Candy Boy 07 DVD is OUT!!!

July 5, 2009

STOP! I said STOP!!!

Before you start hitting those links, please read this first:

The translation of the script is accurate as humanly possible. Not perfectly accurate, just… uh… accurate. When we say accurate, it does not mean it’s Japanese accurate. For first time downloaders of our fansubs, we’re practicing dynamic equivalence over formal equivalence. Meaning we don’t translate word by word but rather we translate the meaning being conveyed. You will not see literal translations like “Kana-neechan”, “Yuki-nee”, “Customer-sama”, “Even at a time like this”, “You were seeing a dream”, etc. Our approach is different and to those hardcore Japanese loyalists (i.e. people who wants to learn Japanese through fansubs (lol)), you better stop downloading our subtitles unless you wanna rage like the Fist of the North Star and spit out stuff like: “She said Kanade-sempai and not Kanade!!! Your subs sucks!”, “She said Shut up! (Urusai) and not Buzz off! F*** you and your subs!”

We will ignore complaints like these and no amount of cussing is going to change our minds (I, SHiN, is getting a huge helping of swearing). We don’t care.

Anyway… Back to Candy Boy!!!

Candy_Boy_7BAD END! We know. We’re shocked here too.

Wow! This took like months to finish! What kept us from releasing is because of three reasons. One is we’re waiting for the DVD. Two is we carefully translated the script and third is your beloved Encoder studied  and learned some new killer moves for his Encode-fu and applied it to this release. We’ve put a lot of care on episode 7 and I hope you guys like the output.

This is the last episode of Candy Boy but there’s still an Extra Episode for you to enjoy. “When is the next release?” We really don’t know and we can’t even give an estimate deadline. We still got Kannagi, Juuden-chan and Aoi Hana to focus on. Rest assured that we will finish Candy Boy no matter what!

We would like to introduce to you KurenaiOtoya, the head translator for episode 7! Without him, we’re still down in the dumps. Thanks a lot, man!


Candy Boy 07 DVD (h.264+softsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Candy Boy 07 DVD (h.264+softsubs)

IRC (Bot):

Click HERE for the list. Go to our IRC channel HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kana is always mentioning “lab” from episode 6 to 7 and at first, we don’t know what the heck she’s talking about. We thought she’s just simply talking about the school’s art lab but… according to the script, you need to pay additional fees to use this lab. We all know that there’s no school that lets you pay a separate fee just to use the school’s facilities. Tuition, hello? So it must be something else. After numerous careful research by our editors, we concluded that Kana is talking about the LAB. Unfortunately, there’s no the LAB in Japan and there’s no indication that Kana is going abroad to study, so we assumed that the LAB is a fictional location made up by the anime’s writers. We got nothing else to explain this so we’ll stick with the LAB. If you find something, please tell us and we’ll fix it.

That’s about it. If you’re having troubling playing the MKVs, please click “How to Play Anime” located to your right.

Thank you for reading this long post and enjoy this beautiful anime! Oh, and don’t forget to seed as much as you can!

The jolly staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. thats awesome thx. batch soon? i forgot where i put some of the older episode torrents haha.

  2. Will you also translate the [KTKJ][Candy☆Boy New Season][DVDRIP][01][AVC_MP3][7F50A75B].mkv in Tokyotosho? It’s a totally new 14 min episode… (I watched it)

  3. … may I add that in our country (Php) we also pay a separate fee for the school’s facilities/laboratory. (not counted as tuition fee)

    Hmmm, weird I guess, from other’s point of view.

  4. yipie………….
    Thx for this
    Please sub Candy Boy Ex02 too

  5. will there be an xvid version of this? since the other episodes had them…

  6. There was a note about releasing new versions of the past episodes, but is ep7 the final release or will there also be a re-release?
    Anyway thanks for this! Without you I would have missed this awesome anime 😀

  7. Just a quick question, because a research here on your site didn’t lead me to a result. Are there 720×480 encodes for episode 1, 5 and 6 too? Or did I just missed them somewhere?

  8. @tokai:

    For episode 1, You missed ’em. Link is HERE. The encodes for 5-6 and EX02 are not yet available.


    Yes, there will be new versions of the other episodes. I want the encodes to be consistent. And for episode 7, if we found something, we’ll release a new version but for the DVD batch only.


    Sorry, we will not make an XviD version for the DVD rips.


    I see, but in Kana’s case, she’s mentioning a facility outside their school. They had to transfer dormitories since the facility is from another area. And that Chinese subs you showed me, that’s episode 1 of Candy Boy and we already translated that.


    Yes, batch soon. No exact date though.

  9. oh… there goes my hope and dream… well in taht case can you teach me on how to extract the A-Flac audio file from your release?

