Some Random Request

April 22, 2009


Something to get your attention

I am requesting someone to do a little vector of a certain image one and a little hair color editing on image two for me. I will only show those images to those who are willing to grant my request. Of course I want someone who has experience on image manipulation so if you want to do it, you’d better be good. =P

Leave a comment including your email address so that I can send you the two pictures.




I suck at Photoshop. =.=



  1. Tsundere maniac! 😛

  2. You should be able to read my e-mail. Send me the images and I’ll check them out.

    Check my website out if you don’t believe my skills. Advice — Hit all the links.

  3. @Jk:

    I know. =3


    Used your email provided on the site you provided.


  4. Shouldn’t it be “Yuri: the most beautiful thing in the world”?

    Hey, I think it looks nicer too, man.

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