The potential “fix” identified above may be sending the video stream directly to hardware (e.g. GPU) by forcing DXVA, and thus not allowing codecs such as CoreAVC to function as they should.

  2. Please don’t take us the wrong way, SHiN-san. We are merely trying to help because we appreciate your efforts 🙂

  3. @Oscar:

    Sorry for my attitude. I had a bad day. =.=

  4. No problem at all~ We all have had one of those from time to time. Hopefully you will be feeling better soon *thumbs up*.

  5. Doesn’t fix the problem. I’m testing with CCCP 2008-09-21 stable on “Verity” (Windows XP), CCCP beta 2009-02-08 on “Haruhi” (Vista), and CCCP beta 2009-02-08 on “Nanoha” (Windows 7).

    All of them get the wrong aspect ratio. Verity even does the “bad anamorph” thing below, if you enable CoreAVC!

    As I said, you’re not the first this has happened to; a4e ran into it, and it’s not necessarily obvious even if you have a team of testers.

    Depending on which output system you’re using (Overlay, VMR7 renderless, EVP…), you may experience some *spectacular* corruption instead, here shown on an a4e release with the same problem before they released a v2:

    https://www.myoukochou.com/badanamorph1.jpg (CoreAVC, renderless)
    https://www.myoukochou.com/badanamorph2.jpg (ffdshow from CCCP stable, renderless)

    If you’re using Overlay as the renderer, it might not happen and the whole thing might go OK (as the Overlay renderer might stretch it back to the desired size again afterwards). (However, this is due to a bug in the MPC Overlay renderer that is fixed in MPC-HC, and thus will be fixed in the next CCCP version and in all current beta/alphas.) CCCP does not, however, always select Overlay as the renderer (as on some systems, particularly Vista and Windows 7, EVP works much better).

    …yep. This can get a bit confusing, I know. MKV is versatile and awesome, but not always simple. ^^

    I really do appreciate your efforts, of course! I definitely understand your frustration at being at v4 and things still not going perfect, but this might well be worth releasing a v5 for, just to tidy up.

    I know I’d spend the bandwidth on a v5 for Candy☆Boy, because the release is just… that close to perfect, it’s within reach.

  6. @Myoukochou:

    Hot dang! Gotta re-encode them… again. ;_; Yeah, when I switched to VMR7, well, the output is not what I intended.

  7. So~

    A v2 of this batch is in need?

  8. @suiton:

    Yah. But if you can manually set it to 16:9 then this batch is OK as it is.

  9. But~

    I’m pretty sure most people would want like an official v2 so no manual work is needed.

    People are lazy ya know…especially l33tcheZ


  10. OK! I think I fixed it… Well, I think. =P

    Click HERE. There are still lots of things I need to learn…

    *Packs up and goes to a journey for enlightenment.*

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