Aoi Hana 03 is OUT!!!

July 24, 2009

Aoi Hana_03

Yandere in the making?

Still in last place? Oh well… Sorry for waiting, folks! Here is our fansub version of Aoi Hana episode 3!  No comment, just saying that Acchan will turn yandere soon because someone beat her in showing the remote controlled di… never mind…

By the way, I know you guys are eager to watch the next episode of Juuden-chan but please understand, we’re not a fast group. When we sub, we sub with care and we don’t want to jeopardize quality over speed. Uh… to put this simply, we hope you won’t abandon us and switch to a speedsub group… =)


Click HERE for the batch torrents.

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Take your time! I’m really enjoying your good work!

  2. Agreed, I’ll always wait for quality.

  3. Same here, I’d rather wait a few more days for a quality release. Don’t compromise for the impatient.

  4. I agree with them take your time it wont kills us to wait a few extra days.

  5. /me starts preparing to work on tl-ing ep 5.
    Initially when I took up the ‘job’, I didn’t expect to spend more than 2h tl-ing each episode.
    Now, it’s like 5h per episode.
    Fansubbing is serious business.
    How true that statement is.

  6. fsb not srs bzns lol… just needs practice and need to find a method of tl-ing that suits you

  7. Wow, easy for you to belittle someone’s unpaid labor, you insensitive clod!

    Thanks for you effort SHiN-gx crew!

  8. -St.Eligius
    Iam a tler,tlc,encoder myself, u!!! 1 year and counting

  9. hmm might be as you said, since I’m still new to this, lol. Experienced fsbers can do it fast but I still can’t =X well, I guess you can see the speed from those groups that release rather quickly most of the time

  10. Lmao! That punch line was hilarious!

    Thanks for the hard work. Yours is the only subs that actually makes the dialogue not read like clunky otaku speak, so I appreciate the efforts you make.

  11. Good stuff. Thanks for getting this out; it’s lovely as always.

    On a very minor note, there were one or two things in the subs that I noticed and wanted to contact you about – do you have a contact e-mail we punters should use?

  12. @the_paper:

    shin.gx.fansubs@gmail.com but if it’s about script errors or similar, just post it here.

  13. Okay then! Just minor stuff anyway, so here goes:

    – Opening, 2:18: “Who’s heart should I reach to?” – should be “Whose heart”.

    – 17:00: “I’m just saying that it might be her that’s after you.” – The one Shinobu is implying he thinks is attracted to Akira is Kou, not Kyouko. This is corroborated by what Kou says to Kyouko in the next scene (and also by what happens later in the manga).

    – 17:15: “She sure are an interesting girl.”

    – 17:20: “I can understand her despair after what her bother put her through.” (I LOLed – it fits when you consider Shinobu’s behavior)

    – 20:26: Toshokan no Kimi/”Library You” – this is actually a person, not a place. The phrase that Yasuko uses, “_____ no Kimi”, is an old-fashioned (IIRC Meiji-era) formal title of respect and admiration. For reference, see Oniisama E’s Kaoru, who is called Kaoru no Kimi (after a title in Genji Monogatari) by her fangirls. A good equivalent might be “the Mistress of the Library”, which Lililicious used in their scanlation of the manga, or “the Lady of the Library”.

    Sorry if it was long –; Keep up the fantastic work!

  14. @the_paper:

    Thanks for the compliment!

    Maybe we should hire you as our Aoi Hana expert! We haven’t read the manga and there’s a huge chance we missed something. In all seriousness, yeah, our translator agreed with your findings and they are very useful in our planned revisions of episodes 1-4. Regarding “Toshokan no Kimi”, we changed that to Master of the Library. Yeah, we should have realized it’s an all-girls school but hey, we can always revise. =)

    Anyways, thanks for pointing our the errors. =P


  15. Thank you as well! I’m glad it was helpful ^_^

    And regarding your offer, I would most DEFINITELY be happy to help you, especially if you’re planning on doing v2s of the series. I feel that your translation of Aoi Hana is really a cut above others in the fansub world, which is why I wrote all that up in the first place.

    I do follow the manga obsessively – it’s the best I’ve read in years – and I’d be glad to review your scripts and/or do anything else in the way of QC. If you’d like to take me on staff as Nitpicker, I’d accept with pleasure 😀

    My e-mail is barahime@yahoo.com for further contact.

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