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June 15, 2009

Kannagi Panty Shot

A Pantyshot in Kannagi?!

It’s kinda annoying reading comments about playback troubles even though we clearly provided the playback solution. I’m sure some of you guys don’t really bother reading the blog posts, it’s natural of course, you’re only here for the anime and not for me, SHiN, writing a wall of text in bad English!

We release something, someone asks how to play the release, we give the solution, another one asks the same question, and the cycle repeats. Some people are just too damn lazy to read the post and comments. Things are gonna change around here. We created a section dedicated for playback issues. Trouble playing the episodes? Click on the link for the solution. Where is it? Read the title of this blog post.

We will no longer reply comments regarding playback issues and those comments will be deleted or unapproved on sight. Seriously, we’re not a playback troubleshooting blog. If our releases are the source of  the problem, report it back to us and not just say “There are no subs in your episodes!” or “What’s up with these random symbols popping out of the screen in my VLC Player!”

I hope this is clear.




  1. People stop using VLC, it is seriously outdated and there are much better players to be found.

  2. I actually still use VLC… and I’ve never had a problem (so far) with it, o.o

    Anyway, thanks for posting this! I can’t count how many other fansubbing group has to do the same because people don’t read the blog and just look for the links in the post. It makes them turn into a ‘Register to post’ place and eh, I don’t like the process~

    Keep doing good work ;3

  3. >_>

    I have a good idea.

    Why not just post like a CCCP link on the main page?


    If you’re watching fansubs without CCCP and like Media Player Classic, you’re full of epic failure.

    I’m guessing that about 99% of the people who ask these dumb questions are playing it on like Windows Media Player without any codecs install.

  4. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Just get K-Lite Mega Codec Pack or equivalent… works out most codec problems.

    New here btw, thanks for all the hard work.

  5. Good decision!
    Anyone not willing to sacrafice 5 minutes of his time to find the solution by himself is not worthy of watching your subbed animes .0

  6. btw, what’s the best media player for macintosh? i only have vlc on my macbook and sometimes it sucks.

  7. Try clicking the small link to the right.

  8. lol@rafest and nj21

  9. VLC is hardly outdated. It’s the easiest and most functional player out there.
    You’re running a way too old version if you have problems displaying “international characters” or font styles.

    Using a codec pack, that litters your system, because you’ve heard it’s cool is what is “full of epic failure”. While CCCP is one of the cleaner ones it’s still as bad as using Winamp for music (that goes for both v2 and v5).

    If only they had a proper GTK front-end for VLC, then it would be perfect!

  10. Best player for mac is MPlayer OSX Extended


    Best by far for the Mac, VLC is garbage

  11. CCCP. No other explanation needed regarding playback.

    Thanks for the hard work guys!
    Don’t sweat the small things, just ignore dumb questions.

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