Candy Boy 6 is OUT!!!

April 13, 2009


Never piss off your little sister.

*checks calendar*

Yes, it’s not April 1st!

One more episode to go and this short series is finally ending. For a short series, this one really took its time and we really mean it took its time. Anyways, we have really nothing to say at the moment but we still share the same thought: “When will they kiss?!” or “F*ck already!” for the perverted side of us. πŸ˜‰ I hope Candy Boy will give us that/those or at least a very satisfying end (satisfying as in tongue twis… *ahem*)…


Candy Boy 06 [h.264+softsubs]
Candy Boy 06 [XviD+hardsubs]

DDL (Megaupload):

Candy Boy 06 [h.264+softsubs]
Candy Boy 06 [XviD+hardsubs]

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Happy downloading!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. :: waits for the DVD episodes ::

  2. “might be oversubbed to death”(from another post)

    I agree…K-ON! is already oversubbed, like some others.
    also waiting for DVD versions =X but I’m still getting this to watch it first.

  3. btw, I kinda knew the fakes were fakes because of the group you were supposedly working with. That sort of name…It makes it obvious doesn’t it?

    Try making a better fake next year =X

  4. Thanks very much. It’s very cute! And yes, Kana does owe Yuki one now, for sure. Quite how she’ll pay her back, I’m not sure… >.>

    I don’t think they’ll cross the line and do something blatant in front of us. We might, and I mean might, get to see a kiss, but (in my view) the moΓ© comes from just how utterly comfortable the two are together; that’s the cake. Anything more would be icing; and while a little icing is nice, you shouldn’t bury the cake in it.

    The video quality seems a bit low for this episode compared to ep 5 or Frostii’s version of ep 6. I know the source is of questionable quality, but still wonder why; not enough post-processing, or did Frostii get another stream? Still, the DVD will come in time, and that fixes that…!

    Once again, thanks!

  5. I keep coming across information saying Cβ˜†B is ongoing, not sure in what form.
    Has anyone else heard anything like this?

  6. When to expect dvd for 5 and 6 episode? And how much series will be Candy Boy?

  7. Episode 7 will be the last for Candy Boy.
    Unless we hear anything more.

    As for DVDs, just wait =/
    We’re working on it.

  8. Hey . . uh . . . guys . . . WTH?! What’s with the POOR video quality (h264 MKV)??? 720×480 vs 510×288 . . .

    My resolution is set at 1360×768 on a 40inch Bravia, it’s PAINFUL to see the drop is quality in episodes 5 and 6 compared to everything else before.

    What happend? WHY??

  9. @γ€Œγ²γγ“γ‚‚γ‚Šγ€:

    Episodes 5-6 are webrips (ie LQ flash videos) with a resolution of 512×288. Of course they’re POOR. =) The episodes before them are DVD rips so yeah, their quality is very high. If I were to clean and resize them, they will look all washed out with loss of details.

    Wait for the DVDs. =)

    And to answer your previous question, Candy Boy is ongoing and will span 7 episodes (excluding the ONA and EX 01).

  10. your megaupload link for h.264 softsub is invalid. recheck please.

  11. Hey guys,
    any1 knows when is ep07 comming out?
    There is this banner (http://candyboy.jp/img/img_txt-090424_episode07.gif) on candyboy site, but I don’t understand japan at all so I only guess it has to do sth with the last episode release… ^_^’

  12. @pizdapizdu:

    Banner says episode 7 will be on May 8th! :mrgreen:

  13. Thnx!!

  14. can i haz sum candy boy 07 subs pls? ❀

  15. Sorry 4 bothering again, but I was just wondering whether U know if it’s true that there should B episode 08 on the second DVD volume as it is stated on wikipedia…

  16. @pizdapizdu:

    Yep, there’s an episode 8 on the second DVD. =P

  17. hey guys, just wanted to follow up and see if you’re going to do Ep 7 in the near future? Saw some other subs but I prefer you guys =)

  18. @Khal:

    We’re doing episode 7. Unfortunately, our *ahem*awesome*ahem* translators are kinda busy so the subs will be delayed.

  19. Hello there SHiN-gx!
    Thank you so much for the effort in bringing us this episode!
    I’m late I know but I just suddenly remembered Candy Boy just now. XD

    And also…
    Uhm… I know this might be all too sudden but…
    May I ask if you have the copy of Candy Boy DVDISO? The one that contains the Romance, Koi no Katachi, and Bring up Love?
    I have found one on tokyotosho but because I am too late already, cause there are no more seeders.
    This is the file name stated there:
    [Zero-Raws] Candy Boy Theme Song [DVD-Included][080813](2 ISO+2 APE+MDS+JPG)

    I wish I could download all the files there cause those were all I needed but really… I am far too late already.

    Hope you may be able to help me out SHiN-gx!

  20. Hey guys!
    The Candy Boy Volume 2 DVD is already released!

    The DVDISO is already in Share but I can’t download from there since I have a slow connection and a very low HD space for now.

    I was hoping you guys (if ever you could download that DVDISO from Share), can upload it on torrent sites like Nyaatorrents, anirena, Tokyotosho, etc…

    Here’s where I found it…


  21. do you have any hardsubs (avi)for EX01, ONA and the Candy Boy PV hope you have plzz coz it’s hard to watch on mkv files thnx

  22. @lumhiere:

    We can’t guarantee. We don’t like the idea of encoding high quality DVD source down to AVIs. If you’re having trouble playing the MKVs (which is unlikely), follow this link HERE. The guides there will guarantee 100% playback success.

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