Juuden-chan Episode 2 – Update

July 7, 2009

Juuden_updateOK, you can stop staring now and read post below.

Script: DONE
Timing: DONE
Editing: DONE
Translation Checking: DONE
Encoding: DONE
Quality Checking: DONE


We’ll proceed to editing and the rest as soon as the timing of the script is done. Our goal is to release episode 2 before episode 3 airs in Japan. Yeah, we know. Delays. ;_;


We are not dropping this because CR picked it up. We sub stuff and we will finish it, rain or shine. Staff got tied up with too many stuff. Our QC’s laptop charger is broken, our encoder’s internet connection got temporarily disconnected, editor got distracted and prioritized what’s best for him. So yeah, in real life drama. We assure you that things will go back smoothly after we sort things out.



  1. The fanservicing increases proportionally to the episodes, at least it really seems that way.

  2. Glad to see you’ll still be subbing it… Thought I was going to end up watching low res rips when they announced CR getting it. Can’t wait for Ep2 to be done. Thanks for the update. Don’t know why CR can’t stick their usual routine of only streaming stuff I don’t watch.

  3. Fuck CruchyRoll!!! I’m gonna follow your subs through this whole anime. BTW I can’t stop staring at that pic.=3

  4. lol crunchyroll suckz,anywayz i watch the 1st ep of this anime,and o gotta say its something really weird o.O,anywayz great subs of the 1st ep,and i think the timing was acurate,but are you people gonna release the 704×400 or just keep the keep on going the whole series with 640×480?

  5. Screw low rez streaming. A show like this deserves High Rez! Hope you keep it comming!

  6. For me as long as its shin-gx It’s worth it

    no matter what resolution.

    they did pretty well on candy boy that’s why i trust this sub

  7. “Our goal is to release episode 2 before episode 3 airs in Japan.”

    That would be a good idea.


  8. Just take your time

  9. Looks like Crunchyroll is releasing this…HOWEVER its CENSORED…so screw them I’ll be waiting for your release πŸ˜€

  10. I hope you won’t get into problems with CR. They are already known to snuff out the lights of fansubbers subbing their shows.

  11. They always do that and they never pay attention on whats really good quality subs. they just translate put it on so normal fonts and never bothered subbing the OP and ED

    They just keep on telling the sub group to stop subbing and watch from us and pay

  12. Nice to hear that u will sub this till end.
    Thanks guys! πŸ™‚

  13. Could you tell us the status on Aoi Hana 2? I’m sure many of us are curious…

  14. well CR is viewing this but censored the fanservice. It completely messes up the whole series if they censored the ecchi >_> I’ll follow you guys than CR (theyre too much on following the rules even the censorship), hope all the problems will resolve for you guys.

  15. Come out faster!

  16. I was wondering if you’re subbing episodes that have been censored or not. If they’re not, then theres no reasons people should be using CR.

  17. internet? ._.;

  18. Gotta solve the evil conspiracy of the world then everything will move on.

  19. yeah! you guys are great =)
    hope to see more of your works
    Keep it up =)

    Thank you for the good work

  20. Actually CR has never sent out a C&D letter as far as I know. Other people that have gotten them were from the publishers/license holders (like Fuji TV for Ristorante).

    Anyways, a lot of people are going to turn to the fansubs because the censhorship issue

  21. Hope your encoder gets internet back soon =) yeah, delays, but this isn’t your fault =)

    Anyway, great job with the ep 01, and good that you are not dropping this.

    Just take your time subbing this, quality is more important than speed, at least for me^^

  22. I wish CR wouldn’t be so PG13…..they even have the option for “Show Mature Content” in the control panel, yet they still censor this stuff. Damn 12 year olds who are on CR >.<!!!!

  23. Actually… CR didn’t censor it. The show runs on a cable network in Japan, and the censored version was made so that they could try to get it broadcast on regular networks as well, so CR is just streaming that version. That said I’d rather watch raws and only understand every other word than watch the censored version.

  24. Hey! Just thought I should let you guys know if there’s any need for help to fill in for someone missing I could try to be of assistance. I mean, I don’t know Japanese or any of the subbing things, but I’m willing to learn how to do most of the computer related things (not the language, I’m learning but I’m far from being able to practice it). Anyway, thanks for the subs! Can’t wait for eps 2 and 3!

  25. I like CR and the censorship on this program isn’t their fault, but I’m not paying a dime to DL and watch something that will eventually be licensed in the US and come out on DVD. Torrents for life! Thanks for subbing the uncensored version, although Sentou’s wife beating and the girls golden showers kinda make me woozy in the gut…and I don’t mean in a good way.

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