About Candy Boy 6-7 Fake Releases

April 2, 2009


So… did you enjoyed our little April Fools’ prank? =P After looking at the stats and reading your comments, I’d say we fooled a lot of people and we even fooled one of our staff members!

We certainly hope you weren’t all that offended and we did that because it’s April Fools’ and uh… simply want to see you guys react at our fake episodes. Hey, I’m sure you guys liked those videos at least!

That’s it for me and we’ll see you again smiling and fooled next year!

– SHiN-gx’s obsessive encoder


I’m sad no one commented on the Kagami~n vid. I personally liked that video… ;_;



  1. I would be really angry except I don’t want to do anything that might upset the delicate balance of your fansub process. Anything that might delay an episode is to be avoided.

  2. I was wondering about that release, since I hadn’t heard anything @ all about moar releases. Also, where did the page go for the irc chann? I have gotten a new irc client(used x-chat, now mirc):P

  3. I am curious as to what manga did that video of supposedly Candy boy 7 was from.

  4. I didn’t even bother try downloading it because I’m gonna get only the DVD Candy Boy episodes (as with Kannagi).


  5. Now for real: I need that song from the Kagami Dance πŸ˜›
    Could somebody post the Name from the Song ^^

  6. Caramelldansen
    I like the Kagami one enough to keep a 40 mb caramelldansen video πŸ˜‰

  7. I for one was morbidly offended. I totally fell for it and was totally pissed. I was like ‘holy crap, they made another episode I wasn’t aware of??’ and proceeded to download it, not even THINKING to check candyboy.jp at all, stupid me. So, I was totally pissed off at you guys. But, I’m okay because I’m anxiously awaiting Episode 6. I’ve seen it translated, but you guys just have the best translations, I dunno, its like you just do a better job. It sounds more normal, where others seem like there too proper, like someone ran it through babelfish, where you guys seem to know both languages well.

  8. i liked the kagami vid i listen to it alot can u tell me the name of the song plz

  9. @Diamond Dust and Alu:

    The title of the song is “Caramelldansen” as already answered by Annubis.


    Tch! Maybe I should have put a fake Kannagi DVD release…

    @Bob Mann:

    Thank you for your comment and we’ll try to be more obvious next time. =P Check out your calendars if you see a suspicious episode release announcement. =)


    Title of the manga is Shoujo Sect, a yuri-themed manga.

    @Janno BuzzBazz:

    Where have you been? =O It’s been like ages… Oh, the channel is #shin-gx@irc.rizon.net


    Ouch! The release of the fake subs didn’t compromised the completion of our other projects. It’s just… we’re just going about at our own pace. That’s right!

  10. http://kaya83.wordpress.com/2009/04/04/distance-ochiru-tenshi-ch1-3-v2/

    oh? what’s this? i am being given credit??

  11. i was totally fooled haha BUT the vids were so awesome i kept em =P

  12. awww i totally lost my sleep while waiting for the download to complete. Got fooled alright. so ep. 7 is not really out yet rite?

  13. πŸ˜› Sounds like some good fakes. So, here is what i am gonna do… DOWNLOAD THE EPISODES JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE FAKES!!!1 O_o Hope i am home next time you release something before you post the “this was fake” post xD

    Neways awesome as always πŸ™‚


  14. Almost japanese will said ” COffee Fuia \(^o^)/

  15. Requesting name of the theme played on the Shoujo Sect AMV. Sounds pretty cool.

  16. nvm, found it.
    Name was in video (duh), it’s “Holding You and Swinging”, by Garnet Crow. Get the disc “first soundscope” to get the track.

  17. I HATE YOU!!!

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