Our future projects

April 12, 2009


It’s 2009 and as always, we are picking new projects. With our current manpower, we can only manage one series and one or two short OVAs and Specials per year. Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ is almost finished and so does Candy Boy and we need some new stuff to work on to keep this group active for the whole year. We will do another joint project with Genjo-Subs for a possible Kannagi sesaon 2. We gotta finish what we started! And we will do any show they like to sub with us. Yeah, anything. Even it’s not yuri. =)

“What are these new shows?” There are tons of shows right now and none of them really caught the group’s attention (there are shows but some of them might be oversubbed to death). So far, our likely candidate is Sasameki Koto. Air date, voice casting and some other details are yet to be revealed so we don’t know when we’ll start. “What is this Sasameki Koto”, you say? Sasameki Koto is an anime adaptation of Takashi Ikeda’s yuri manga. The story revolves around Sumika, a popular high school honors student who has a secret she does not reveal to anyone: she loves her classmate Ushio. Sumika hears that Ushio is also “a girl who likes girls,” but Sumika’s feelings have yet to be reciprocated. So yeah, we’re going to sub another shoujo-ai anime.


There’s a catch though: We need (as always) a dedicated translator to work on the anime. Yeah, sucks for us, huh? =P Well, we have someone who will do it for us but I’m not sure he’ll be 100% up to it considering he has a lot of priorities like school and IRL stuff.

Interested applicants, please send us an email HERE or visit our IRC channel HERE. We will then fill you in some additional details like the position as the group’s translator, our group policy which is “No honorifics”, etc. This is to prevent confusion at the way we sub shows. You do know we’re doing this for free, right? *recalls one individual tried to join us into thinking he’ll get paid for fansubbing. =/ *

And as for the specials and OVAs, we’re already working on a set of DVD specials from a specific anime and plans to sub a current OVA. “What are those shows?” SE-CR-ET!



Everyone: I will answer your questions in the previous blog entries when I have the time.



  1. You slowly grow to be my favourite fansubgroup out there. Don’t ever stop doin’ shoujo-ai series.
    Thanks for all your effort.

  2. er hey.. will you guys finish kannagi dvd episodes? or will you continue releasing candyboy ep6-7 dvd? thanks

  3. @kingalekz:

    Keep your fingers crossed. =P


    We’re still doing the Kannagi DVDs. Can’t guarantee when they will be released and of course, we’re doing Candy Boy 6-7 DVD. =)

  4. Is there a larger version of the picture in your banner? It’s really cute šŸ˜‰


    The COULD be but I’m too lazy to make a big one.
    (I did the banner) It sucks though. =/



  7. Woah cant wait for your Sasameki Koto sub, hope you find some translator for that :3

  8. @freakonature00

    well I don’t think it sucks… have you done any other drawings? I’d like to see some of your stuff =)

  9. thanks shin. you rocks

  10. Nopppppppppp, there’s no other drawings. =_

  11. I really appreciate what an awesome job you people have done,i think its really spectacular,and by the way,great job finding that new anime Sasameki Koto,it really looks like its going to be a great yuri anime.

  12. @freakonature00:

    Quit messing with the guy! =O


    Here you go! http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/6827/113650.jpg

    @edwarddfma and anon:

    Thank you and we’ll our best to bring you good yuri. =)

  13. sub eroges~~

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