Aoi Hana 01 is OUT!!!

July 7, 2009

Aoi Hana_01aSex Education at its finest! Seriously, don’t ask…

Thank you for waiting! Here’s our second project this summer: Aoi Hana!

Fumi Manjoume, an introverted, bookish teenage girl, is beginning her first year of high school at Matsuoka Girls’ High School. She enters the school year with her heart broken by a previous relationship. At about the same time, she reconnects with her best friend from ten years ago, Akira Okudaira, who is now attending Fujigaya Girls Academy as a first-year high school student. As they reconnect, they both deal with their own respective romantic problems, and help each other get through them.

There’s nothing much to say other than this is a Slice-of-Life Shoujo-ai anime. I won’t spoil the rest! XviD and DDL versions coming soon.


Click HERE for the batch torrents.


There’s an error of the ending theme fonts. The style was supposed to be different and not in Arial font. Also, we will update the episodes as soon as the official OP and ED lyrics are released. Thank you.

We’ll try to be faster next time. Enjoy!

The overly jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. oo~

    i already got yuurisan’s version. i think i’ll check your version out too…then decide.


  2. i just hoped that maybe the “overly jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs” would finish Kannagi DVD sooner.


  3. priority is on Juuden-chan and Aoi Hana atm though =X well, not involved in Kannagi either way.

    -waits for Juuden-chan ep 3-

  4. pls heck care the op/ed lyrics thank you.


  5. I’ve seen your subs and two others for Aoi Hana, and honestly, yours is the most understandable. While I understand that you guys translate contextually and not literally, your subs still had better flow and I was able to understand things that the other two subs I had seen made very murky.

    Good job!

    One grievance though. The font colour in the OP karaoke is really, really light. I dunno if it’s failing eye sight on my part or what, but I was straining my eyes to read it.

  6. This is turning out to be the first yuri anime to many boys and girls. ;D

  7. what? first yuri anime? where did strawberry panic vanish to!?

    anyway, I believe the font for Aoi Hana 2 would be better, so we’ll probably be keeping the OP/ED, no reason to really get rid of it anyway.

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