Kannagi 12 OUT!!!

March 11, 2009

Zange kicks assShe has a point, you know.

After bugging the distro about fine timing the script and after your obsessive encoder skipped work, Kannagi 12 is finally out! Things got more serious, there’s blood everywhere, limbs flying and skulls rolling – it’s pandemonium!

*ahem* Anyway, one more episode to go! Gosh!


Kannagi 12 (720p+softsubs)
Kannagi 12 (400p+hardsubs)

DDL (Megaupload):

Kannagi 12 (720p+softsubs)
Kannagi 12 (400p+hardsubs)

Prefer bots? Visit us at #shin-gx@irc.rizon.net! Our Kagami bot will serve you! Not literally Kagami~n giving you “service” though.

[SHiN-gx]Kagami (IRC Bot):

Type “/msg [SHiN-gx]Kagami xdcc send #12” without the quotes in the channel to get the episode.

Thank you for waiting and please seed as much as you can!

The Staff of SHiN-gx_Genjo
Bringing you the fastest slowest subs



  1. Wow! This is great news!


  2. I saw this on TT and thought I should let SHiN know how slow he is =P.
    Seriously though I love you buddy. I’m gonna download an ep or two to see if I like it better than Ayako’s sub; would be nice to have a better copy on the HDD.

  3. thanks thanks… a lot… been waiting for your release.. 🙂

  4. Thanks again! 😀

  5. Great release!!!:D Can I know the status of Kannagi DVD version because there is no update for a long time. Thank you so much^^

  6. Hi, are you guys going to release a batch torrent for it?

  7. @jadesterne: “Kannagi DVD rips of episodes 6-8 is on hold and we’ll resume after Kannagi TV rip version.”

    From the previous post. >_>

  8. @furyofbeef: Probably.

  9. @Cink

    Who cares if a FREE fansub group releases a FREE fansubbed anime episode for FREE?

    Do you honestly think they care? If Ayako releases quicker and you like that, then get it with them. Personally, for this series, I am sticking with Shin-gx and getting their DVD release of the series. Sure it’ll take a while before all the DVD episodes are out, but I’m not in any rush to watch them as I have other things to do in life as well as, of course, manga scanlations and other anime fansubs that I can watch.

    So unless you can directly help Shin-gx progress on the fansubs, I would tell you and strongly suggest you to URUSAI~!


    /me slaps Cink with a large poisonous spiky trout

    /me takes over 9000 trillionZz billioZz suiton points from Cink

  10. @suiton

    I’m not sure what I did to deserve that? I was joking and made that rather clear. All I was saying was that I went with Ayako because of their speed while the show was airing, but that I’m going to check this one out to consider keeping it as a permanent copy for rewatching and such.

  11. Don’t mind Suiton. He’s from the internet, he can’t help it.

    Also, irony and satire tend to be harder to catch with a non-verbal form of communication.

  12. @ moskaudancer
    Don’t mind moskaudancer. moskaudancer is full of epic fail

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