Project Updates

March 8, 2009

SHiN-gx Fansubs supports Yuri… In case you didn’t know.
Oh and picture unrelated to post. Pic is still cute though.

I’m going to write down the current status of our projects. Questions and stuff, please post it here.

  • Editing on Kannagi 12 is done. It needs minor script timing and is waiting for QC. asd, our Quality Checker’s PC was busted thanks to his overpowered webcam. He will not start QC until his PC is fixed.
  • Candy Boy episode 6 is not yet translated.
  • Shoujo Sect 3 is not yet edited and we’ll work on it after Kannagi is done.
  • Kannagi DVD rips of episodes 6-8 is on hold and we’ll resume after Kannagi TV rip version.
  • Myself; Yourself is on hold. It has been re-translated and edited. Re-timing is not yet finished and video encoding is currently in progress. We will release this in a batch torrent. ETA on the release is unknown.
  • No new projects… uh… Yah, no new projects.
  • Wangan Midnight is discontinued. KyouNoSubs are doing the rest of WM. Click HERE to visit their site.

I guess that’s it. Questions? =)



  1. Good Luck πŸ™‚

  2. That’s awesome.


  3. I’m SO excited for Candy Boy. Keep up the good work guys.

  4. Thanks for the update! Have you happened to do any work on Kannagi 13? Or do you strictly keep things to one ep at a time?

  5. @Icehaw:

    One episode at a time. =)

  6. i want more candy boy dvdrip pls >.< thanks

  7. @ nigger: We don’t decide when it’s released.
    Just gotta wait till they’re out.

  8. Can’t wait for the next candy boy episode

    It’s so sad that it will be the second last one already

    Thanks for your hard work


  10. her,umm SHiN-gx,do you think you can have shoujo sect innocent lovers out subbed by april,because my sister is leaving by may and i use her laptop you see(she’s moving out) n i just wanna get all three eps in my usb thingy,so i wont have 2 download them again,whenever i get a laptop(dont really know when thats gonna be)and i really appreciate all the work you’ve done,and its ok that i slow lol,people sometime dont have time so yea,anywayz,thx alot 4 da subs!!! XD

  11. and btw,i like yuri anime,i think itz awesome!!

  12. @edwarddfma:

    We think we can release the final episode in April but no guarantees, okay? =)

  13. Haha blame me. I’ve only translated half the episode thanks to exams. I’ll get it done soon, pardon me this time lol, for once I’m slower then SHiN_akuma! Haha~ Uguu~

  14. δΊŒε…Žγ‚’θΏ½γ†θ€…γ―δΈ€ε…Žγ‚’γ‚‚εΎ—γšγ€‚(Nito wo ou mono wa itto wo mo ezu) ^β€Ώ^ I think we can forgive the wait . . . so long as it is not in excess O_o

    Candyβ˜…Boy soon!

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