Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! – Episode 3 OUT!!!

July 21, 2009

Juuden-chan_03I think she’s talking about the baseball bat.
There’s no other long, thick and hard object in the show.

Juuden-chan_03aDon’t even think about it…

Excuse us for being late, lots of stuff happened.

Without further ado, SHiN-gx proudly give you Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Episode 3 with actual English translations!


Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Episode 03 (h.264+softsubs)
Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Episode 03 (XviD+hardsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Episode 03 (h.264+softsubs)
Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Episode 03 (XviD+hardsubs)

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Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as possible!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs


It’s exam week for the TL and he has not started translating episode 4. So, yeah! Priorities first! =P



  1. yea! more electric bewbz!!

  2. If it’s exams your TL should probably have taken the previous week off too. Unless your TL is Konata.

  3. this is great, love the series, will seed for a long while! thanks

  4. this is the funniest show this season, so a million thanks.

  5. Im having problems with the sound…

    More specifically, the video sounds like the Chipmunks and when I open it, it messes up other music and video files in my machine too.

  6. like to say get up the good work, love the show.

  7. err i mean “keep up” not “get up”

  8. Thanks…and great job.

  9. Thanks a lot for subbing this show, I’m enjoying it. Another fine release.

  10. hmm regarding that, the previous week was when ep 4 was released, I finished ep3 on sunday or so(about the time/week ep 2 was released) so they could continue finishing it. I’ll try to finish the tl-ing of ep4 by this weekend latest.
    ep 5 and 6 may or may not be tl-ed earlier depending on how it goes, but well, expect the tl-ing for all backdebt episodes to be done by the 2nd-3rd week of August.
    and just a little correction: rather than exam week, it’s more like 1~2 weeks before exam, and before the exam week we need to finish up just about all of our projects. I have about 7 group projects total I think >_> most of them are half-completed though. So just need to finish up the mess.

  11. a friend of mine who also love this show told me that you are missing a line just before she gets hit in the face at 07:45 there should read:
    “you’ve got to be kidding me”.
    not that it matters in anyway, but i just tought you guy’s should know.

  12. hmm that, I’ve not checked yet but anyway, in that scene, you can’t really tell what she said, because she articulated only 2 ‘syllabus’. which is ‘koso’ or something around there. I wonder about translating that as “you’ve got to be kidding me”.

  13. Sounded more like “koitsu wa” or something like that too me, so should be something like “this guy is” when translated?

  14. as i statted before: it doesnt matter.
    and by the way its not my translation, its mathias’s translation.
    Personally i only know a handfull of words, so i am quite limited in that area.

  15. thought I’d just point out:

    4:08 Alesta refers to Plug as “rakugaki majin-san” or “scribble devil”

    4:12 “that and this are different topics”

    7:45 does sound like “koitsu wa…” or “he/she/it is…”

    12:02 *pero* sfx for “lick”

    it’s just my 2 cents since my vocabulary is also limited but I’m familiar with common quotes

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