Candy Boy Batch Update

February 28, 2009


Now that I’ve got your attention, listen up! We remade the batch torrent and this time, the videos will display in the correct aspect ratio without you manually setting it. I think I fixed it. I tested it VMR7, Haali Renderer, etc. and they all turned out OK.

We’re really sorry for the inconvinience and I hope we won’t repeat the same mistake again.

Link to the updated torrents and DDLs are in the same post HERE.

Any questions, comments or violent reactions?




  1. Nice! I take it that my suggestion was deemed worthy enough for a v2 batch. Is there like a 720p batch of this series or is the 480p the only one that you guys will release?

    If it is, then whatever. I’m glad that you guys finished it and that it’s the DVD version. But a 720p release would be nice.

    /me approves of Shin-GX’s dedication to the fans

    /me gives over 9000 suiton points to all Shin-gx staff involved with this batch and revised batch.

  2. …Ah~

    Before I forget, is there any news/updates you guys can give us on Kannagi (TV) and more importantly, Kannagi (DVD)?

  3. this is what happens when SHiN is too focused on Kagami.

  4. Thx for the v2,it is really appreciated!

  5. hmmm shin, is the v2 for this batch merely a fix to the aspect ratio problem?
    Strangely enough, some of the songs have the karaoke while some doesn’t, it seems a little on&off, and personally I was comparing the batch release v1 with an older dvd release by you (back when some of the episodes were not completed and the music videos 2&3 were not finished or something as well) and I found that it seems as though some of the translations have changed a little and the font style etc. had also changed, so did you like re-do the whole thing again as a set and release it as a batch and removing the old versions?

    Forgive me if I’m confusing here ><.

  6. >_> when I posted up the previous I noticed that it was missing some parts so I copied and commented again.

    Forgive me if I’m confusing here ><.

  7. …sorry for posting so many times, part of the comment is always missing for some weird reason…><.”

  8. I can also confirm from this end that the earlier problem related to aspect ratio has indeed been fixed. Thank you so much, SHiN-sama and all SHiN-gx staff =D !!!

  9. Hai~ hai~ SHiN-sensei
    *raises hand*

    Ano ne, if you listen to the first 15 seconds of Koi no KATACHI MV’s first version [3E20E9BB] and third version, do you detect any difference between the two ;P ? The good(?) news is that such difference doesn’t seem to exist between v1 and v3 of Bring up… LOVE, at least to my ears 🙂

  10. Bad timing for me to have downloaded the old batch just yesterday night! Downloading the updated batch now – thanks! And…I like Sakuya’s melons…

    Patiently waiting for Shoujo Sect’s final OVA(they should have made it longer). Thanks SHiN-gx subs for your hard work!

  11. Thank you very much indeed!

    It’s all fixed, and in beautiful quality! Thank you for your hard work; it took a few versions, but you’ve created a brilliant quality archive of this sweet little anime!

    I look forward to seeing more of the twins, as when and if future episodes come…!

    ~ 冥胡蝶

  12. http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=cmt&id=8276


    What’s that about? The user there says that there are translations mistakes all around? Is this true about the DVD release or is it regard to the TV version?

  13. @suiton:

    That’s our first stream rip release. Don’t worry though. Those were fixed with the help of good ol’ Kaizer from Genjo. =P

    @To the others I haven’t replied to their questions:

    Busy right now but I will answer your questions as soon as I’m free. If some of the staff are willing to oblige, then that’s nice too. =)


  14. @SHiN-gx
    That’s good to know.

    How many episodes are there for this series? Oh and what’s the word on Kannagi DVD episodes?

  15. I am a little confused too…the batch is out but Wikipedia has a title for a 6th episode supposedly showing March 13th? And the entry lists episodes as “7+1 EX,” is that counting the prologue episode as making 7?


    I can’t read that as I am a lowly fan.

  16. @GretchenDawntreader:

    If you’re mentioning the follow-up 7 episodes of Candy Boy, the batch has 4 episodes of it and where did we put 7 episodes + 1 EX?
    No, episode 00 (ONA) and EX 01 are not a part of those 7 episodes follow-up. =P

  17. SHiN-sama > Have you had a chance to examine the karaoke(?) effect mentioned in Aero’s and my posts earlier? Koi no KATACHI v3 sounds weird compared to v1, for instance :p

  18. @aero:

    Yeah, we changed everything. The new batch fixed the aspect ratio problem, restyled main font, restyled karaoke style, minor script changes, huge changes in episode 1, and most importantly, fixed a video artifact found in the old versions. And as for the karaoke, I checked everything, they were timed on the spot and all of the lyrics have been translated.

    Subs turn on and off? Just to be sure, what media player are you using?



    Checked it and yeah, they are different. On the first version, we used LonE’s FLAC rip and on the latest version, we used the actual LPCM stream in the DVD and made that into FLAC. My guess is that LonE probably ripped the CD Single so that explains the different audio output of each version.

  19. @ Shin-senpai:

    Thanks a lot for the explanation. One last question: Was there any other MV for which you used LonE’s rip?


  20. @Oscar:

    The first version of Bring up… LOVE, Myself; Yourself Music Video, Kannagi OP and ED Music Videos. =P

  21. Version 1 worked fine for me but I’m going to download v2 anyway, for archives of shin-gx work :D. Also, the Sakuya’s image is lovely. Do you happen to have one in higher resolution?

  22. @Miras:

    Here you go: http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/5526/candyboysakuyakamiyama.jpg


    Almost forgot about you. 😛 Candy Boy will have 7 episodes not including the ONA and EX 01. Since “Tomorrow’s Forecast” has been labeled as “EX 01”, the possibility for a second EX episode is high.

    Kannagi DVDs of 5-8 are already out but I haven’t ripped them yet. =.=

  23. Candy Boy 06 is out ❤

  24. Ugh, so this “batch” for Candy Boy isn’t complete? Oh and why are you guys only doing a 480p DVD episode? Why not like 720p?

    And Kannagi DVD epi 5 ~ 8 or DVD vol 5 ~ 8? Why haven’t you ripped them yet?


    It would have been more helpful if you simply posted a new post as a head’s up type of thing on all of your project. I would guarantee that about 90% of the comments that would have been asked, would not have been posted with a simply all-project status update post to the site.

  25. suiton > DVD-Video‘s standard NTSC resolutions are 720×480, 704×480, 352×480, and 352×240. The most common one is 720×480, and therefore, 480p.

    SHiN said that he was busy before. There is no need to push him.

  26. Ok. I didn’t know about the “native” DVD resolution stuff.

    And I wasn’t trying to push him. I was just asking questions because we have been left in the dark about the projects.

  27. sorry for the confusion, I meant to say that Wikipedia lists it as “7 + 1 EX.”

  28. Hi I was wondering… will you do the subs for Candy boy 8 (ex 02)? I got the info from this site:


    I really enjoyed your subs and hope that you will sub the episode too… ^^

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