  10. @buff:

    Trouble playing FLAC? About extracting them, it’s a bit complex and sorry but I don’t have the time to write the steps down. If you really want to watch it in XviD, well, your only quick one click option is here: ************************

    We don’t support re-encoding our releases but if you want to watch, use that program.

  11. k tnx!

  12. finally i was able to convert it…watching it now tnx for the realease shin-gx really loved the show.
    one more thing if anyone is interested in an xvid ver. of this drop me a mail at buff23232000@yahoo.com

  13. whoa…haha…am i seeing things?!


    1 more “extra” episode and then that batch!!

  14. Thanks. Any estimate on when you guys are going to release 5-6 DVD?

  15. I like your translations, they make more sense than literal word by word translations anyway.

    Also LMAO @ the “bad end” 🙂

  16. Thanks for the Series. Even though the translation was not literal, it was still fun to watch and that’s all that really matters in the end. It’s entertainment after all. So will you be releassing the DVD versions of 5 & 6 when 8 comes out? Anyway, thanks again for the subs!

  17. hahaha,lol i read the top part of your post,really funneh XD anywayz,thx 4 another great subs peeopz 😉

  18. you guys just got upgraded to my favourite subbing group. those literal translations make me cringe when i see them.
    otaking would be proud as well 😉

  19. Thanks for the release! Good thing it’s in mkv so I can strip the subs and fix typos like these:

    “So, who payed for the trip?”
    “Since the landlady have heard”

  20. @vr1:

    Whoops! It slipped past our radar. We’ll fix it in the batch torrent.

    @Merlin Magnus:

    No specific deadline. We’re taking things slowly and we got some other shows to worry first.

  21. @SHiN-gx: Awesome, thanks!

  22. About the “LAB”, I believe that refers to language centers that provide facilities for language improvements such as desks with headphones, tapes/CDs/videos and sometimes tutors. These facilities are called labs in countries where English is a second language. I guess they took the word out from “sound lab”.

    Also it makes sense that Kana is bad at English (which should be required to enter art-related faculties) rather than painting which she should be good at.

  23. @Mizst:

    That’s a bit off… It was never implied she’s having trouble understanding English and it wasn’t even mentioned about her learning/improving her English. The only language she mentioned is German. Nice try though. =P

  24. Erm, sorry I shouldn’t have mentioned English. It confused you.

    Sure it was never mentioned that she was trying to improve English or any language, but then the anime never said anything about what she needed to learn for the exam in the first place. Isn’t that why you never figured out what LAB meant?

    I’m just telling you that the “LAB” is most likely a language center. Possibly a dictionary of Japanese-English slang might have the word. In ep6 it was mentioned separately from cram schools which makes it even more likely.

  25. Sure it was never mentioned that she was trying to improve English or any language, but then the anime never said anything about what she needed to learn for the exam in the first place. Isn’t that why you never figured out what LAB meant?

    I’m just telling you that the “LAB” is most likely a language center. Possibly a dictionary of Japanese-English slang might have the word. In ep6 it was mentioned separately from cram schools which makes it even more likely.

    by Mizst July 6, 2009 at 12:28 pm

  26. “lab” is just how Kanade refers to the cram school (yobikou) she wants to go in order to prepare herself for the Fine Arts University’s (Bidai) entrance exam. She says so herself in episode 6.

  27. do you have a hardsub version of this one ?? plz upload ’em here thnx very much hope you can upload it here

  28. Nice bad end. That was a good one. You scared me for a few minutes there…

  29. Yay.

  30. @lumhiere

    want the xvid ver.? send your email address here buff23232000@yahoo.com and i’ll send you the link

  31. Wow, the 5th was my birthday… Thnx ^_^

  32. @SHiN-gx-sama

    Here is a reminder for the upcoming batch release, that “Koi no Katachi” and “Bring up… Love” MVs in the last batch had a bit of audio issues (especially the former). Please use LonE’s FLAC rips, or simply reuse the previously encoded v1, for these two MVs in the next batch, if possible.

    Thank you very much =)

  33. SHiN and gx9901, thanks for providing the subtitles for the awesome finale of Candy Boy. However I need to point out your mistake here. Well, the video and audio aren’t synchronized so there’s something wrong with the timing on your watch if you ask me. Therefore either fix it or recommend something.

  34. @Kenshin_Asuka2

    I don’t see any sync problem here. It must be a something on your end.

  35. @Liddo-kun:

    I see so I try downloading it and watching it all over again. In the mean time, I’ll wait for what SHiN, gx9901 or even Jo-kun has to say about that.

  36. F*** you and your creative sub-hating ways, Japanese loyalists!

  37. Hey, where could I find your Candy Boy 06 DVD?

  38. @revo:

    Episode 6 DVD is not yet ready. ETA? We can’t really tell. We have lots of other stuff to do. Rest assured that we’ll release it!

  39. I didn’t see this mentioned but I noticed a small typo:

    “A co-worker said she gaind weight because of these.”

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